Chapter 300 – Will (2)

Possessing NothingChapter 300 – Will (2)Translated by : betterdays * * *  “What in the…….” Scarlett stuttered in dismay. Even the sobbing figure of Oslo stopped sobbing and looked at the will in Scarlett’s hands with eyes full of shock. “Oh my god.” Oslo murmured, her jaw dropped, pointing her index finger at Lee SungminContinue reading “Chapter 300 – Will (2)”

Chapter 298 – Denial (3)

Possessing NothingChapter 298 – Denial (3)Translated by : betterdaysProofread and edited by : hogu * * * He would not die here. Those were Sima Ryunju’s last words. He said would not have to leave a will, solely because he firmly believed today would not be the day of his death. What was with thatContinue reading “Chapter 298 – Denial (3)”

Chapter 296 – Denial (1)

Possessing NothingChapter 296 – Denial (1)Translated by : betterdaysProofread and Edited by : hogu * * *  Although Sima Ryunju dismissed Wolhu’s presence with a mocking set of words, Wolhu’s expression was not shaken by his attitude. What Sima Ryunju said was absolutely true. That said, her accusation was not something to be dismissed soContinue reading “Chapter 296 – Denial (1)”

Chapter 295 – Musin (3)

Possessing NothingChapter 295 – Musin (3)Translated by : betterdaysProofread and Edited by : Hogu * * * Sima Ryunju’s words were directly antagonizing Musin. Musin was well aware of just how powerful his rival was. He didn’t want to admit it, and he knew just how arrogant Sima Ryunju was. Musin glared at Sima RyunjuContinue reading “Chapter 295 – Musin (3)”

Chapter 294 – Musin (2)

Possessing NothingChapter 294 – Musin (2)Translated by : betterdays * * *  BANG! The sky and earth were covered with an odd light as Musin roared. Even though it was not directed at him, Lee Sungmin felt a certain death if he was the target. Musin’s bloodlust was too fearsome for humans to withstand. HeContinue reading “Chapter 294 – Musin (2)”

Chapter 293 – Musin (1)

Possessing NothingChapter 293 – Musin (1)Translated by : betterdaysProofread by : Hogu * * *  “Why do we have to step aside?” Juwon raised his head at the sound of the grumbling voice. As Juwon and his eyes met, the irrelevant Lycanthrope who was speaking to him and was complaining without hiding his dissatisfaction, swallowedContinue reading “Chapter 293 – Musin (1)”

Chapter 292 – To the North (5)

Possessing NothingChapter 292 – To the North (5)Translated by : betterdaysProofread by : Hogu * * *  The tone of Sima Ryunju was calm, but it was taken in an entirely different manner by the listeners. In particular, Lee Sungmin’s mouth was wide open in disbelief. His master said he was going to die. LeeContinue reading “Chapter 292 – To the North (5)”

Chapter 291 – To the North (4)

Possessing NothingChapter 291 – To the North (3)Translated by : BetterdaysProofread and Edited by : Hogu * * * The First Catastrophe. As emphasized, the words were enough to silence everyone in the room, including Lee Sungmin. Even Sima Ryunju, who wasn’t very interested in the ending, couldn’t easily get over what Geniella had justContinue reading “Chapter 291 – To the North (4)”

Chapter 290 – To the North (3)

Possessing NothingChapter 290 – To the North (3)Translated by : betterdaysProofread and Edited by : Hogu * * * Ringgggg Lee Sungmin’s head started to feel like it was ringing. His legs, which were relaxed, faltered greatly and swayed from side to side as he started to hyperventilate. His body, which was about to collapse,Continue reading “Chapter 290 – To the North (3)”

Chapter 289 – To the North (2)

Possessing NothingChapter 289 – To the North (2)Translated by : betterdaysProofread and Edited by : Hogu * * * “Oh my god, you crazy……!” Toeok. Geniella’s head was placed on the white snow. The blood spurting from the cleanly cut arteries, spurted out everywhere in a mess and dyed the white snow red. Lee SungminContinue reading “Chapter 289 – To the North (2)”

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