244 – Edor (6)

Possessing Nothing
Chapter 244 – Edor (6)
Translated by : betterdays

Proofread and Edited by : hogu

* * *

There was no time for other people to stop and realize what was going on.

Murong Dae’s eyes flashed in fury, and he jumped into the air unfurling his might as he flew towards Lee Sungmin.

Lee Sungmin did not let go of Scarlett’s body, which he was holding, and roused his internal energy. 


Lee Sungmin did not even need to take out a spear, as his violet internal energy swarmed into a coating of flames around him and clashed with Murong Dae’s sword.

Murong Dae, finding that he couldn’t even cut through Lee Sungmin’s barrier of internal energy with a single sword, fell to the ground and somersaulted backwards to regain his posture.

Lee Sungmin did not feel very threatened by the sword of Murong Dae, but he took a few steps back and spread his distance because he was holding onto Scarlett and did not want her to get hurt.


Murong Dae spat out in fury, as he recalled Lee Sungmin’s fake identity. He had shown favor to his daughter’s killer!

He had not known that the man known as Lee Min-chul was actually the Ghost Spear. Had he known he would have tried to kill Lee Sungmin on the spot.

“Don’t be so hasty.”

Lee Sungmin warned Murong Dae.

The Magicians, including the three other Tower Masters, showed signs of shock and surprise. In fact, there was no reason for the Wizard Guild to be hostile with Lee Sungmin or the Sama Order for that matter.

The one especially shocked was Lloyd, the Gold Tower Master, who had even been saved by Lee Sungmin long ago in the dungeon when he was chasing Frescan. He had vowed to help Lee Sungmin at any time and had offered Lee Sungmin to do one favor for him as long as it was within his power. For that reason, he never believed that Lee Sungmin could have possibly become a bloodthirsty murderer.

Furthermore, he knew that his teacher, that had gone missing long ago, had some sort of contact with Lee Sungmin and wanted to find out more from him, but never had the chance to do so.

“Oh my God.”

The embarrassment was the same with Chigweol. He considered ‘Lee Min-chul’ suspicious and impulsively nudged Tang Ah-Hui into moving the Holy Churches forces by accident.

However, he did not expect it to be Lee Sungmin, the Ghost Spear of all people. He had believed the only person it could be, was a vampire, a spy for Geniella the Vampire Queen.

The Murong Family’s warriors and reinforcements sent by the Murim Alliance were busy. However, The Holy Church, The Wizard Guild, and Mercenary Guild forces had no reason to directly antagonize Lee Sungmin.

This was because Lee Sungmin was no longer only the alleged murderer of Zhuge Taeryong, Murong Seojin and the Ironclad. He was now the Young Leader and successor of the Sama Order.

Sima Ryunju, the Demonic Emperor, the Leader of the Sama Order who was behind Lee Sungmin, was a monstrous human being whom nobody wanted to incur the wrath of. Therefore, attacking Lee Sungmin would have serious and dangerous implications against the Sama Order.

However, for the Murim Alliance, it was an opportunity that the Young Leader of the Sama Order came to the North on his own free will without any reinforcements.

“………your voice.”

Chigweol stepped forward. It was because he was in charge of the expedition and troops of the Murim Alliance.

“I never thought I’d meet you here. Why did you come here?”

“Are you going to believe my words even if I’m being honest?”

Lee Sungmin smiled bitterly and asked Chigweol. Chigweol did not answer the question. Tang Ah-Hui was taking a few steps back because her face turned white.

Her legs trembled as she recalled the events that had scarred her mind in the Forest of Temptation.

Among all the people here, she was the only one who had a vague idea of how frighteningly strong Lee Sungmin was. However, Lee Sungmin had not even achieved Transcendence when she last had seen him. It had been a few years and there was no doubt in her mind that he was incomparably stronger than before.

However, even Tang Ah-Hui, who had guessed as much, would have no idea just how frightening and vast his power truly was.

