68 – Difference (2)

The Star of Annihilation
Chapter 68 – Difference (2)
Written by : eleven

* * *

Aura and mana were something that could be used simultaneously, but not together.

It was the same with ki and mana, holy power and demonic energy and so forth.

Like oil and water, the two were not able to mix, and was a mystery yet to be solved.

Roy was interested, like many others, as to see whether all these different types of energies came from a similar source, and whether they could eventually be compatible with each other.

That was one of the main reasons Roy was taking Energy Theory.

But right before everybody’s eyes…. The impossible was being made possible.


A bright purple explosion surged out like a bomb, and Roy’s hearing went deaf again.

His eyes, which were being blinded by the light that was surging from Mazre and Hanu’s bodies, were being protected by the numerous barriers Ferneth and Tubel had erected to cover everyone present and to contain the explosion.


As the light dimmed, Hanu and Mazre’s figures were slowly revealed.

It was a technique Roy had never been able to witness in his previous life, but it was incredibly eerie.

Trent narrowed his eyes in a cold glare as he examined Mazre and Hanu.

<I did not think we would be forced to show our hands so early like this…. I guess I should congratulate you ants for being able to do this to us.>

Hanu spoke haughtily as he glowered at everyone present, lastly his gaze landing on the boy that was responsible for all of this.

Roy was not exactly responsible for all of it, but in Hanu’s eyes, he was blinded by anger for having to show these humans such a figure.

Not much had changed in their physical appearances, but Mazre and Hanu both looked slightly more draconic than before when they were in their polymorphed forms.

Two horns protruded from their foreheads, as scaly skin could be seen at the ends of their joints.

The most frightening thing to all everyone present however….

Was that nobody present could feel the mana or aura the two dragons were exuding before.

Roy, who had incredible mana sensitivity, was able to feel something slightly intangible emanating from their bodies.

It wasn’t mana, but it wasn’t not mana either.

He didn’t know how to explain it, but his body shivered in fear.

-Those bastards….

Ifrit growled as he knew what kind of form they had taken on.

Only the Great Three and the Lord of the Dragons could take on this form, along with the Gods of their race in the higher dimensions.

But it was not something that should have been allowed in a lower dimension like this.

Ifrit’s anger soared, but in hindsight, so did Roy’s fear.

“Roy, we need to get out of here.”

Nate spoke calmly through the entire rigid atmosphere as he shook Roy’s shoulders to get him to his senses.

Roy looked at Nate incredulously, knowing well that Nate could be indifferent to a lot of things, but to be this composed in a situation like this?

‘Get a grip Roy, get a grip.’

Roy repeated to himself mentally as he tried to calm down his stimulated senses.

But, perhaps the reason Nate and the other kids who were with him were so calm, was because they couldn’t feel the instinctual level of fear Roy could feel from the two Dragons at that moment.

Lucius, Trent, Ferneth, Tubel, Mateo, and Evanker could all feel what Roy was able to feel since they were talents amongst talents that had reached high levels of sensitivity to energy.

Seeing this, Roy decided to leave things to them.

If anything, Evanker and Mateo had just joined the fight, and it seemed that it would be alright to leave things to the party at hand.

Even so, it felt as if the tides of battle were still tipped in the Dragon’s favor.

These two Dragons were nothing like Argenta, the first Dragon Roy had faced head-to-head.

Along with the fact that Argenta could not see ‘grains’ while using aura, along with the fact that Argenta also could not use this form that these two were using, it was clear that the powerful Dragon known as Argenta, was nothing but a side character when compared to them.

In this lull, Ferneth was the first to move.

Hanu and Mazre just stood there, slightly amused as if wondering what the party could possibly do to them while they were in this state.

But they were forced to quickly change their expressions.

[Summoning of the dead : Bone Dragon]

Click- clack-

Sharp white bones dug from the earth as a crevice was formed from Ferneth’s summoning circle.


A hideous growl erupted out as a large and domineering creature crawled out from the ground, its figure much larger than anybody could have thought. 

Argenta’s corpse had become a bit of a mystery to Roy as he knew the Empire was in charge of the remains, and he did not know what had happened to the corpse of the large dragon that once terrorized his homeland in both this life and the past.

