153 – Recruiting Sa Ryong-hui (1)

Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon
Chapter 153 – Recruiting Sa Ryong-hui (1)
Translated by : moonchildkhz


The lords of the Black Way factions huddled together with their heads bowed. 

Around them, demonic soldiers stood. There was nowhere for them to escape. 

One of the people poked the man standing next to him and whispered, “Uh, did we really make the right choice?”

The other man responded, “We’ve been abandoned anyway. Shouldn’t we survive by serving a new master?”

“Well, that’s not wrong……. ”

The first man knew what it took to survive in the Black Way. But now that they were here, the atmosphere didn’t seem right. 

Moreover, his developed sixth sense continued to warn him.

Something bad is going to happen. 

The man shook his head, trying to ignore his anxiety. 

Meanwhile, Woon-seong walked out of the tent and sat on the throne in front of them.

“You said you wanted to see me? ”

“Well, yes.”

“You did not say what it was about. If I don’t like the reason you have asked to see me, you will be punished.”

At Woon-seong’s words, the Black Way began to tremble. 

But after a moment, one of them said, “Please accept us.”

“Accept you?”

“That is right.”

Woon-seong laughed. He understood what they were thinking and what they had come for. 

“It’s funny that a group of Black Way people would visit the Cult of the Heavenly Demon and ask us to accept you.”

“ ……. ”

“What can I do with all of you?”

The men of the Black Way dared not open their mouths and respond.

“If there are two men under your command, I have 100,000. If you have courageous warriors, my brave fighters overflow. Is there any reason for me to accept you?”

At the question, a lot of the Black Way members closed their eyes. 

One of them grabbed at straws. 

“If you are willing to collect it, I will pay you a monthly protection fee. I will pay twice as much as I offered to the sects. Not only that, but half of the income from running the Salt Palace will be offered to the Cult of the Heavenly Demon.”



“Is that all?”

“Oh, no,” the man trembled. “I can give you beauties. I will offer virgins and prostitutes, dancers too. Originally, when running the Salt Palace, women were sold instead of interest…”

As they spoke, Woon-seong waved a hand. A massive wall of energy crashed into their bodies. The leaders of the Black Way slammed their heads into the ground. 


Heavy force pressed them into the ground. It seemed like gravity had just become ten times stronger. 


They all groaned.

Sitting on his throne, Woon-seong spoke: 

“I am the leader of a martial arts faction and also the leader of a religion. Do you know what the most important thing about leading a religion is?”

The answer to his question was not given by one of the Black Way, but by a demon. 

“The Founder said it was the people. That is, the faith of the believers.”

To their reply, Woon-seong nodded. 

“That is correct. But to broaden our gaze, it is important not only to strengthen the faith of the believers, but to elicit the faith of those who will become one.”

At Woon-seong’s words, the demonic practitioners bowed their heads. 

Woon-seong was not talking about the Cult of the Heavenly Demon now, but the Cult of the Heavenly Demon moving forward. 

The Cult of the Heavenly Demon which would draw on the faith of those in Xinjiang, Qinghai, Sichuan, and Gansu. 

“But if I accept you, will they really believe me?”

The Black Way did not answer Woon-seong’s question, only trembling. Some of them were already breathless.

“You are rats. I don’t like the hypocritical sects, but I don’t like the guys who scurry around like rats either.”

Woon-seong turned his head. 

He shouted at the soldiers gathered:

“Cut their throats and hang them on display. Also, go to their sects and burn their buildings, distributing the accumulated goods to the nearby civilians. Keep in mind that this must be done in the name of the Cult of the Heavenly Demon. If there is someone who covets these stockpiled goods with private greed, his head will fly and be displayed with these rats.”

After Woon-seong’s words, the demons knelt in unison.


“Cu-Cult Leader, give us one chance……. ”

The Black Way screamed and tried to persuade Woon-seong, but it was useless. 

Woon-seong turned his back to them and entered his tent. 

Sang Gwan-chuk watched Woon-seong leave with a satisfied smile. You are turning into more of a true leader every day.

“It’s hard,” Woon-seong muttered to himself. 

He had never been in such a position before. 

However, for vengeance, he had become the Cult Leader.

If it were the early Woon-seong, he would have been busy using the Cult for revenge after becoming the leader. But he could no longer do that.

Master, Woon-seong murmured. 

Like Nok Yu-on, the ‘Moon Cleaving Heavenly Demon’ Cheon Hwi was also Woon-seong’s master.

It was impossible to say that one was a better teacher because he had received many things from both. 

Therefore, Woon-seong could not simply use the Cult for his own gain.

It is difficult being the leader.

Indeed, as the Cult Leader, he had to think and act for the future of the Cult. The fatigue it brought about was great. 

