162 – Betrayal (2)

Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon
Chapter 162 – Betrayal (2)
Translated by : moonchildkhz



Time stopped.

Woon-seong, Gwan Tae-ryang who had been watching the confrontation between Woon-seong and Tang Jin-ryong, and all the other demonic practitioners who were there. 

It was as if time had stopped. 

The only one moving around was…

“It’s been a long time.”

Only the sword that stabbed into Woon-seong’s shoulder and the man holding on to it. 

Time soon returned to normal. 

When Woon-seong threw away Tang Jin-ryong’s corpse, he slowly turned around. 

The sword was still in his shoulder. 

Woon-seong glanced down at the blade. He then turned his head to see who had done it. 

“You…” Woon-seong said. 

The man nodded and smirked. He then politely greeted, “It is my first time greeting the Cult Leader, I am the Demonic Emperor of Oblivion.”

He chuckled, “Isn’t it fitting?”


He had deceived everyone in his position again, just like his name suggested. 

To be precise, he had deceived Tang Jin-ryong. 

There was no way we could have caught a Semi-Divine Being with just the Qingcheng and some corpse. 

The man wasn’t that crazy to believe in an impossible plan. 

Tang Jin-ryong had been used to shave the Heavenly Demon’s energy too. 

Tang Jin-ryong might not know it, but he and the Sichuan Tang Clan played in the hands of the Cult of the Inverted Sky from beginning to end. 

“Was it all your plan?”

With a calm expression, Woon-seong pulled the sword from his shoulder. If he had been even a beat slower at dodging, the sword might have hit his heart instead. 

That was fortunate. 


This makes it hard to move my shoulder. 

Woon-seong frowned slightly. 

Hwan Dok smiled brightly and responded, “Yes. It was all part of my plan.”

“So the Qingcheng Sect and the Sword Emperor corpse were tricks to tire me out?”

“You’re so judgmental.”

“Tang Jin-ryong would have thought that was enough. But that was also part of your plan, right?”

“I thought that the Qingcheng, the Sword Emperor, and the Saint of Immortal Poison would be enough to tire the Cult Leader. You would have to be some monster to not be tired after dealing with the Saint of Immortal Poison.”

Woon-seong nodded. The evidence of that truth was the sword, which had been stabbed into his shoulder. 


Woon-seong felt a slight discomfort thinking that he had been playing in someone’s palms. He frowned. 

At that moment, Gwan Tae-ryang moved.

“My lord!”

Gwan Tae-ryang rushed over, wielding his blades and hurtling towards Hwan Dok. At that moment, Hwan Dok pulled out another sword, which he had been hiding. 


Hwan Dok’s sword hurled through the air, pushing Gwan Tae-ryang back. 

Right after that!


Hwan Dok slammed his fist into the Lieutenant’s temple. With a shock to his brain, Gwan Tae-ryang flew back like a broken doll and hit the ground hard. 

Gwan Tae-ryang had been exhausted by the continuous battle too. 

If it weren’t for that, Gwan Tae-ryang wouldn’t have been beaten like that. 

Woon-seong flew over and checked on the man. He had fainted from the pain, but wouldn’t die any time soon. 

“You did a good job. Somehow, Tang Jin-ryong was very confident.”

“I only thought this was the best way to deal with the Cult Leader.”

Woon-seong nodded. 

He admitted it. 

If the situation continued like this, Woon-seong would not be able to deal with it. 

He seemed fine, but it was just a smokescreen — even Woon-seong was exhausted from the constant fighting. 

Moreover, his strength had decreased to an unusual degree. 

Is it enough?

Everything was disadvantageous. 

But instead of despairing, Woon-seong still had a smile on his face. 

Did that smile feel ominous? 

Hwan Dok asked with a stiff expression, “What are you smiling about?”

Woon-seong put a hand inside his pockets and pulled something out. 

“But even your plan had limits,” Woon-seong said quietly. 

His voice was not loud, but it was clear. 

There was clear hostility in that tone. 

Hwan Dok was an enemy of the Moon Cleaving Heavenly Demon, who was another one of Woon-seong’s masters. 

I cannot forgive him.

Woon-seong glanced down at what he had taken out. 

I didn’t expect to use this here.

Once upon a time, before Woon-seong was enthroned, some of the Demonic Masters from Joo Moon-baek’s faction had turned to Woon-seong’s faction, offering items in return for mercy as they pledged loyalty.

Woon-seong found many of these things useful, like the glass throwing knives. 

What he took out was also a gift. 


A pill from one of the Demonic Masters.

Poison could kill people, but when used well, it could also save people. It was a kind of medicine that the Poison King had given Woon-seong. 

A medicine that would quickly replenish strength when consumed in a situation that rapidly depleted energy, but would not last forever. 

“What?” Hwan Dok did not understand and tilted his head. 

Woon-seong downed the pill from the Poison King. 


A sweet aroma seemed to spread through his body. At the same time, he could feel his strength recovering at a rapid rate. 

At this rate…

It will be enough to deal with Hwan Dok, Woon-seong concluded without hesitation, twirling his spear.  

Woon-seong’s sudden movements surprised Hwan Dok. 


