53 – Banquet (2)

Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon
Chapter 53 – Banquet (2)
Translated by : moonchildkhz


Woon-seong stood onstage and stared at his opponent with a blank expression.

Why was he being challenged?

Kwak Soo-mil was the Rank 10 Great Demon and Woon-seong was just a low-ranking Great Demon. [1]

Well, whatever. Woon-seong shook his head. Rankings didn’t really matter — all he had to do was fight to the best of his abilities. 

Woon-seong’s eyes glowed fiercely.

At the same time, the voice of Kwak Soo-mil flowed into Woon-seong’s ears.

“Aren’t you going to take off those bracers on your arms and legs? I saw you fighting in the palace last time. I’m stronger than that man. Shouldn’t you at least take one off?”

Kwak Soo-mil remembered the day Woon-seong had been promoted. On the spot, Woon-seong had undone at least one of the bracers. However, today, he did not remove any. How strong does he think he is? Kwak Soo-mil was angered by Woon-seong’s actions, which he thought was a disregard for his status and strength. 

In response to the question, Woon-seong responded lightly, “I’ll take them off when I feel the need.”

A cold, curt answer. At that point, Woon-seong’s gaze had narrowed into a look of obvious disregard. 

With that, red-colored energy poured from the palms of Kwak Soo-mil like fire. “Haha, good. I’m sure you’re well aware that it would be too late to regret it after your death.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

The moment Kwak Soo-mil prepared to fight, it became obvious why his nickname was the ‘Palm of Blood and Jade’. His energy coalesced into  blood-red orbs, constantly growing in size as they floated above his head. It was as if a dozen red moons were rising behind the man. 

“Then come. Face my blood spheres!”

Kwak Soo-mil waved his hand. A sharp wind rose from his fingertips and flew towards Woon-seong. 



It wasn’t wind of course, but the energy of the blood spheres from the hand of Kwak Soo-mil. The man was expanding and contacting his spheres into whips, swinging and cutting with them. 

With these couple of movements, the stage the two were standing on split like butter under a hot knife. 

It was a failed attack since Woon-seong had side-stepped, but the destruction demonstrated Kwak Soo-mil’s attacking power.

That’s some remarkable power, Woon-seong commented to himself. He wasn’t surprised though. Considering that Kwak Soo-mil wasn’t some ordinary Great Demon, this level of power was to be expected.

Those who were watching swallowed their saliva. This was a battle between Great Demons. Based purely on ranking, it was a battle that should result in an overwhelming victory for Kwak Soo-mil. 

Someone in the crown commented, “So that’s the power of the high-ranking Great Demon, Kwak Soo-mil! That’s some incredible power!”

Others, those watching from high above, had different thoughts though. Idiot. So there’s a reason he’s only a Great Demon. The important part is that the Captain of the Charred Dragon Unit casually evaded that. 

The Great Demons watched the movement of Kwak Soo-mil, while the Demonic Kings noticed the movements of Woon-seong. 

Such was the difference in strength and insight. 

Unlike the general predictions, there was no quick, overwhelming victory. 

Instead, Woon-seong was still boldly on the stage. Although Kwak Soo-mil hadn’t shown his true power, Woon-seong’s movements were still too casual. 

In the meantime, the tensions on the stage continued to rise. 

In fact, Kwak Soo-mil seemed angry at the fact that Woon-seong had easily evaded his attack. 

“Evade? You dare evade my attack?” No. Evading it is still possible. But he shouldn’t be doing it that easily! I’ve become stronger with the pills! Enough to become a Demonic King! “Let’s see how much longer you can do that!”


Kwak Soo-mil moved his hand and red whips streaked out from the blood sphere and swept across the stage. His attack blew through the area like a red-colored storm!

Despite all this blood-haze obstructing his vision, Woon-seong moved forward slowly. 

One step, and a streak passed over his right shoulder. 

Two steps, and another brushed past his thighs. 

Three steps, and Woon-seong bowed his head lightly. Several strands of his hair were cut off as another whip rushed overhead. 

Another step, and a blade passed by his sleeve. 

Woon-seong stepped forward and dodged the attacks, getting more precise as time went on. As it continued, none of the whips even touched his clothing. 

Kwak Soo-mil felt like he was attacking thin air. 

Meanwhile, Woon-seong continued to walk forward. 

With each step, Kwak Soo-mil’s eyes widened further and further. Fear of the young man walking towards him began to settle in. 

Before his fear could reach a tipping point, Kwak Soo-mil shook his head, shaking off Woon-seong’s imposing presence. 

“Grrrgh!” The blood sphere above Kwak Soo-mil’s head grew larger and larger as Woon-seong moved forward. Then, picking it up, Kwak Soo-mil raised his hands high, “Then try avoiding this with a straight face!” Cackling to himself, he threw the huge blood sphere at Woon-seong. 


Contrary to expectations, Woon-seong only stood there and smirked. As the sphere seemed to swallow him, Woon-seong moved the White Night Spear for the first time during this battle.


The White Night Spear spun at a fierce speed, sending white-colored whirls of energy shooting from his hands like a rainstorm. 

Like a bubble bursting, the huge blood sphere burst under the intense pressure that was building from within. Instead of fierce red energy gathering in that spot, it was now a bright, painful white. 

As Woon-seong once again entered the audience’s field of view, he prepared to execute the ‘Lightning Stitch Flying Blade’ Spear Style!

“Grrrrgh!” Kwak Soo-mil could not believe what was happening. He broke my blood sphere…? It was made with a lifetime’s worth of qi…This can’t be happening. I’ve become stronger than before…! Kwak Soo-mil crossed his arms in front of him and prepared to block the spear, “Come at me with your puny attack!” 

It was obvious that Kwak Soo-mil was prepared to even lose his arms in order to block this attack. 

