127 – Battle for Qinghai (1)

Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon
Chapter 127 – Battle for Qinghai (1)
Translated by : moonchildkhz


The clash between the Charred Dragon Unit and the Ten Swordsmen.

Needless to say, the outcome was obvious.



As soon as the Ten Swordsmen were trapped in the Charred Dragon Unit’s formation, the Ten Swordsmen were torn apart.

This was not a figure of speech, they were literally disassembled.

They were slaughtered; they died without even being able to counterattack once.


Fragmented pieces of people and blood splattered the sand. 

Fast, just like how Yang Dam-seon had been beheaded.

Woon-seong’s first reaction had been to shoot out 10 meter long sword qi and cut off Yang Dam-seon’s head.

What else?

That was it.

Yang Dam-seon, who dreamed to be a hero and pledged to behead the Heavenly Demon died a quick and worthless death. 

His death left no impression on the Heavenly Demon.


While the Charred Dragon Unit fought with the Ten Swordsmen, Woon-seong passed through the group and approached the fortress walls.

He could see the heads of the martial artists standing at the top of the walls.


“My god! ”

When they saw the ends of Yang Dam-seon and the Ten Swordsmen, they were all terrified.

In that situation, some people screamed as Woon-seong approached.

“Throw the spears! ”

“Fire your arrows! ”

Shh, shh, shh.

Dang, dang.

An arrow fell towards Woon-seong’s head. 

Woon-seong raised his hand.


A tendril of sparks rose with a dark flame.

The tendrils whipped around, striking away the arrows and spears aimed at Woon-seong.


The arrows were immediately burned away, but the spears continued to strike at the fire with powerful force.

The Divine Flame was not simply fire, but had strength itself, which allowed it to exercise physical force. 


That way, Woon-seong, who was able to guard his entire body, stepped into the air.

Dang, dang-

One step, two steps.

As if he was climbing a staircase, Woon-seong walked on air.

Ta, ta—

Standing in the air, he looked at the martial artists on the walls. 

The moment he met their eyes, the fire wrapping around his body changed.


Woon-seong raised his left hand high.

At the same time, there was an uproar.


The flame had formed a wheel on the palm of Woon-seong’s hand.

It was the Divine Arts of the Heavenly Demon – Wheel of Samsara, on a scale completely different from back in King Jinseong’s Court.

It was a genuine expression of his identity as Heavenly Demon, with the addition of the Divine Flame.

The Heavenly Demon’s Wheel left Woon-seong’s hand.


The sound of thunder ripped through the area as the giant Heavenly Demon’s Wheel collided with the earthen walls. 


Thud, clang.


The fortress shook and cracked.

At the same time, the Divine Flame spread across the walls.

The flames roared and shook the air, as if an earthquake had hit.

Destruction unfolded.


“Fire, fire! ”

“Get some water! ”

To Woon-seong floating in the air, it was quite a mystery. Did baking it with fire make the walls stronger?

The walls had not been completely destroyed by the Heavenly Demon’s Wheel of Samsara.

Even though the place had collapsed, the fortress was still technically standing.

But Woon-seong’s attack had just begun. He inhaled and moved the White Night Spear.


Like a brush in the hands of a scholar, Woon-seong’s spear was filled with inky strength. His eyes dripped with gold and a shimmering aura flowed from his body.

Internal qi, the Divine Flame, and Intimidation Qi were all mixed together.

The Heavenly Demon had demonic arts, but Woon-seong’s origin was the spear. 

One of Woon-seong’s most prominent attacks unfolded. 

The Art of Six Seals and Destruction — Break the Vast Sea!

Even the vast waves of the sea are split by a swinging spear…

A mysterious power gushed through the White Night Spear, threatening to rip the sea apart. 

This energy was uninterrupted. Like the constant waves of the ocean, it battered the fortress walls.

The place it continued to hit was exactly where the Heavenly Demon’s Wheel had hit. 


Woon-seong’s spear continued to move. The fortress walls finally collapsed when ‘Break the Vast Sea’ was halfway through. 


The pile of hard soil that formed the fortress collapsed.

The walls, which were more than 3 meters thick, caved in.

The martial artists standing nearby were killed, crushed by the falling walls.

The dust and dirt soon settled.

All eyes turned to what was inside.

By the time the dust settled, the Charred Dragon Unit had finished decapitating the Ten Swordsmen and returned to Woon-seong’s side. 

The scenery was quite terrible.

The martial artists of Qinghai, had been caught in the crumbling walls and Woon-seong’s offensive, buried under tons of dirt. 

However, the Demonic peoples focused on something completely different.


“Indeed, the Leader! ”

The fortress, which stood tall like an iron castle, had been destroyed. The meter thick walls had crumbled like sand castles. 

The Heavenly Demon had accomplished it alone.

It was an act worthy of the god of the Cult of the Heavenly Demon.

Sang Gwan-chuk, who believed in Woon-seong and had been preparing, commanded, “Comrades, advance!”

The Demonic Cult’s troops poured into Qaidam Basin.


Later, this first battle would be recorded as the Great Battle of Qinghai during the Orthodox-Demonic War.

