70 – Extinction (1)

The Star of Annihilation
Chapter 70 – Extinction (1)
Written by : eleven

* * *

Deletus was a weapon that Roy did not use often despite its unbelievable specs.

It was a saber that fitted him best, but he focused most of his knowledge towards magic since that was where his pure interest was.

That being said, Roy had no intentions of not using it as a whole, but it was a weapon he needed to reserve for later use when he absolutely needed it.

Now was that time.

The only difference was that it was Ifrit using Roy’s saber and swordsmanship, and not him.


Roy’s body had completely mastered and completed his own swordsmanship style : the swordsmanship of annihilation.

Within its very concept, it focused on utter and complete annihilation of its enemy no matter how it got it done.

Crude, messy, or simplistic.

None of these words could properly describe the swordsmanship style, but it was certainly a threat as Hanu instinctively roused his ether and formed a barrier immediately with Mazre’s help.

As the dust cleared from the collision, Ifrit was nowhere to be seen.

Hanu felt something moving close to him and immediately turned his gaze upwards.

It was hard to see Ifrit at first, since his black figure blended in with the crimson sky, but Hanu tilted his neck last minute as a line of blood was drawn at the side of his neck.

“Tsk~ Shallow.”

Ifrit clicked his tongue and sent Hanu flying in the next movement with a kick.


Moving quickly, Ifrit changed targets and rekindled the black and red aura around Deletus and slashed at Mazre relentlessly.

Dodging with narrow gaps, Maze was unable to avoid damage as he had to start choosing which parts of his body he had to get injured on.

Avoiding large injuries was his priority, but the small nicks and cuts from Ifrit’s unending flurry of sword attacks were starting to overwhelm him.

Although he was able to regenerate these wounds almost instantaneously under normal circumstances, Ifrit had imbued heavy amounts of demonic energy to prevent Mazre from doing so.

If Mazre wanted to combat the demonic energy that was seeping into his wounds, he would have to spend more of his ether to do so, which was playing right into Ifrit’s hands.

‘A tooth for a tooth then.’

Maze quickly came to a conclusion as the clear and invisible energy of ether coated around his fist as magic circles started to form behind him.

Magic was also usable with ether, and if anything, the spells were much stronger than before since ether was a more pure source of energy than mana itself.

<Fire Wall>

A huge wall of flames erupted from the ground and tried to block Ifrit’s advance.

Ifrit didn’t hesitate and rushed through the flames, creating an opening with Deletus as he slashed through the gaps with the insight of his ‘grains’.

Roy was unable to see the ‘grains’ as of yet, and could see ‘flaws’ which were the stage of swordsmanship and martial arts right under that level, but Ifrit had long been able to see such things.

Even if he saw this though, he wasn’t left unscathed as there were slight burn marks from the ether infused fire on his body.

As Ifrit charged through the gap, Mazre was waiting for him along with a right arm that was incredibly and uproportionately swelled up, coated with ether.

At that moment, it seemed like time stopped for everyone present.

It didn’t really stop, but those with the capabilities to see the movement Mazre made, were stuck in awe.

Mazre outstretched his fist perfectly while rotating his shoulders and abdomen.

It was a textbook punch known as a ‘straight’.

But everything that happened after that, was nothing that could be found in a textbook.

Like the sound of glass shattering, space seemed to crack like glass as everything sped up to real-time.


Winds gushed out as shockwaves reverberated in the Empire from that single fist.

Everyone was sent flying back regardless of how strong they were.

All except for one.

Ifrit, the target of this blow, held his posture firmly and didn’t budge an inch in the air.

It was odd to see that despite not having ground for his own footing, he wasn’t even pushed back by this strike.

At least not physically that was.

Inside Ifrit’s shared body with Roy, Ifrit felt nauseous as his stomach churned from the impact of the blow.

“Damn bastards won’t go down without a fight.”

Ifrit glared and smirked.

Seeing this, Mazre shuddered.

Mazre had used almost 75 percent of his remaining ether into that single punch. It was not made to be a bluff, but it was made because he needed to warn Ifrit that things would not be easy if he continued.

But Ifrit’s reaction shocked him.

