69 – Difference (3)

The Star of Annihilation
Chapter 69 – Difference (3)
Written by : eleven

* * *

Roy had made up his mind at that moment.

There was no going back on his decision.

The reason was simple : he wanted himself and his friends to live.

In the future, he would need to be able to attain the power to defeat the Lord of the Dragons. But until then, he couldn’t die and nor could any of the other people that could make that future possible.


The air turned chilly at the words Roy spoke.

Unlike Gods, Ifrit was a Spirit King, meaning he could descend in the mortal realms for more than one time; despite still being limited to a total of three.

Roy wasn’t sure where Ifrit and the other Spirit Kings would match up in the food chain that involved Transcendent Beings, but he was certain- or rather had to be, that Ifrit would be able to help solve this situation.

He could deal with the rest himself.

A pillar of black light suddenly shot out from the sky, as Hanu and Mazre took a step back.

Tubel, Ferneth and Lucius had already witnessed what had happened the last time such an event had occurred, so they took a collective breath in of tension.

Last time Roy had done such a thing, he was forced to consume the Fairy Tears in raw form in order to boost his vessel’s level to be able to let Ifrit even showcase some of his power, but now Roy was bearing with that with his own hard work and magical talent.

Knowing this, however, did not put any of them in a good mood.

If anything, their expressions were mixed with bitterness, relief, and frustration.

Lucius especially, bit his lip in anger to see his disciple forcing himself to do such a thing because he was still not strong enough.

Lucius had already achieved a transcendence above other humans when he achieved aura as a Swordmaster, but he had never faced such difficult opponents in his life.

He was able to survive against Argenta, and even train further and was confident that if he faced another Dragon he could hold his own in a one-on-one fight.

But Hanu and Mazre were leagues above the rest of their race, and there was no way Lucius would have known that only a few Dragons on the planet were at this level.

Nevertheless, he accepted Roy’s decision with bitterness as the black column of light started to fade.

“Is that…?”

Mateo muttured in shock as he couldn’t believe the surge of mana that was fluctuating in the atmosphere.

Evanker and Trent as well as everybody else present, who had not seen Ifrit in the past, had the same expressions of shock and disbelief.

“Yes… that’s the one that defeated the Dragon in recent times.”

Tubel spoke with a bitter smile hanging from his lips as he patted Mateo on the back.

“Get a glimpse of him and take in everything you can. Although the boy is the body, the mind is that of a true being who has transcended mortal standards.”

Tubel did not speak falsely as he too, keenly kept his eyes peeled for the magic that Ifrit might unfold.

He was excited to see such a terrifying being unleash his transcendent magic and martial arts on these other beings that were transcendent.

What was certain… was that it was about to become a complete dogfight.

* * *


The black light simmered and burned a circle on the ground around Ifrit’s feet as he descended.

Blinking his eyes, Ifrit clenched and unclenched his fist a couple of times to make sure his body was able to fully come down to this world.

‘It seems it went well.’

Ifrit thought as Roy was forced to watch in his subconscious as Ifrit’s body started to materialize.

The black claw-like fingers, the long black and red hair that had flames of red aura trickling at the tips, the cold demeanor and overwhelming demonic energy combined with mana was all there.


Ifrit looked at his opponents as he started to rouse his internal circuit a bit.

His power was all there this time. In the fight against Argenta, he was almost at his full power capacity, but this time Roy’s vessel was able to finally handle all of Ifrit’s power. Although his time would be limited, since Roy’s level was being forcibly risen to match his level, Ifrit was confident as he cooly examined the two Dragons in front of him.

<This Spirit bastard never…>

<Calm down young lord, we already knew that Ifrit had been the one to kill Argenta. Your father said it himself.>

Hanu was infuriated that the outcast Spirit King had descended in front of him to interfere with his plans, but Mazre tried to console him, telling him that it was to somewhat be expected.

Nevertheless, even Mazre was not enjoying the current situation.

‘This is dangerous.’

Mazre had such a thought as the amount of variables that had popped out as they tried to capture one boy, was countless.

It was as if destiny itself was trying to interfere with them and their plans!

But even the several Gods of Destiny and Fate could not interfere with the flow of it that much. Doing so would result in a huge penalty to their divinity and they would have to pay a large amount of casualty to mess with it.

“Let’s get started then, shall we?”

Ifrit grinned as he looked at Hanu with a provocative glare.