Alas, that desire wasn’t enough. 

The spear tore through Kwak Soo-mil’s body, even hitting his heart, and blood spurted out as he crumpled to the floor. 

Just like that, with one move from Woon-seong, the previously ranked tenth Great Demon Kwak Soo-mil fell without achieving his goal of becoming a Demonic King. 

As if controlled by a higher power, the White Night Spear drew an arc and fell to the ground with a light ‘thud’ just a few feet away. 

Using the hole now present in his opponent’s torso, Woon-seong was able to see where his spear had landed. Like nothing major had happened, he walked over and casually retrieved his spear.

Indeed, to him, maybe nothing had. 

From start to finish, the young man hadn’t even broken a sweat. 

It was Woon-seong’s overwhelming victory.

For one large section of the audience, there was complete silence. 

The results of the match seemed to make all the spectators lose their breath. It didn’t matter what happened on the other three stages, who was dying or who was surviving. The only thing that had their attention was that lone figure holding a spear. 

After a moment, the audience exhaled. 

The reactions of the Great Demons who provided pills for Kwak Soo-mil were even greater.  

Disbelief. Complete and utter disbelief. 

This wasn’t the result that Kwak Soo-mil had promised them! In exchange for the humiliation of the young rising stars, they had sacrificed their own wealth and improvement. 

Shock and regret, even fear!

Of course, for the other top 10 Great Demons and practitioners above, this was a largely anticipated result. The difference in strength was already known. In fact, victory and defeat had been predicted the moment Woon-seong avoided Kwak Soo-mil’s first blood whip with a casual sidestep. 

The level of the general public was just too low compared to Kwak Soo-mil and Woon-seong, so they had not been able to discern it. 

Nevertheless, it was a surprising enough result. 

The fact that a high-ranking Great Demon was so easily dealt with meant that Woon-seong had likely reached Demonic King level. Such status and strength at such a young age! Was there anyone who was like him?

Those who thought this way were startled again and couldn’t help turning their heads to look in a certain direction. 

There were indeed people who showed such strength. 

The most powerful practitioners of their time. 

Impossible skills and devilish talent at the age of twenty or so. 

It was only natural for their eyes to turn towards the zenith. 

Cheon Hwi, the Heavenly Demon. The Leader of the Cult of the Heavenly Demon, who could split the moon in a teacup as entertainment. 

The Woon-seong of now was actually like the Heavenly Demon during his youth! 

Whether he knew what the demons were thinking or not, Cheon Hwi was smiling lightly as he looked down at the stage. 

There was one more person staring intensely at Woon-seong.


Cheon Ah-young, who had been looking over, urgently covered her mouth. Did anyone hear her say that? She realized her mistake and bowed her head in haste, but still snuck another glance at Woon-seong. 

Seriously, though. He really is amazing. That much skill at such an age. All things considered, I’m in no position to feel like his rival. How much of a gap is there between us? 

A sense of competition could only be shared when opponents were at a somewhat similar level. 

It was now obvious that Woon-seong and Cheon Ah-young were nowhere near similar. 

Back in the Cave of Latent Demons, I thought we were similar… 

No record, no show of strength was comparable to his. 

She should have known that he wouldn’t stay quiet after exiting the Valley of Thousand Spirits. 

Cheon Ah-young sighed. She had to admit it now. 

Woon-seong is stronger than me. No, he’s stronger than any demonic practitioner of his age…maybe even stronger than any preceding demonic practitioners! At this pace, he’ll become the next Young Leader. 

It was pretty clear that Woon-seong would be the top candidate, given his age and newfound status. From her position, A-young could only watch him. 

The Young Leader will grow to become the Cult Leader. And the bloodline of the Cheon Family, as the bloodline of the Heavenly Demon, must live on. If so… 

It seemed, then, that Hyuk Woon-seong’s future and Cheon Ah-young’s future were already set. 

…That’s what happens. I think I finally know why I felt curious about you.

Since the first time they’d met, Ah-young had been curious about the boy numbered 900. This curiosity seemed to lead to some kind of fate. Of course, Ah-young barely acknowledged this thought and continued to bury it deep within her heart. 

The Divine Fire seemed to burn a little brighter. 

At that moment, the crown burst into noise. 


Originally standing in the silence on the stage, Woon-seong now took a step forward. To the side, the body of Kwak Soo-mil was being removed by some organizers. 

He had won the challenge and got the ranking he deserved. Even if it was still within the Great Demons, it was now in the top 10. Most people would be satisfied and get off the stage.

Except, Hyuk Woon-seong still had not left. 

Instead, his gaze was on the Demonic Kings. 

The people watching gulped. What was this young man about to do? 

Woon-seong bowed towards Cheon Hwi and said: “I ask the Heavenly Demon. In accordance with the provisions of the Banquet of the Heavenly Mountain and Divine Flame, may I continue fighting ?”

At his question, the crowd began murmuring. 

“What is he doing, staying on the stage?”

“Is he thinking of doing more after that tough battle?”

Cheon Hwi raised his hand and once more, silence reigned. Everyone, including Woon-seong, tensed. 

“I approve.”

The Heavenly Demon had just given Woon-seong permission to challenge a Demonic King. 

Unseen, Woon-seong smiled at these words. Now he had control of the situation. He raised his head and his gaze returned to the horde of Demonic Kings. 

Of course, their gazes were also on Woon-seong. 

Who would he point at? Who would battle this young man? 

The power was in his hands!

The moment everyone’s gaze became focused on him, Woon-seong opened his mouth.

“Which one of you will accept my challenge?”

Surprisingly, Woon-seong handed the knife over to them.

This was an open provocation!

[1] Woon-seong became a Great Demon by beating Ah Neung-so, who was ranked around 230.


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