126 – Qaidam Basin (2)

Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon
Chapter 126 – Qaidam Basin (2)
Translated by : moonchildkhz


“The Demonic Cult has advanced right under our noses. ”

The faces of those gathered here were solemn.

The ones gathered here were none other than the masters of the Martial Alliance sects from Qinghai.

All those who had abandoned their sects and insisted on resolving the problem had retreated to this place.

“The numbers are great.”

“That’s only a quarter of the entire armed forces of the Demonic Cult…”

“The Demonic Cult must be determined this time. ”

Nervous murmurs arose.

There were a total of thirty sects gathered in Qaidam Basin. 

Although that was not a small number, it was not a large number either.

Even if everyone was combined, they wouldn’t number more than 3,000 men. 

There seemed to be a dark cloud looming, saying that they would be unable to prevent the Demonic Cult’s destructive offensive. 

It was no wonder that there was a commotion. 

At that moment, someone spoke up, “Everyone, calm down.”

It was Yang Dam-seon.

In Qinghai Province, he was one of the three masters, and his skills were noted throughout Zhongyuan.

The man’s business acumen was also outstanding. Some said that the Mount Chang Sword Sect had more than doubled in size since he rose to power. 

Rumor had that he was offered the position of elder in the Martial Alliance; it probably wasn’t a lie.

In fact, Yang Dam-seon was the one who had the most martial artists gathered here.

Once he spoke up, all the commotion died down and the other sect leaders went quiet.

Everyone tacitly acknowledged that Yang Dam-seon was the actual head of those gathered at Qaidam Basin.

Did he like such an atmosphere?

Yang Dam-seon smiled and spoke as he thought: 

“Everyone here is a member of the Martial Alliance, and we have all made the decision to fight against the Demonic Cult. I do not think there is a need to be afraid of a fight that has not yet begun.”

As he said, all the sects gathered were members of the Martial Alliance. The command to be stationed here was also from the Martial Alliance. 

“Also, the Martial Alliance will send reinforcements as soon as possible. We will be enough to stop them. This fortress was not built up to that end.”

At that, the sect leaders nodded.

“Well, yes. ”

“Qaidam Basin and our fortress will be able to last a month, not ten days.”

While everyone was in agreement, there were still some who were pessimistic, as if they were not fully convinced. 

“But I heard that the Demonic Cult’s leader is at least an Absolute master. Will the fortress be able to handle him if he comes?”

Yang Dam-seon frowned for a moment. 

The sect leader who had brought up such a pessimistic thought lowered his head slightly. 

It was Dang Cheol-sim, leader of the Shadow Gate. The power gap between the Mount Chang Sword Sect and the Shadow Gate was enormous. Even if he survived the battle with the Cult of the Heavenly Demon, it was likely the sect would need to leave Qinghai. 

These were the worries of a small sect.

Whether or not Yang Dam-seon understood the man’s worries, he spoke to resolve the problems. 

“Actually, I need to tell you something about him. ”

He looked around the crowd.

All of the sect leaders’ eyes were on him.

Before speaking, Yang Dam-seon looked at each sect leader one by one. Then he spoke with conviction, “For generations, it has been said that the Demonic Cult’s leader is a semi-divine being. But, how many times has he appeared in Zhongyuan since the last war?”

The Heavenly Demon had not made an appearance in Zhongyuan since the last Orthodox-Demonic War. 

“In other words, the Heavenly Demon being a semi-divine being is a rumor the Demonic Cult spread. I don’t think he is as strong as the Buddhist or Sword Star.”

At that, those gathered nodded.

Perhaps the Demonic were bounded by religion, but for them, the Buddhist Star and the Sword Star were the pride of Zhongyuan and Murim.

Although not affiliated with the Martial Alliance, the Shaolin were respected — the Shaolin Temple at Mount Tai were the masters of Northern Murim.

The Buddhist Star was the best of them and the master of the Shaolin. In other words, it was not a lie to call him the strongest in all of Murim.

Also, what about the Sword Star? Although he was now isolating himself in Mount Paektu, he was still the strongest swordsman in Murim and the idol of all those who walked the path of the sword. 

The Orthodox did not like the fact that their idols were compared with the Heavenly Demon.

When the other sect leaders agreed, Yang Dam-seon spoke with more power and confidence: “Besides, I heard that this time, the one who has risen to Heavenly Demon is just a child, barely twenty years of age.”


“Is that true?”


The sect leaders exclaimed in disbelief. 

Yang Dam-seon nodded, as if what he was saying was all true. “How can you put a child of such age in that position? The Demonic Cult is truly insane. I can’t believe that a child is the Heavenly Demon.”

“I agree.”

“Huh, I knew they were crazy, but the Demonic Cult is truly insane.”

“Their fanatic cultists.”

Whatever Yang Dam-seon said, the others at Qaidam Basin agreed. At this time they really thought that the new Heavenly Demon was nothing. 

