Meet the Team

Betterdays / Eleven

Korean to English Translator, 20 years old, Aspiring author and creator.
Hey guys, B here! I go by B or Eleven, whichever works best for you guys 🙂
Anyways, I’m a pretty big weeb and lover of anime, manga, old fashioned novels, movies, anything pertaining to the arts. I’m currently at college as an English Major, and want to become an author for my dream job. Writing the Star of Annihilation has been something so amazing for me as a creative person, and translating has been a hobby of mine ever since I started a while back. Possessing Nothing is also the very first novel I ever started with, but it’s been such a journey and something I love to do, so I hope we all get along well!
Cheers – B


uhh then lets just use “college student struggling through life and Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon”.


Translating Matan’s Shooter until slapped by DMCA.


I currently translate 200 Years Of Love& Otome game, and more to come in future! I love reading Novels and though sharing them with others is more fun so I did it which might seem a bad idea for a full time student but well… My preferences in reading/ translating are Shoujo, Magic & Fantasy so most of the novels I work on will fell under that. Fun fact: I watch the end of an anime before watching the first ep, and then I watch it anyway. Hope you enjoy my selections ! Byeee

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