Matan’s Shooter 131

Translated by: xLordFifth Edited by: (Chapter Unedited) Just by gathering in a dark conference room with no lights, showed how much fear they felt from the ‘invisible enemy’. “How can we catch that bastard. How! I called you here to make a plan!” Bang-! Kyokujitsu’s table shattered with a roar. It was a strength thatContinue reading “Matan’s Shooter 131”

Matan’s Shooter 130

Translated by: xLordFifth Edited by: (Chapter Unedited) “B-Branch manager! Branch Manager!!!” “The branch manager got hit! The branch manager got hit!” “E-Everyone, don’t go out! Hide now!” “Damn it! What were the tankers doing that they did not protect the branch manager?!” There was great chaos near the branch office. The branch manager’s death! TheContinue reading “Matan’s Shooter 130”

Matan’s Shooter 129

Translated by: xLordFifth Edited by: (Chapter Unedited) “Phew… As expected, those who were beaten before would know what to do. Isn’t he responding pretty quickly?” Leeha’s eagle’s eye magnification was reduced and he raised his musket. Camouflage glue was stuck in his head and body, and his face was smeared with camouflage cream. Leeha lookedContinue reading “Matan’s Shooter 129”

Matan’s Shooter 128

Translated by: xLordFifth Edited by: (Chapter Unedited) “Wow, the Intelligence Guild has an image of a shady, dark basement or something like that……. But what kind of penthouse is this?” “What are you talking about? We’re not thieves, and since we are allowed to do business with confidence, we don’t have any reason to goContinue reading “Matan’s Shooter 128”

Matan’s Shooter 127

Translated by: xLordFifthEdited by: (Chapter Unedited) While the award ceremony was in progress, a whisper was sent to the branch manager. -This is an urgent message from the head office. It is said that a declaration of war has been sent to us. -Declaration of war? What kind of bastards are they? The branch managerContinue reading “Matan’s Shooter 127”

Matan’s Shooter 126

Translated by: xLordFifthEdited by: (Chapter Unedited) – You can’t! I told you this before! It’s different from kids playing rocks, papers, scissors! If the vice-guild master takes over, the situation will remain the same, there could even be second and third Rising Sun-. -No, Kijeong. It won’t. – Huh? Listening to Kijeong’s words, Leeha wantedContinue reading “Matan’s Shooter 126”

Matan’s Shooter 125

Translated by: xLordFifthEdited by: (Chapter Unedited) “Hmm……. This is when the word “total crisis” is used.” Leeha’s face wrinkled. “It wasn’t a direct attack, so I’m glad I didn’t attract aggro.” Leeha dispersed the smoke from the gunpowder. Leeha was worried that the orc might see it, but before the duration of eagle’s eye ended,Continue reading “Matan’s Shooter 125”

Matan’s Shooter 124

Translated by: xLordFifthEdited by: (Chapter Unedited) “This is crazy…… this is called the capital ‘branch’?” The whitewashed stone walls soared to a height rare in Middle Earth. Ordinary stores or buildings were 2 to 3 stories high. If one wanted something a little bigger, it would be up to the 4th floor…… the Holy Grill’sContinue reading “Matan’s Shooter 124”

Matan’s Shooter 123

Translated by: xLordFifthEdited by: (Chapter Unedited) If Leeha acquired and analyzed information a little more carefully, found out the true Angel’s identity, and shot him accurately, it wouldn’t have happened. ‘The rest of the Wild Angels only do what they were told to do.’ This was a group of bandits that was maintained by theContinue reading “Matan’s Shooter 123”

Matan’s Shooter 122

Translated by: xLordFifthEdited by: (Chapter Unedited) The second village did not have a lot of residents. As soon as the Wild Angels arrived, they used space locking, detection, and navigation scrolls. “There’s no special energy either! Except for the villagers…… “Damn it! Does it mean he didn’t hide this way? Set it all on fire!Continue reading “Matan’s Shooter 122”

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