Despite not being able to use ether in the body he was in, Ifrit did not move and took the blow head on. He wasn’t bleeding but Mazre was certain that Ifrit was likely feeling the impact on the inside rather than out.

The only thing Mazre was worried about from this look that Ifrit gave him, was a reminder of some of the worst and most difficult battles Mazre had been through as he conquered different world with Lord Parish for the glory of the Dragon Race.

With opponents like Ifrit that gave such a look, typically were extremely dangerous beings.

It was because it wasn’t that they didn’t have anything to lose. Every being had something to lose in the universe, but the opponents that had the very look that Ifrit bore….

Didn’t care what they lost.

They would take down the enemy in front of them even if it meant losing everything.

‘How can the vessel he contracted be alright with that?!’

Mazre’s thoughts of Ifrit and Roy’s absurd consent, were cut-off short.

Deletus moved through the air, not sparing any time to waste.


A red and black electric current of aura along with demonic energy coated Deletus’ blade as it attacked Mazre once more with a relentless charge.

Spreading the distance immediately, Mazre was racking his brains as fast as possible to decide what the best thing to do in the situation was.

‘Do we retreat? Or….’

Once again, Mazre had little time to think as Ifrit immediately summoned a spell that was powerfully known as a Demonic Spell that couldn’t be cast with mana in this world.


To cast this 7-star spell, one needed to be able to use Demonic Energy, hence why the Demons were able to cast this, and not humans.

If Roy were to one day reach the 7-star level like Ifrit thought he would, he would surely be able to utilize this destructive spell.

In fact, Roy had already pestered Ifrit on several occasions on whether he would teach him this spell.

At first it was a joke since Roy didn’t think he would actually be able to even accumulate Demonic Energy, but the reverse flow mana technique had come quite in handy when it came to that.

That being said, a bright spark was the start.

A magic circle appeared in Ifrit’s left palm as he held Deletus with his right hand.

An eerie green and red glow started to emanate from the magic circle as it started with just that tiny spark.


Hellfire erupted from Ifrit’s left hand like a jetstream and engulfed the place Mazre was at.

Dragons were known to have the hottest of breaths in the entire universe, and even they could not handle their own heat if they were forced to fight one another or close their mouth suddenly while exhaling a breath.

But any other form of fire was practically a warm breeze against their scales.

When in polymorph form, Dragons were more susceptible to fire magic. However, with the etheric form that Mazre and Hanu were taking on, they had the scales of their Draconian roots on their skin once more.


Mazre screamed.


Pouring his ether out to regenerate his wounds and deflect the remnants of demonic energy from the burns, Mazre was in pure agony.

His mighty scales had been melted as if they were nothing.

This reason was because Hellfire was not just any kind of fire magic.

It had the properties of fire in every form, except for the conceptualization of it.

Hellfire burned at the sins and negative karma the victim had. Mazre, who had murdered hundreds of millions of innocent lives in the several conquests he had been on across the universe, was subject to these gruesome flames that melted through his skin.

As it was not based on temperature and rather karma, whether or not Mazre had wanted to take those lives or not, he still took their karma and had to bear the weight of his own actions.

Blood dripped from Mazre’s lips and chest where there was burnt flesh sizzling.

Mazre’s mighty appearance looked ragged at best.

“What was that? How was a 7-star spell able to inflict serious damage on him?”

Tubel asked Ferneth as Ferneth while shaking his head in the absurdity that none of his former 7-stars spells had managed to inflict any serious damage to these Dragons.

Ferneth had studied soul magic and necromancy so he also had dabbled with learning the magic of the demons as well since their interests were along similar paths.

[That spell bears the weight of karma, not traditional magical science. The damage inflicted is not based on heat or temperature, but rather the amount of karma one had collected.]

“….How much negative karma did that one have just to get burnt that badly by a mere 7-star spell?”

[Even I don’t know.]

Ferneth felt cold at his own words.

He had only seen a glimpse of the massacres and carnage through the memory orb of the magician he learned soul magic from on the other central continent.

Ferneth did not know of the fact that the Dragons had killed much more than the population of their other four continents on the planet.

This specific group of Dragons in their world had driven countless worlds – even a couple of universes….

To extinction.

Chapter 70 – Fin

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