“I think you’re here alone.…”

Chigweol continued, glancing at Murong Dae, who was fuming and his breath rather vigorous.

[Please calm down first.]

Chigweol sent a message to Murong Dae. It was to remind him that Lee Sungmin had knocked the Red Tower Master unconscious and had her in his possession.

Murong Dae’s hands were bloodied from the collision earlier, with the sword clashing against Lee Sungmin’s internal energy alone. It was dangerous to attack an enemy whose power could potentially wipe them completely out before they even went against Kim Jonghyun.

“What kind of confidence gave you the idea to come here alone? No, more importantly… How the hell did you get here? It would take several months to arrive from the Sama Order in Hadras, all the way to here.”

“I don’t think I need to explain why. And, Hm… what confidence made me come here……”

Lee Sungmin looked around and said,

“I came alone, and if things went wrong, I had the confidence to leave here unscathed…… Yes, that’s why I’m here alone.”

“You bastard!”

At Lee Sungmin’s answer, the Murong Family warriors shouted. Chigweol tried to calm them down at such provoking words.

“You said you were confident. If that’s the case, then why did you take the Red Tower Master hostage?”

“I’ll let her go then.”

Lee Sungmin glanced toward Lloyd. Lloyd’s shoulders flinched when his eyes met with Lee Sungmin’s. Scarlett’s body, which suddenly floated up into the air, flew toward Lloyd.

[You said you’d do me a favor.]

Lloyd’s expression hardened at the mental message sent by Lee Sungmin.

[Please help Scarlett. Make sure she is not persecuted unfairly because of me.]

There was no need for an answer. Lloyd’s favor, who vowed to do Lee Sungmin one favor in the past if it was within his power, was being used by Lee Sungmin at this exact moment to protect Scarlett.

Lloyd received Scarlett, as he received her floating and unconscious body with his two hands.

It was the moment when Lee Sungmin became empty-handed.

Murong Dae, which had endured his anger and rage so far, hit the ground with his feet. The sword in his hands, which gave him the nickname ‘the Sword of Purity’, attacked Lee Sungmin while he unfolded his secret techniques belonging to the Murong Family.

Murond Dae was weaker in terms of internal energy, just slightly, compared to Namgung Baek, the Patriarch of the Namgung Family. However, he was much more skilled in terms of his techniques with the sword, as they contained more depth. The thing was, even with all of this, Murong Dae had no chance of possibly threatening Lee Sungmin with his current strength.

Lee Sungmin waved his hand without even pulling out the spear.


With a dull sound, the sword of Murong Dae was pushed back.

“My daughter died because of you, bastard!”

His wrist was writhing in pain as it felt like it was about to break. However, Murong Dae did not stop his attacks.

He forced his sword to twist its trajectory, coughing up blood. Lee Sungmin had a bitter expression at the pathetic state Murong Dae was in both mentally and physically.

The sword was about to pierce Lee Sungmin’s head at that very moment. But, in the span of a millisecond, Lee Sungmin’s figure disappeared and the sound of thunder boomed in the area of which the subjugation force was. Lee Sungmin disappeared from Murong Dae’s vision and only tendrils of black lightning were left in his former place. 

Murong Dae was shocked by the sudden disappearance of Lee Sungmin, but immediately twisted his body and started to unfold his sword strikes in a wide area attack, not discriminating in any direction of the attack.

It was a threatening attack without considering the safety of the people around him, but the fact that he was in front of his daughter’s killer, caused Murong Dae to be crazed and ignorant with rage.

“Calm down.”

Lee Sungmin, who appeared behind Murong Dae’s back, raised his hand towards Murong Dae, saying so.


As the current splashed of sword strikes threatened the entire surroundings, a dark crimson and violet energy surged from Lee Sungmin’s hand and enveloped the sword strikes like a net and completely subdued them.

“Shut up!”

[I didn’t kill your daughter.]