But here it was, being summoned in its primitive form, emanating a hideous level of pressure that was known to be a racial trait called Dragon Fear.

Although it succeeded in making the other kids tremble, Roy felt a warmth from the Dragon Fear for some reason yet again.

He didn’t know why he felt this way, but it had been the same thing that had happened when Argenta had been alive and releasing his Dragon Fear towards him.


Mazre’s expression crumpled horribly, while Hanu’s turned into one that was incredibly frightening.

Hanu’s facial expression looked calm on the outside, but the glint in his eyes was clear.

He was thoroughly enraged.

There was a saying that true wrath was not something that ravaged everything in sight like a beast, but rather something that could not be stopped. Something inevitable like a tidal wave that swept everything cleanly and without discrimination.

Hanu’s expression could be seen to look something like this.

In an instant, Tubel erected multiple barriers, while Evanker added some as well.

Trent and Lucius drew their swords, but Lucius was already in a terrible state from fighting earlier.

Mateo was the first to see the strike coming, as he was the fastest person present, but just because he was able to see it, did not mean he could stop it.


An unparalleled force struck them.

The Bone Dragon made from Argenta’s bones was able to move fast enough despite its large size to get in front of it and had erected a mana barrier, but even that was smashed as the force from the blow blew nearly everyone back.

Trent, who had moved with the bone dragon to block the blow, was sent flying as his sword shattered completely.


Blood seeped from the corners of his mouth, as not even he, the Sword Saint, could block this single blow unleashed by Hanu.


Roy’s thoughts spun fast as he quickly needed Ifrit’s knowledge as he thought up of something on the spot.


‘You said that the Spirit Realm had nearly fallen to them in the past, correct? How did you guys manage to stop that?

-…We didn’t stop them. We did to an extent, but it was the Great Mother who was the one to perish in the fight against their Lord. She did not sacrifice herself immediately and was able to fight them off, but her wounds killed her in the end.

The Great Mother, was a figure Roy did not know much of, if at all. Nevertheless, he understood that someone had to at least have fought against these two beasts in front of them while the Great Mother had fought their Lord.

‘…Then who fought them?’

Roy whipped his eyes to look at Hanu and Mazre, who were now shifting their cold eyes towards Roy.

They were no longer seeing the threat in the people present, and had now shifted their entire focus on Roy, the person of interest they had come here for.

-Myself and the other Spirit Kings….Wait- are you…?

‘Yes, I am a mage to the bone, and although I don’t like making impulsive decisions- especially when it comes to using borrowed power… I need you.’

Roy knew he only had two chances to fully manifest with Ifrit once again.

The first time of his three uses, was against Argenta, when Ifrit practically one-sidedly thrashed the poor Dragon into oblivion.

But now, Roy had to use this card at least once. Especially when it wasn’t even certain if the Great Ifrit could stand against the Dragon Lord.

However, Ifrit actually did not oppose this at all.

His hatred for these beasts was as strong as Roy’s; one of the reasons he had found it worth establishing a contract with the young boy.

-I won’t ask twice, but… just be prepared for the physical drawbacks later.

Ifrit would likely heal the circuitry that was messed up currently in Roy’s body if he descended, but there would still be a terrible drawback like before. The reason being, because Roy’s vessel was not strong enough to completely contain all of Ifrit’s power and they were going to have to forcefully improve it on the spot in order to do so.

Roy looked around.

Nate, Elizabeth, Hallen, Elias and Sistine.

These figures, who would surely be the pinnacle of humanity one day, could not perish here.

Even Nate had lost his composure the second the Bone Dragon’s Dragon Fear was unleashed.

And now that the Sword Saint was pushed back like it was nothing, it was time to play his cards here.

Scraping the dirt with his fingernails, Roy clenched his fists as he closed his eyes.

“It’s time.”

At these words, Maze and Hanu heard them and looked at Roy in confusion.

The next moment….

Roy opened his eyes.

And the red star that shone ever so brightly, flashed with a red gleam in the night sky as if to smother all the other stars in its brilliance.

Chapter 68 – Fin

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