Chapter 41 – To the Capital (2)

Reincarnation of the SwordmasterChapter 41 – To the Capital (2)Translated by : betterdaysProofread and Edited by : Hogu * * * Spk- Crackle- The bonfire burned brightly in the night sky. The chilly autumn wind rushed around the fire and swayed the flames violently as if to devour them whole.  “Ugh.” Reika shuddered and gluedContinue reading “Chapter 41 – To the Capital (2)”

Chapter 40 – To the Capital (1)

Reincarnation of the SwordmasterChapter 40 – To the Capital (1)Translated by : awefewrdfEdited and Proofread by : betterdays * * * Quietly seated in the training room, Asher closed his eyes. The muscles of his body seemed like small creatures as they moved throughout his whole body. Controlling the output of power, adjusting the sensesContinue reading “Chapter 40 – To the Capital (1)”

39 – Captain of the Imperial Guard (4)

Reincarnation of the Swordmaster Chapter 39 – Captain of the Imperial Guard (4) Translated by : betterdays * * * “You mean Balbacca.” “Yes, one of the heroes that disappeared was from the Belturia Estate, where you were involved in the expose on the doppelganger.” Balbacca had died 20 years prior and a doppelganger hadContinue reading “39 – Captain of the Imperial Guard (4)”

35 – Goblins (5)

Reincarnation of the SwordmasterChapter 35 – Goblins (5)Translated by : betterdays * * *  Asher could not understand. Why berate swordsmen who followed in the footsteps of heroes. Those heroes had paved the way for several generations to come and ascend to greater heights. Yet, the Head Goblin had called those people ‘fake’. “I don’tContinue reading “35 – Goblins (5)”

34 – Goblins (4)

Reincarnation of the SwordmasterChapter 34 – Goblins (4)Translated by : betterdays * * * “Kya!” “Kekeke!” The goblins raised their arms and shouted a fierce and messy battle cry. Their madness forced the humans to retreat backwards. The Head Goblin strode forward as to see just how the situation was doing. “…it’s still only aContinue reading “34 – Goblins (4)”

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