Lee Sungmin sent a message to Murong Dae. But of course, Murong Dae did not listen to Lee Sungmin at all.

On the contrary, he became more enraged and swung the sword to kill Lee Sungmin.

It was a pity that the strength and sword techniques that had been polished over countless years from Murong Dae, which were full of life and carrying his resentment, were absolutely useless in front of Lee Sungmin.

[You don’t intend to listen, do you?]

Lee Sungmin started to rouse his internal energy within his dantian and sent a message to Murong Dae. A dark and black electric current started to crackle from Lee Sungmin’s hands.

There was no need to use his spear. Lee Sungmin’s hand intervened in the middle of the sword’s path wielded by Murong Dae.

When the hand covered in dark lightning collided with the sword’s blade, the sword of Murong Dae, which was coated with layers of internal energy and crafted by a master blacksmith with flawless steel, was shattered to pieces.

Lee Sungmin stomped his foot on the ground as a pivot and bent over, sending a roundhouse kick directly to the chest of Murong Dae.


Murong Dae flew backward, coughing up black blood. Even if he tried his best to avenge his daughter, there was just too much of a difference in level that could not be overcome no matter how hard he tried.

Watching Murong Dae roll around after Lee Sungmin nonchalantly overpowered him, Chigweol and other martial artists from the Murong Family and Murim Alliance had shocked expressions plastered on their faces.

Murong Dae was the strongest of the martial artists gathered here, even including all forces gathered except for the wizards. Yet, such a powerful man was completely demolished and rendered a child in front of a man who was not even twenty-seven.


With the scream of young Murong Chae, the warriors of the Murong Family shot forward and attacked Lee Sungmin.

They knew they had no chance of winning, but they didn’t back down in fear. Lee Sungmin raised his right foot at the sight of the Murong Family’s warriors running towards him.


When Lee Sungmin hit the ground with his foot, the ground trembled and cracked apart in an earthquake.

At the same time, Lee Sungmin unleashed his Dragon Fear. The Murong Family warriors, who had lost their balance from the shaking ground, could not breathe under the weight of the pressure and fell over coughing blood.

‘That’s ridiculous. What kind of man……?’

Chigweol’s face turned white as he reflexively took a few steps back.

Although it had been quite a while since the two of them had met at the dungeon where Chigweol had lost his right arm, Lee Sungmin was leagues above the strength he had displayed there. No. It was completely incomparable.

It was unbelievable to Chigweol that a human being like Lee Sungmin had so much power, that his aura alone could crush several Peak Realm and First Rate martial artists and render them immobile.

[I did not kill him, because I had no intention of ever harming your family in the first place.]

Lee Sungmin sent a mental transmission to Murong Chae, who was sitting down. Lee Sungmin did not want to fight any longer. He only planned on subduing them if they attacked him, but had no intention of harming them and their subjugation.

[The Patriarch didn’t listen to me, so I’m telling you, as her brother…… I did not kill your sister. Neither did I kill her husband, Zhuge Taeryong.]

“What are you talking about…”

[It’s your freedom of thought on whether to believe me or not. But, please understand this much. Killing you all here would be easier than swatting flies, however I did not. You should understand what I am trying to convey to you by now.]

Lee Sungmin glanced at the kneeling Murong Chae, saying so.

[I’ve shown you mercy, please do not seek any further transgressions with me or there will be consequences.]

Leaving the words behind, Lee Sungmin kicked the ground.

Chigweol shouted something, but the Wizard Guild, Holy Church and Mercenary Corps couldn’t react.

They did not want to have a fight with Lee Sungmin right after what he had shown, especially right before their main mission of taking out Kim Jonghyun.

[Are you simply going to leave like this?]

‘No, I won’t.’

When asked by Heoju, Lee Sungmin shook his head.

“First of all, I’m going to leave here to scout out what Kim Jonghyun is planning, and then I’m going to follow the subjugation force from the shadows.’