This was not fatigue of the flesh, but of the mind. 

With that fatigue, he slumped into a chair. 

When revenge is done, Woon-seong thought. When the Cult has reached the top, it would be nice to retire and roam the world without any cares.

But why…?

Suddenly, his conversation with Cheon Ah-young came to mind….

Will you still be waiting for my answer after everything is done?


“Did you hear the story? The Cult of the Heavenly Demon has beheaded all of the Black Way and displayed their bodies.”

“At the Cult?”

“Yeah. They even started returning the stolen goods a few days ago.”

“Huh .Isn’t the Cult full of man-eating demons? You must be mistaken. ”

“I thought so too, but the rumors are true. The housekeeper next door got back all of his stolen belongings. My daughter, who was kidnapped, has also returned.”

“I can’t believe it.”

“But it’s true. Rumor has it that the Cult of the Heavenly Demon even got rid of the protection fees for a year.”

“No fees? That’s great!”

“It’s only a year, but it’s something. Along with that news, my wife also received a scripture from the Cult yesterday.”

Rumors circled about what the Cult of the Heavenly Demon had been doing nearby. 

The voices praising the Cult also increased. 

This resulted in a sudden lack of scriptures, which had all been printed in advance. 

It was not long before the news entered Sang Gwan-chuk’s ears. The Strategist laughed brightly and ordered his men to create more booklets. 

Thus, the doctrine of the Demonic Cult was spreading throughout the Central Plains.

It wasn’t just him who heard of the rumors. 

Sa Ryong-hui also heard the same things. Kang So-san came every day and told him this and that, but he also heard it for himself. 

That happened? Sa Ryong-hui titled his head as he listened to Kang So-san talk. 

It wasn’t just Kang So-san saying these things. 

The things the guards talked about were also heard by Sa Ryong-hui. 

So there was no way he wouldn’t believe it.

Their actions are more virtuous than those of the factions.

He closed his eyes.

My beliefs so far have been shattered.

Now, I don’t even know what to believe. 

Sa Ryong-hui’s spirit was like a small boat thrown into a rough storm. 

What have I known so far and what have I observed?

What did I hold my sword for?

What the hell am I doing…?

His head was a mess. 

I don’t want to hear anything, I don’t want to say anything. 

At some point, even though Kang So-san came, Sa Ryong-hui didn’t move. 

He closed his eyes, closed his ears, and closed his mouth. 

Of course, that didn’t mean he was doing nothing. 

He thought endlessly.

About his beliefs. 

About his goals.

And a long time later, the next time Kang So-san visited, Sa Ryong-hui finally spoke. 

“Your master, I’d like to meet the Lord of the Cult of the Heavenly Demon once again.”

“Beliefs don’t change that easily. But given the occasion, even a small event can shake someone’s convictions.”

Kang So-san suddenly remembered those words. 

The boy nodded, smiling brightly.

Perhaps it was because of Kang So-san, but Sa Ryong-hui was able to meet with Woon-seong without difficulty, despite being a prisoner. 

Woon-seong spoke first. 

“You wanted to see me? ”


It was a clipped response. 

Sang Gwan-chuk, who was sitting to the side, twitched. Energy wrapped around Sa Ryong-hui threateningly. 

Of course, Kang So-san, who was not aware of the situation, innocently glanced between Woon-seong and Sa Ryong-hui. 

“That was a quick response.”

“Maybe, but it is because my beliefs have not been completely contradicted.”

Woon-seong laughed, mocking, “What tough conviction. I know that belief is great. ”

Sa Ryong-hui bit his lips. It was mockery, but he could not refute it. 

At that time, Woon-seong tapped the table with his fingertips. 

“So, what does someone whose path hasn’t been broken want to see me for? ”

Sa Ryong-hui swallowed. He hesitated, then spoke with difficulty: “I would like to take a look around the Demonic Army’s camp.”

Sang Gwan-chuk’s eyes shook. Just as he was about to speak, Sa Ryong-hui added some words. 

“I know it is a lot to ask. I would like to see the land and the religion of the Demonic Cult with my own eyes. If it is necessary, you can seal my energy and attach a guard.”

At that, Woon-seong laughed. He sipped on the tea in front of him. 


The sound of a cup being placed down echoed. 

“That’s an interesting idea. Freeing someone from the sects into my camp is definitely interesting. ”


“What do I get out of that? ”

Sa Ryong-hui closed his eyes at the question. He knew what he needed to say, but it wasn’t easy. His lips trembled and his shoulders shook. Soon, he steeled his mind and spoke. 

“I willl give it to you.”


“If I am wrong, if I have lived in the wrong world, I will give you my life. ”

“Life…. ”

“You are free to kill me or save me. I will honor the Leader as my lord and wield my blade for the ascension of the Cult.”


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