However, he was not so weak he would just take a beating. 

He swung his sword. 

The sound of the sword colliding with the spear was loud and clear like a bell. 

Hwan Dok’s body trembled. The strength of the blow had traveled through the weapon. 

Once is enough!


Hwan Dok did not know what Woon-seong had eaten, but he decided that the effect wouldn’t last for long. 

It is my victory as long as I endure until then. 

The moment Hwan Dok decided that, the momentum of the White Night Spear changed. 

The spear seemed to wrap around his sword, curling like a snake. 

Startled, Hwan Dok tried to pull his sword back, but it was already firmly captured by the spear. 


The spear kept the blade in place, but kept going forward. A spear that would not stop!

Staring at the sword, which seemed like it had been embedded in a rock, Hwan Dok pulled out another hidden blade. 

His expertise was in using twin swords!

He slammed the other sword horizontally, blocking the spear from spinning forward. 


As the weapons met, sparks flew into the air. 

Woon-seong let go of the spear. 

Flames rose around the area in a vortex, swirling around Hwan Dok. 

“Heavenly Demon’s Palm!”

Hwan Dok made a sound of surprise as a wall of flames sped through the air, knocking into the butt of the spear Woon-seong had left in the air. 

It was like a hammer and a chisel. 

The hammer was the Divine Flame, the chisel was the White Night Spear. 

Like it was cracking through rock, the White Night Spear exploded forward, fueled by the Divine Flame. 


Hwan Dok’s blade, which had been blocking the spear, shattered from the power. At the same time, the spear continued, slamming into Hwan Dok. 


The power still remained and Hwan Dok was skewered to the floor. 


The White Night Spear had formed a crater in the ground. At the center was Hwan Dok. 


Was he in pain because of the spear through his chest? Hwan Dok reached out with his hands and grabbed at the spear. 

He tried to pull it out. 

But the White Night Spear had dug deep into the ground. 

Woon-seong slowly approached him. 

“When you made your plan, did you think this far?”

Hwan Doks slowly closed his eyes. His internal organs had long been crushed by the White Night Spear piercing through his chest. 

He could not escape. Even if he succeeded, he would not survive for long. 

“Hehe, hehehehe.”

Perhaps it was fear of death, but laughter poured from his lips. 


For a while, Hwan Dok giggled to himself. 

Not liking that laughter, Woon-seong grabbed the White Night Spear. 



Enormous strength gushed through the White Night Spear, shaking Hwan Dok’s internal organs once again. 

Blood flowed from the man’s mouth.

His internal organs were scattered like chunks of meat in porridge throughout the blood. 

“Let me ask you again. Did you expect this?”

When asked, Hwan Dok slowly opened his eyes. Even though he was dying, he opened his eyes and stared at Woon-seong as clearly as he could. 

“Predicted… I did.”

At his words, Woon-seong twitched. 

It was because that answer was unexpected. 

“Predicted?” Woon-seong asked again, and Hwan Dok nodded with great difficulty. 

He slowly reached out, pointing to his blade. 

It was the same sword that had stabbed Woon-seong in the shoulder.

“Yes. I anticipated a situation where I could not kill you, and so I had one more thing prepared.”

Woon-seong stared at the blade. 

It meant that something had been added to that blade.

The answer naturally flowed from Hwan Dok’s mouth: “I can’t believe I got to kill the god of the Cult of the Heavenly Demon twice. Both times in the same way too, hahahaha!”

Hwan Dok leaned his head back and cackled. 

Woon-seong stared at him. 


“Cough, cough.” Hwan Dok coughed up more blood. He was a man about to die, so he did not deny anything. “Yes, poison. Ack.”


“The same poison that killed the other Heavenly Demon.”

Hwan Dok’s words made Woon-seong’s expression strangely distorted. 

It was because although he did not know the name of that poison, he knew what it was. 

It was a poison that had taken away his master, twice.

Woon-seong clenched his fist. 

Hwan Dok continued to cackle. “Hehe, I have killed the Heavenly Demon twice.”

Woon-seong reached out and grabbed the man by the throat. He then said in a low voice: “I don’t care about my life. I’ll have you all killed before my life is over. After that, I don’t care what happens.”

Woon-seong meant his words too. 

Revenge was what Woon-seong wanted the most in the first place. He didn’t care if he died after achieving that revenge. 

“And no matter how powerful the poison is, it can’t kill me in a short time.”

Like Cheon Hwi, Woon-seong could last between half a year and up to a year. 

That was enough time to turn the world into a sea of fire and twist the necks of all his enemies. 

“I’ll have you all thrown in hell before my life is lost,” Woon-seong growled with all of his heart. 

Hwan Dok, who could read his expression and tone, felt stiff. That is a lot of anger.

It was something beyond the norm. 

It was the anger of losing two masters, not one. Compared to the anger of others, it was on a different dimension. 

While receiving such anger, Hwan Dok shook his head. “The Cult Leader will never accomplish his goals, cough!” Coughing up another mouthful of blood, he muttered, “Everything is for the Inverted Sky—”

Woon-seong swiftly yanked the spear from the man’s stomach. 


Blood splattered everywhere. 


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