[You’re worried about that red-haired girl.]

‘I only came here to make sure she’s not in danger.’

Heoju giggled at the answer.

[I think no matter what you may have said or tried, she’s going to be scrutinized. Your efforts were in vain.]

‘The Wizard Guild didn’t attack me though. Because they have no intention of trying to start a war with the Sama Order and Lloyd vowed to do me a favor, she should be safe.’

And in preparation for this situation, Lee Sungmin had told her what he would do if the previous events truly did happen.

If Lee Sungmin’s identity was revealed and Scarlett was questioned, he told her to be forthcoming and not try to hide anything about their relationship.

‘What, this bastard had to hit me so hard just to make me fall unconscious?! Ugh…’

Scarlett did not forget what Lee Sungmin had told her he would do. As she finally woke up, she saw her surroundings and looked at the other Tower Masters, Chigweol and other leaders of the forces gathered.

“He must have escaped safely, right?”

“You witch!”

Murong Dae roared at her. Scarlett had a sour look on her face at the accusation.

“What’s so new about me being a witch?”

After muttering so much, Scarlett told them her entire history with Lee Sungmin’s without anyone even having to ask her to do so.

Even Murong Dae, who had been angry at Scarlett’s first question, was embarrassed as he listened to her story.

She didn’t even ask for his help or him to take care of her safety, yet Lee Sungmin had come as he pleased even if it was dangerous for himself, just to make sure his friend, Scarlett, was safe. It was something Murong Dae had not expected when he thought of the wicked personality he had made up in his mind of his daughter’s killer.

After telling them all the story in full, Scarlett looked at Murong Dae with a brazen expression and spoke.

“Any questions?”


Murong Dae was speechless. Instead of Murong Dae responding, the Green Tower Master stepped up.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You wanted me to tell you so you could sell him out? What sort of friend do you think I am?”

“Don’t you think that word contradicts your attitude now?”

“Not at all! He escaped unharmed, and I stayed here. If I left, wouldn’t I be dead anyways?”

“Why didn’t you run away with him?”

Chigweol asked the sudden question. Scarlett gritted her teeth at Chigweol’s question and glared at the Green Tower Master.

“I have to participate in this war. Do you think I wanted to be here chasing this stupid cunt, Kim Jonghyun? You’re forcing me to do this because of an Oath and I couldn’t refuse. Lee Sungmin came here to protect me knowing that!.”

“Huhuhu! I see, I guess you’ve said everything that needs to be said. If you escaped with the little boy, you would have died in exchange for breaking your oath.”

“I don’t want to run, so shut up.”

Even though Scarlett shot back in an aggressive tone, the Green Tower Master just laughed. The head of the Holy Church, Sung Ki-jang, who had been silent for a while, stepped forward.

“Even if Lee Min-chul’s identity was an alias. It still does not prove his suspicion of being the spy sent by the Vampire Queen.”


Scarlett pulled her head up and stared at the leader of the Holy Church. Sung Ki-jang replied, staring down at Scarlett with stony eyes.

“Red Tower Master. Do you have some kind of connection with the Vampire Queen, Geniella?”

“Why don’t you just go ahead and stay suspicious of me? It’ll do us all wonders if you keep acting like a bunch of old idiots.”

“It’s still possible, isn’t it?”

“So, you’re going to question me in the end?”

“If necessary.”

“Are you going to torture me?”

“As I said, only if necessary.”

Sung Ki-Jang, the leader of the Holy Church, did not back down and voiced his opinion. At the end of the day, Lloyd was forced to respect Lee Sungmin’s request as he let out a fake cough.

“Stop it.”

“What do you mean?”

“There’s no need…. To torture the Red Tower Master.”

“Why are you protecting her?”

Sung Ki-jang asked with a questionable look.

Lloyd sighed deeply as he recalled Lee Sungmin, who left behind such a difficult request for him to follow.

Chapter 244 – Fin

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