Matan’s Shooter 201

Translated by: xLordFifth Edited by: Aadhitya “Aaagh-!” Ram Hwayeon’s body flew into the air. The assassin, who had transformed into a chair, released his transformation and lifted his body. The action of the assassin, who faintly noticed that he was caught, was slightly faster than Leeha’s. If Leeha’s musket had been a normal musket, theContinue reading “Matan’s Shooter 201”

Matan’s Shooter 200

Translated by: xLordFifth Edited by: Aadhitya When she saw Kidd, Shin Nara, who was emaciated, got energized. The person she didn’t want to lose to more than anyone else was Kidd. Shin Nara did not want to show any weakness in front of him.  “Thank God it worked out.” Of course, it was the outcomeContinue reading “Matan’s Shooter 200”

Matan’s Shooter 199

Translated by: xLordFifth Edited by: Aadhitya The ability to persuade the other party by guessing or exploiting their weakness with only a piece of information. Leeha, who sat across the table, wasn’t the clumsy musketeer he used to be. Seeing Leeha skillfully negotiate with three Hwahong members, Ram Hwayeon, Ram Hwajeong, and Jacheong, in frontContinue reading “Matan’s Shooter 199”

Matan’s Shooter 198

Translated by: xLordFifth Edited by: Aadhitya “So? Did you kiss?” “K-k-k-kiss? What are you talking about?! Are you sure you heard me correctly?” Leeha stepped back and shouted. Kijeong smiled mischievously and approached Leeha. “Ha,haha! Of course! That’s why I asked you, did you kiss Shin Nara?” “D-Don’t say something that’s not even funny! WeContinue reading “Matan’s Shooter 198”

Matan’s Shooter 197

Translated by: xLordFifth Edited by: Aadhitya Shin Nara looked down for a moment. According to her memory, Leeha was a person who excelled in surprises, such as disbanding the Rising Sun, and killing Igor, but lacked the level or stats. ‘But he’s a man of good faith. To the extent that he risked his lifeContinue reading “Matan’s Shooter 197”

Matan’s Shooter 196

Translated by: xLordFifth Edited by: Aadhitya “Hmm? Skill?” The reward was a skill. Leeha was a little disappointed, he had secretly hoped that [Black Bass]’s attack power would increase to times 8 or 9. Checking the item description again, nothing had changed. ‘Well, 7 times is already fraudulent. I can’t even tell this to Kijeong.Continue reading “Matan’s Shooter 196”

Matan’s Shooter 195

Translated by: xLordFifth Edited by: Aadhitya ‘So……. What happened? I can’t understand. There’s obviously no one around.’ Even if he scanned the area using the Highlander’s spirit, there were no users. He felt 70 low-level users running to a place, but that was all. “Hmm?! Gather everyone! We must break the rock!” “What?” “Guild master-nimContinue reading “Matan’s Shooter 195”

Matan’s Shooter 193

Translated by: xLordFifth Edited by: Aadhitya “This is the only free information I can tell you. for. now. Huhu~.” “It should be enough. I am satisfied with this” Looking at the list of field bosses from level 110 to level 190, Leeha smiled. “Ah! One more thing.” “What?” “It’s about the second human-demon war.” “Hmm,Continue reading “Matan’s Shooter 193”

Matan’s Shooter 192

Translated by: xLordFifth Edited by: Aadhitya “Well, Isn’t it too ridiculous to start at 1000 meters?” In addition, the available number of targets was limited. A level 150 monster or higher. It’s a huge hurdle for Leeha who was level 146. ‘I’m glad that there’s no failure condition. All right, I’ll break everything. Seal andContinue reading “Matan’s Shooter 192”

Matan’s Shooter 191

Translated by: xLordFifth Edited by: Aadhitya “There are a lot of warriors as always.” There were some wizards, but the place was teeming with warriors holding blunt weapons. After passing the location where the stone golems appeared, Leeha walked up to the vicinity of the copper mine. ‘I need to get some brass ingots inContinue reading “Matan’s Shooter 191”

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