* * *

The first ones to enter the Qaidam Basin were Woon-seong and the Charred Dragon Unit.

Those who were still standing in the fortress, which had not yet completely fallen, struggled to stop the group.

Arrows were shot and spears were thrown.

They did not stop there; many of them leapt towards Woon-seong and the Charred Dragon Unit.

Each soldier had a weapon in hand, including sharp blades and poisoned daggers.

But they posed no threat to the Charred Dragon Unit, much less Woon-seong.

The Charred Dragon Unit began to show off its excellent skills.


With one swipe, a martial artist falling through the sky was cut in half.

It didn’t stop there.

Throwing out the weapons in hand, the enemies rushing forth were blinded. 

Gwan Tae-ryang’s blades stabbed enemies and the ground was covered in blood.


There was the sound of someone being stabbed and a man fell.

Behind him was Back Woon-ji, who had been hiding.

Woon-seong glanced around with a satisfied expression. “You’ve improved quite a bit. ”

It was to the point one could almost feel bad about the enemies, who were fleeing from Gwan Tae-ryang.

“Once again, I wanted to stand on the same battlefield as the Leader, so I worked tirelessly.”

The rest of the Charred Dragon Unit nodded to Gwan Tae-ryang’s words.

Their thoughts were conveyed and Woon-seong smiled.



At that time, there were martial artists who ran towards Woon-seong. Among them, there were some who seemed to be quite talented.

For comparison, they were weaker than Yang Dam-seon and around the level of the Ten Swordsmen.

People who could be considered strong in Qinghai.

“No way!”

“I can’t reach the Cult Leader! ”

They were barely worth a glance. 

Gwan Tae-ryang and Baek Woon-ji cut them down immediately. 

The two people were split apart at the torso.

Woon-seong swiped his hands as he passed between them.


On one hand, the zenith of the Divine Flame. In the other, he executed Break the Vast Sea.


All around him, the walls of the fortress continued to collapse. The bricks turned to ash and crumbled.

It looked like there was a small landslide.

At the same time, the path inside the walls became wider and wider.

“Agh, abandon the walls. If you hang on any longer, the damage will only be greater,” someone shouted loudly. 

Was there a commander with good judgement somewhere?

It was as he suggested. If they continued to stay on the walls, they would be swept away by Woon-seong’s attacks and continue to die. 


The martial artists on the walls hurried down.

They then began to flee towards the center of the basin.

“The Heavenly Demon is still a human. No matter how strong you are, you’re going to get tired!”

“Repeat the offensive! Get in formation and surround the Heavenly Demon!”

Who knew who made that order?

The Martial Alliance surrounded Woon-seong and the Charred Dragon Unit. 

It was as if the sheep had surrounded a herd of lions. 

Despite their movements, the expressions of the martial artists were tense with nervousness.

“As long as you tire them out, you can even catch the Heavenly Demon”

“Activate the trap!”

There was a terrible snapping sound.


At the same time, a large bundle of logs flew into the air.

Arcing through the air, they cascaded towards where Woon-seong and the Charred Dragon Unit stood. 

Qaidam Basin had not only prepared earthen walls, they had even prepared traps inside. 

As he watched the logs flying towards them, Woon-seong laughed.

At this time, the Divine Flame once again covered Woon-seong’s body.


The fire rose into the air.

Pillars of fire shot into the air, following Woon-seong’s movements. 

Boom. Boom.

Balls of flame intercepted the falling logs.

Caught by Woon-seong’s energy, the logs caught into flames and became balls of flame.

Woon-seong moved his hands again.

The burning logs were caught by Woon-seong’s energy, not moving. 

He then flipped his hands upside down. 

A stream of qi threw the flaming logs straight back towards the Martial Alliance.


“Aah, fire! ”


“What type of fire is this?!”

The flames that covered them refused to go out, even when they rolled on the floor.

The Divine Flame was the Will of the First Heavenly Demon, worshipped by the Cult of the Heavenly Demon.

It could not be stopped unless one had immense inner strength, or if you cut off the source.

But for the majority of the poor soldiers engulfed in flames, they did not have the internal qi to blow out the flames nor the means to douse it.

For them, Woon-seong’s martial arts was a ruthless offensive they had no way to resist.

Moreover, Woon-seong was not the only one attacking.

The Charred Dragon Unit ran like a wolf amongst sheep.

It was not just one wolf, but several.

Overwhelming terror ruled the battlefield.

Wherever the Charred Dragon Unit moved, the soldiers retreated.

The disaster for them was just beginning.


“Help the Charred Dragon Unit!”

“Fight alongside the Leader!”

“Demonic Cult, there is no such thing as retreat!”

“Punishment to the unbelievers who have insulted our god!”

“Punishment to the unbelievers who have insulted our god!”

All of a sudden, someone shouted, “Hail the Heavenly Demon!”

As if reacting to the rallying cry, the demonic soldiers also raised their voices.

“Hail the Heavenly Demon!”

“Hail the Heavenly Demon!”

As the fortress collapsed, a group of demonic practitioners rushed into Qaidam Basin. 

Indeed, the disaster was only beginning.


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