159 – Birth of a Divine Bird (1)

Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon
Chapter 159 – Birth of a Divine Bird (1)
Translated by : moonchildkhz


“Are you all right?”

Immediately after the fight was over, Gwan Tae-ryang, who had been protecting Woon-seong from any other enemies, ran over in haste. 

Where he stepped was where the Flow of the Divine Dragon had passed, the flames still burning. 

Of course, there was no need to say that the bodies of the Qingcheng swordsmen were blackened and mangled. 

Perhaps the body of Han Chong was also amongst the piles. 

Gwan Tae-ryang casually stepped over all the bodies. 

These were the corpses of the non-believers who had pointed their swords at the Heavenly Demon — they meant nothing to him. 


The bodies of the blackened Qingcheng crumbled beneath Gwan Tae-ryang’s feet. 

The young man asked once more as he approached, “Are you all right?”

Woon-seong shook his head lightly as he gathered the scattered energy. “I’m a little tired.”

It seemed like an overwhelming victory, but it had not been easy for Woon-seong to deal with the Wave Sword Sea Formation. 

Not only had he consumed about ⅓ of his internal qi, but he had exhausted some of his spirit and vitality. 


Woon-seong let out a long sigh. He then turned to look at the ongoing battle and asked, “What is the status on our side?”

Woon-seong’s victory against the Qingcheng Sect was just a small section, as the war had not yet been won. 

Even if he won the battle, if he did not lead this war to victory, Sichuan would not be under his feet. 

Only when we put the Sichuan Province under our feet will King Jingseong and the Justice Alliance move. 

Woon-seong recalled the plans he had made with allies in the Central Plains. 

Meanwhile, Gwan Tae-ryang nodded and reported the situation: “There have been some tight confrontations, but with the Qingcheng Sect gone, victory will soon be in our hands.”

“What about the beasts?” 

“The wild beasts are being dealt with by the Samsara Demonic Cavalry and the Wind Demon Fist King. Our Charred Dragon Unit is also assisting, so they will collapse soon.”

Woon-seong nodded. The biggest problems on the battlefield had been the Qingcheng swordsmen and the Namman Yasu beast squad. 

With them mostly gone, there was only one more problem. 

“What about the Sichuan Tang?”

The Sichuan Tang Clan, manipulators of poison and masters of assassination. As the situation began to crumble, it was unknown what they were up to. The only thing that was certain was that there had yet to be any trace of them. 

Gwan Tae-ryang shook his head. “Same as before, they have not moved.” 

“Is that so…. ”

The Tang Clan’s poison was a pain in the ass. If they had intervened early in the war, the Cult of the Heavenly Demon would not have been able to dominate the battlefield so easily. 

However, the Sichuan Tang had chosen to abandon that advantage and just watched on. 

What the hell are you thinking?

What is your purpose? 

Woon-seong opened his troubled eyes. At the same time, he shoved Gwan Tae-ryang in the chest. 


Unprepared, Gwan Tae-ryang tumbled across the field. 


At that moment, a fragment of energy fell from the sky.

Kuakuakua— bang!

It was the exact place where Gwan Tae-ryang had been standing. 

Seeing that, Gwan Tae-ryang sucked in a cold breath. 


Woon-seong lifted up the White Night Spear and struck at the falling energy. The shock conveyed in these pieces were not light. 

Who is it?

As evidence, these pieces of energy had dug holes into the ground. The bodies of the burnt Qingcheng swordsmen disappeared in powdery puffs. 

The wild beasts in the area also fell, bleeding. Blood quickly darkened the earth. 

Woon-seong slowly raised his head, frowning across the tip of his nose. 

There was someone floating in the sky, like a small speck. 

With Woon-seong’s eyes, he was able to clearly see the figure’s characteristics. 

Hair like a white carpet. 

Not only the hair, but also the eyebrows and beard were white, as were the eyes. 

The eyes were thin and the body was slim. 

Woon-seong felt the ferocity emanating from this man’s body. A presence not below his own. 

With the spear, Woon-seongs’s presence had been fixed into this man’s view.

The floating man began to descend towards Woon-seong. Kwa-rung –

The earth collapsed due to the collision of Woon-seong and the man. 

As Woon-seong crossed blades with the man, he asked: “Who are you?”

Instead of answering the question, the man moved his sword. His sword seemed to be surrounded by the brilliance of pure white, which instantly turned into light. 

Beyond Luminosity. 

It was a tremendous move, meant to reach speeds beyond that of light. 


Woon-seong’s long hair was cut. If he had not turned his head, that would have been his carotid artery being sliced.  

Woon-seong’s fingers twitched. 


His knuckles cracked as force flowed through his fingers. 

“Who are you?”

Woon-seong asked again to the man who did not give his name, and the man swung his sword instead of answering once more. 

Once more, energy scattered through the air. 

It was another move of the Sword Emperor of Ice and Light — Brilliance of the Dragon-Tiger. 