<This bastard!>

Hanu kicked the ground and appeared behind Ifrit in less than a second.

None of the humans present could even fathom the speed Hanu was moving at, but Ifrit calmly whipped his head around and swung his right foot low at Hanu’s feet.

Kicking Hanu’s ankle up into the air, Hanu was falling headfirst into Ifrit’s punch that was coming straight at him, coated in a black aura.


Sensing danger, Mazre moved in and extended his claw-like hands in a crude manner.

An intangible energy flew through the air at supersonic speed but Ifrit ducked and unclenched his fist into an opened palm as a black and translucent barrier was erected in even less time.

Hanu, regaining his stance suddenly took a deep breath in as he was right next to Ifrit.

Sensing this, Ifrit turned back around and smiled at him cooly.

“No you don’t. Chickens can’t breathe fire.”

Ifrit mocked him, and shot out a black beam; almost like a laser right at Hanu’s mouth.

Hanu, who was preparing to unleash his Dragon Breath right then and there, was forced to close his mouth and deal with the exploding breath in his own mouth as he raised his fists to block the beam of light.


For some reason, seeing Hanu’s face turn red as his Dragon Fire was searing the insides of his mouth, made Tubel, who was observing the magnificent display of magical might from Ifrit, laugh.


It felt as if his tension was going away, as Ifrit mocked and played with Hanu and Mazre who were desperately throwing blows that could practically level entire cities.

Ifrit dealt with each and every blow Mazre and Hanu threw at him with complete ease- no, he was still observing them.

Anybody who could examine the prowess Ifrit contained in each of his movements, knew he was not toying with the opponents, but rather seeing if they had any other hidden cards.

Trent, watching this, stood silently as he reviewed the fight in real-time to add to his own lacking understanding of martial arts.


Mazre shot darts of poison out from his mouth as he grabbed Hanu by the waist and dragged him back.

<Young Lord, you and I cannot keep this form for long. We need to come up with a plan as soon as possible, or in worst case scenario : retreat>

Hanu bit his lip hard enough for blood to trickle.

Mazre was right.

Using up this special kind of energy known as the ‘source’ energy, was very taxing on their bodies if they had not completed a full two-stagel Transcendence.

Each species in the universe had two stages of Transcendence; one, where they broke through the wall of their own races and gained new physiques. And in the second stage of Transcendence, they acquired energy known as ‘ether’, the source of all energy in the universe.

Of course, lesser beings in the Dragons’ eyes, would never be able to transcend both stages, but the humans of this planet had several beings that had already completed their first stages of Transcendence.

The humans referred to this stage as the 6-star level for those who practiced the way of weaponry, and for those who walked the path of magical science. They had even developed a way to see the flow of life and fate : grains. Which would be seen if someone was known as first-rate.

All that being said, this planet needed to be exterminated so that none of these beings would be able to threaten the godly society that was dominated by the Dragons in the upper realms.

Hanu and Mazre had not completed a full two-stage Transcendence, but Hanu’s father had.

The price for forcefully utilizing ether was tremendous on their bodies, and at the cost of their own life expectancies.

… But there was one being who had also neared the level where Parish, the Lord of Dragons, had reached.

“Hmm.. it has been a while. Should I give it a try?”

Ifrit looked down at Deletus in his hands.

Ifrit who had neared the second stage of Transcendence, was a being who had not used swordsmanship in a very long time.

Regardless, Ifrit couldn’t help but marvel at Deletus, the saber that was on his vessel’s person.

Roy had acquired a saber that was incredible and made from metals of incredibly high quality.

Surely, this sword would definitely be able to help Ifrit make up for the lack of ether he could not use.


Rousing the demonic energy and mana in his circuit, Ifrit stared at Hanu and Mazre with a smirk.

A black aura erupted from Ifrit’s hands as it coated the sword.



As Ifrit started to speak, Hanu and Mazre opened their eyes wide as they looked up at the sky.

The black star that was known to be Ifrit’s, was starting to overlap with the red star of annihilation that was owned by the dangerous boy they were here to kill.

“It seems like I just might be able to also use this guy’s swordsmanship.”

Ifrit felt Roy’s and his own consciousness starte to merge temporarily as Ifrit gained access to Roy’s own swordsmanship techniques.

Swordsmanship of Annihilation : Void Curve

A deafening silence ensued as a streak of red lightning seemingly popped out from Deletus’s trajectory as Ifrit swung the saber.

Chapter 69 – Fin

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