Chapter 291 – To the North (4)

Possessing NothingChapter 291 – To the North (3)Translated by : BetterdaysProofread and Edited by : Hogu * * * The First Catastrophe. As emphasized, the words were enough to silence everyone in the room, including Lee Sungmin. Even Sima Ryunju, who wasn’t very interested in the ending, couldn’t easily get over what Geniella had justContinue reading “Chapter 291 – To the North (4)”

Chapter 290 – To the North (3)

Possessing NothingChapter 290 – To the North (3)Translated by : betterdaysProofread and Edited by : Hogu * * * Ringgggg Lee Sungmin’s head started to feel like it was ringing. His legs, which were relaxed, faltered greatly and swayed from side to side as he started to hyperventilate. His body, which was about to collapse,Continue reading “Chapter 290 – To the North (3)”

Chapter 289 – To the North (2)

Possessing NothingChapter 289 – To the North (2)Translated by : betterdaysProofread and Edited by : Hogu * * * “Oh my god, you crazy……!” Toeok. Geniella’s head was placed on the white snow. The blood spurting from the cleanly cut arteries, spurted out everywhere in a mess and dyed the white snow red. Lee SungminContinue reading “Chapter 289 – To the North (2)”

Chapter 288 – To the North (1)

Possessing NothingChapter 288 – To the North (1)Translated and Edited by : betterdays * * *  Not too far away from Travia, the carriage that Lee Sungmin and company were traveling on, came to a stop. Sima Ryunju, who stopped the carriage’s advance, came outside briefly and looked at the snowy plains beyond the horizon.Continue reading “Chapter 288 – To the North (1)”

Chapter 287 – The Black Dragon (5)

Possessing NothingChapter 287 – The Black Dragon (5)Translated by : betterdaysProofread and Edited by : Hogu * * *  The current of internal energy that was flowing through his blood vessels was immensely powerful. The internal energy from his dantian, which had been sealed with the Ghost Mask for the last few months, gushed throughContinue reading “Chapter 287 – The Black Dragon (5)”

Chapter 286 – The Black Dragon (4)

Possessing NothingChapter 286 – The Black Dragon (4)Translated by : betterdaysProofread and Edited by : Hogu * * *  “Hey.” Beyond the sound of the bonfire burning firewood, the voice of Jehu was heard. Lee Sungmin, who was meditating with his legs crossed, opened his eyes slightly. Beyond the flickering flames, Jehu was sitting acrossContinue reading “Chapter 286 – The Black Dragon (4)”

Chapter 285 – The Black Dragon (3)

Possessing NothingChapter 285 – The Black Dragon (3)Translated by : betterdaysProofread and Edited by : Hogu * * *  Lee Sungmin was lost in thought. He had once heard from Qian Zun about why Wijihoyeon was so desperately needed for Beyond the Heavens. But now he had heard an in-depth explanation from Jehu. Interfering withContinue reading “Chapter 285 – The Black Dragon (3)”

Chapter 284 – The Black Dragon (2)

Possessing NothingChapter 284 – The Black Dragon (2)Translated by : betterdaysProofread and Edited by : Hogu * * *  While Sima Ryunju and Lee Sungmin were not sure if the Murim Alliance had found the wagon or not that they had traveled in, it turned out it was luckily safe and sound. Ye-Hwa was waryContinue reading “Chapter 284 – The Black Dragon (2)”

Chapter 283 – The Black Dragon (1)

Possessing NothingChapter 283 – The Black Dragon (1)Translated by : betterdaysProofread by : hogu * * * Sima Ryunju slowed down his circulation of internal energy that was running rampant just moments before. His surroundings were full of armed martial artists who were all unconscious and foaming at the mouth. There were no dead people.Continue reading “Chapter 283 – The Black Dragon (1)”

Chapter 282 – Cron (3)

Possessing NothingChapter 282 – Cron (3)Translated by : BetterdaysProofread by : Hogu * * * Whoo – Whoosh! There was a black wind that enshrouded the men as the space started to distort. The atmosphere shook violently as the black wind of electricity crackled. The sixty-six rotating attackers and defenders all aimed at one pointContinue reading “Chapter 282 – Cron (3)”

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