Split from two beams of light, a dragon and a tiger pounced towards Woon-seong at the same time. 

With the Heavenly Demon’s Wheel in one hand and a spear in the other, Woon-seong called out, “I don’t care who you are, stand down!”


The Heavenly Demon’s Wheel and Rain of Star Destruction slammed into the dragon and tiger. 

There was a massive collision in the air and the strange man swung his blade multiple times. 

The fastest line between Life and Death was drawn beyond light.

Extreme light-speed.

The Brilliance of the Dragon-Tiger cut through space simply by connecting two particles of light. 

The true power of the Brilliance of the Dragon-Tiger was that it transcended light, and thus sight. 

With that power, Woon-seong retreated. 

This isn’t good.

Once you reached Semi-Divinity, you could ignore the different types of techniques and skills thrown your way. 

Overwhelming difference in skill and competency, plus the difference between internal qi and experience, would crush the opponent. 

This was not something that could be applied among elites at the same level. 

In other words, the strange man was on a similar level to Woon-seong. 


The sword and spear continued to collide, the space distorting with flames. The waves of energy spread out in all directions and the ground split apart. 

In the process, Woon-seong successively used the Divine Art of the Heavenly Demon. 

If the opponent was speed to the extreme, Woon-seong was destruction to the extreme.

No matter how powerful this strange man was, he would not be fine if hit. 

The man cackled, as if laughing at Woon-seong’s plan.  

Shh. Shh.

The man dodged the Heavenly Demon at the same speed as his blade. 

Where do these masters come from…?

Woon-seong suddenly recalled the monster he had fought in King Jinseong’s court some days ago. 

Immediately, his eyebrows twitched. 

“Huh. They’re very similar.”

Avoidance of the skill just now seemed like instinctive behavior, not calculated movements. 

A person who trusted the instincts of the flesh rather than good judgements, and was also unable to properly communicate… 

Woon-seong felt like the two beings were very similar. 

Moreover, there is less vitality in the body than regular people. 

When they exchanged moves, Woon-seong could tell clearly: this strange man had very little life inside him. 

Usually, those at Semi-Divinity had more vitality than others.

But this man did not. 

It’s like the vitality of an old man, right before death. 

In other words, this man was alive but not alive. 

It felt like someone had forcibly planted a spirit into a corpse. 

It’s necromancy.

Woon-seong had determined that this man was not a human. 

At the same time, he titled his head. But where the hell do these things keep popping out from? 

However, Woon-seong did not continue thinking for that long. 

In the meantime, the offensive of the monster continued. 


The rays of light divided once more, a dragon and tiger crushing towards Woon-seong. They swept past the young man’s waist. 


The fabric at Woon-seong’s waist was torn apart, blood spilling. He hurriedly pressed to stop the bleeding, but he bled quite a bit.

Not good.

After fighting the Qingcheng swordsmen, it was natural for Woon-seong to be somewhat exhausted. 

Besides, I don’t think this is a good match.

Force against speed with someone at the same level wasn’t optimal. 


Three choices came to Woon-seong’s mind. 

The first was the Art of Six Seals and Destruction. 

But soon, he threw that one out. 

Just like the Divine Art of the Heavenly Demon, the Art of Six Seals and Destruction was also a technique of force. 

If there was a difference, it would be that the Art of Six Seals and Destruction was more narrowly based, while the Divine Art of the Heavenly Demon pursued power itself. 


Next up was the Divine Spear of the Ending Night. 

This godly spear that brought the dawn after erasing the night was about flow and flexibility. 

It created a cycle of softness. 

There were some similarities with the Divine Spear of the Ending Night and the Brilliance of the Dragon-Tiger which the corpse puppet used. 

But this time, Woon-seong pushed it aside. 

Similar doesn’t overwhelm.

As long as the Sichuan Tang Clan was an enemy, Woon-seong could not drag the fight on. In order to preserve his strength and stamina, he needed to deal with this opponent as soon as possible.  

Then, the Flow of the Divine Dragon?

Woon-seong’s strongest move, except for those of the Divine Art of the Heavenly Demon.

The same spear move which had blown apart the First Apprentice and the Wave Sword Sea Formation.

Would this move be able to defeat the puppet in front of him?

Woon-seong shook his head. 

Flow of the Divine Dragon is strong…

It was a spear move which combined strength and flexibility together, but it did not match with speed. 

The energy within the Flow of the Divine Dragon could enter the man’s field of light, but would be beautifully divided into hundreds of little light eruptions. 

Even if they could reach the corpse puppet, there would not be enough power to leave a scratch. 

Is the only way to fight a drawn out battle after all?  

This man and the one who had attacked King Jinseong’s Court must have similar weaknesses. 

If he aimed for its weakness, he would be able to take it down with time.

Woon-seong shook his head even at this.

He smiled and murmured, “It seems I have been much too lazy recently.”

It was time to cast off that idleness. 


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