They felt like they could win against the Heavenly Demon.

At such feelings, Yang Dam-seon happily nodded. 

At that time, a creepy sound echoed through the area.


It sounded like laughter.

Suddenly, those gathered froze, dumbfounded.

“What the hell was that?”

“Did the Demonic Cult attack?”

The first to recover was Yang Dam-seon. The others woke up after, one by one. 

Soon they realized something strange had happened and ran out of the meeting room. 

Yang Dam-seon ran towards the walls and asked the martial artists stationed there, “What the hell is this commotion!?”

With grave expressions guards answered, “We’ve got trouble! It appears that the vanguard of the Demonic Cult has begun to move.”

“The vanguard? They sent the vanguard, not a temporary attack force? Maybe you’re thinking of coming in after taking down the fortress? Of course that’s not going to happen!”

Yang Dam-seon spoke loudly and flew towards the top of the walls.

It was because he felt it would be easier to check the situation with his own eyes, rather than listen to reports.

As he ran, the others followed. Soon, they stood on the walls of the mud-brick fortress and looked down. 

“Are they the vanguard? ”

A group of martial artists were moving from the Demonic Cult’s camp some distance away.

“Thirty people. You’re thinking of attacking the fortress and Qaidam Basin with just that many people? Even if you’re the Demonic Cult, you’re overconfident.”

At that time, someone pointed his finger at the man at the forefront.

“Look at that outfit!”

Everyone narrowed their eyes and looked where the finger was pointed.

It was a man in a black dragon embroidered robe.

In each hand was a bright, roaring flame.

The Divine Flame and the Black Dragon Robe were symbols of the Heavenly Demon.

The sect leaders cried out in horror and confusion. 

“Heavenly Demon!”

“Are you saying the Heavenly Demon is personally attacking?!”

Yang Dam-seon calmed down the frenzy. “Everyone, don’t make such a scene. Didn’t I say that you don’t have to worry about the Heavenly Demon?


Yang Dam-seon pulled out his sword.

The sound and movement were smooth.

Of course it was.

Upon inspection it was the Sword of Mount Chang, belonging to one of the three Swords of Qinghai.

“I’ll prove it to you right now.”

The sect leaders gasped in shock. 

Though not as strong as Yang Dam-seon, many of those gathered here were also masters. 

Dang Cheol-sim of the Shadow Gate asked, “How can you prove that?”

Smiling arrogantly, Yang Dam-seon’s gaze was on the incoming vanguard of the Demonic Cult.

To be precise, it was on the Heavenly Demon at the very front. 

He looked at the Heavenly Demon and said, “I’ll lead the Star Guard out and slit his throat.”

No matter how confident he was, the others thought it was too much. 

Those who were running as the vanguard were elite martial artists, part of the Twelve Supporting Units. 

Although they looked very young, the flag flying above them was definitely that of the established Charred Dragon Unit.

Thus, Dang Cheol-sim could not help but say, “But the opponent is the Heavenly—“

“He’s the Heavenly Demon, but he’s just a brat. His martial experience and qi are definitely lacking. I will go out and slit his throat.”

Yang Dam-seon cut Dang Cheol-sim’s words off.

In his head, Yang Dam-seon was already picturing himself as the hero who cut off the Heavenly Demon’s head.

“The Star Guards will be the masters of this gate. Listen, Ten Swordsmen!”

As he shouted loudly, ten swordsmen plummeted from the air.

These were the Ten Swordsmen, masters of the Mount Chang Sword Sect.

Although their individual skills were excellent, even elders of the Martial Alliance would be in trouble when three of them worked together.

“From now on, I’m going to behead the Heavenly Demon. Follow me! ”

As he finished speaking, Yang Dam-seon flew out of the fortress. Ha, by leaving the army, the Heavenly Demon has given me an excellent opportunity. 

The Ten Swordsmen followed behind Yang Dam-seon.

Eleven figures dropped from the walls, arcing downwards.

The distance between them and the Demonic Cult’s vanguard narrowed at a rapid rate.

Soon there were only a dozen or so meters.

The face of the child, which the cultists of the Demonic Cult referred to as the Heavenly Demon, could now be clearly seen.

There seemed to be specks of strength and determination, but that was definitely the face of a twenty-year-old man.

He’s just a kid.

Yang Dam-seon’s lips curled up. 

At that moment, the world seemed to rotate before his eyes. 

As he spun in dizzying circles, a familiar body entered his vision. 

Yang Dam-seon’s eyes flew wide, surprise written across his face. 

It was his own body. 

Yang Dam-seon’s severed head flew through the air. 


After several rotations in the air, his head fell to the ground. 


Even then, Yang Dam-seon didn’t realize what had just happened.

Woon-seong and his horse trampled upon Yang Dam-seon’s head, and the Charred Dragon Unit and the Ten Swordsmen clashed. 



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