341 – Whereabouts (4)

Possessing NothingChapter 341 – Whereabouts (4)Translated by : betterdays * * *  Most vampires were born and created by other vampires. If a vampire wishes the victim to become a vampire through sucking their blood, the victim would turn into a vampire, regardless of whether they wanted to become one or not. Most of theContinue reading “341 – Whereabouts (4)”

339 – Whereabouts (2)

Possessing NothingChapter 339 – Whereabouts (2)Translated by : betterdays * * *  The Vampire Queen’s confinement in her mansion gave Juwon freedom of action to do whatever he wanted without having to worry about his obligations as a Black Star. Juwon, who left Cheped because he wanted to fight a man named Musin, had notContinue reading “339 – Whereabouts (2)”

337 – City of Endless Night II (3)

Possessing NothingChapter 337 – City of Endless Night II (3)Translated by : betterdays * * * “What are your plans for the future?” Yana asked. Lee Sungmin, who had his head lowered in thought, slowly raised his head at her question. He had finally learned about what happened 10 years ago. That day, it wasContinue reading “337 – City of Endless Night II (3)”

336 – City of Endless Night II (2)

Possessing NothingChapter 336 – City of Endless Night II (2)Translated by : betterdays * * *  Originally, Lee Sungmin was planning to visit the Hujal Mountains to meet the Devil of Maryeong Pavilion after visiting the City of Endless Night. It was simply because in the South of Eria, the Hugal Mountains were not farContinue reading “336 – City of Endless Night II (2)”

335 – City of Endless Night II (1)

Possessing NothingChapter 335 – The City of Endless Night II (1)Translated by : betterdays * * * (T/N : Before we start… yes Mogma literally titled this arc the same as the one a long time ago in chapters 170-190 whatevers but added the 2. Really lazy if you ask me haha but hey, IContinue reading “335 – City of Endless Night II (1)”

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