138 – Heroes Among the Demonic (2)

Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon
Chapter 138- Heroes Among the Demonic (2)
Translated by : moonchildkhz


Following Qaidam Basin, the Qinghai Alliance was defeated by the Cult of the Heavenly Demon; rumors that Qinghai had been completely taken over spread throughout the world. 

It was only natural that Murim fell into sorrow at the news of defeat. 

But unlike the other provinces, Qinghai itself was quite peaceful. 

The Cult of the Heavenly Demon was not the notorious unorthodox bastards, as they had been told. 

There was a certain degree of zealousness due to its religious foundations, but that was it. 

They did not force their doctrines on others, but slowly sank into the people’s hearts. 

There was no persecution of surrendered martial artists. As long as a seal was left, the Cult recognized their existing sect-gates. 

There was no need to burn or abandon the sects. 

“I can’t believe the Cult of the Heavenly Demon is more peaceful than Murim.”

That came from the mouth of a weakly sect leader who had surrendered to the Cult, so it was no lie. 

But funnily enough, those rumors did not escape Qinghai. 

It was as if someone was tightly controlling the spread of information… 

* * *

The New Dragon Battalion was similarly disappointed when they heard that Qinghai had fallen. 

Captain of the New Dragon Battalion, Sa Ryong-hui, shook his head. 

“It’s only been a few days but we’ve already lost Qinghai… I can’t believe the speed of the Demonic Cult.”

The other members of the New Dragon Battalion also nodded. Clearly, this Demonic Cult was different from back in the First Ortho-Demon War. It was clear that they had clear strategies in how to deal with Murim. 

If they were not nervous, big trouble could happen. 

Most of them felt that way, but not all. 

“Well, it’s still the Demonic Cult. Other than large numbers, they have nothing going for them.”

The one who spoke was the second son of the Hebei Peng Clan. 

Sa Ryong-hui whistled slightly. “You shouldn’t think like that. Don’t you know that losing vigilance is like risking half your life in battle? In addition, you must have heard that the Heavenly Demon is the same age as us, but his power is beyond our imagination.”

“Hmph, that’s definitely an exaggeration.” Peng Hak shook his head, then continued, “Besides, I heard that this Heavenly Demon is from some obscure family, so his origin is unclear. The Demonic Cult’s level is obvious if someone like him was made the Heavenly Demon.”

His remarks meant that origin and lineage were the most important conditions for a martial artist’s strength. 

In fact, his words completely disregarded those from minor families. 

His views often clashed with Sa Ryong-hui’s. 

That was because Sa Ryong-hui was from a minor family. 

It was also because of his strong self-esteem that Peng Hak had lost to Sa Ryong-hui several times as a trainee for the New Dragon Battalion. 

Sa Ryong-hui sighed to himself. I want to teach him a good lesson.

But he did not do that. If the leader of the New Dragon Battalion argued with one of the members, the group would lose morale even before fighting. 

Peng Hak continued to grumble, whether he knew Sa Ryong-hui’s thoughts or not. 

But Sa Ryong-hui didn’t know. 

Some people sympathized with Sa Ryong-hui, but more than half of the New Dragon Battalion members despised him. 

In that atmosphere, Sa Ryong-hui spoke. 

“It’s too late to head to Qinghai Province now.”

There were about 700 men in the New Dragon Battalion. 

If they fought against the Demonic Army, it would be like using an egg to strike a rock. 

A fight without a chance at victory. 

At Sa Ryong-hui’s words, the eldest daughter of the Shandong Yue Clan — the Pure Yue Family — shook her head and said, “So we’re returning to the Alliance?”

“Return? We should charge and fight the Demonic Cult right now!” Peng Hak shouted loudly, swinging his blade. 

Sa Ryong-hui sighed. 

Yue’s words were plausible, but Peng’s words were just bullshit.

Of course, he did not say that aloud, for the same reasons he didn’t raise his voice a moment ago. 

I don’t want to do either.

Sa Ryong-hui lowered his head for a moment. He then spoke to those of the New Dragon Battalion, who were looking at him.

“I asked for the Lord’s orders in case something like this happened.” 

“What is it? ”

“If the march of the Demonic Cult is too fast to stop, I was told to turn towards Gansu Province.”

“Are you sure?”

Sa Ryong-hui nodded. Now that they ruled over Qinghai, it was clear that the Cult of the Heavenly Demon would march towards Gansu from the east and the west. 

There was a good chance the province would have to fight an enemy coming from both sides. 

“It’s probably not going to be an easy fight.”

“Hmph, it doesn’t matter as long as I break some demon bones,” Peng Hak exclaimed. 

Sa Ryong-hui smiled bitterly at the others.

With the exception of those who followed Peng Hak, the others nodded, as if they would heed Sa Ryong-hui’s words. 

The New Dragon Battalion turned as soon as the sun came up. 

It was the direction towards Gansu. 

* * *

The sword in her hand moved lightly. 

At times, it was like she was dancing. Other times, it swung heavily, as if to break rocks. Others again, zipping as fast as lightning. 

And sometimes it was majestic like the flapping of butterfly wings. 

Chun A-young, who was wielding the sword, was like a dancer. 

Her whole body was soaked in sweat. That was because she was working hard in order to play the role of vanguard. 

She would not disappoint Woon-seong, who had appointed her as general of the Western Army. 

She also wanted to avenge her father, Chun Hwi. To do that, strength was essential. 

Shh. Shh.

Chun A-young flipped in the air. The iron bracers restraining her arms and legs were no longer a problem.

I should make them heavier.

Chun A-young smiled at the iron bracers, which she could barely feel.

At the same time, her left hand moved, as if drawing in the air. A complicated seal appeared. 

It was a technique. 

One that only the Divine Maiden could use!


Leaves that were lying on the group flashed into the air. 

At the same time, she reached out with a hand. 


The leaves flew like throwing stars and stuck into the ground, flower petals seeming to swirl in the air. 

If martial artists had seen it, they would have been amazed at her use of the Crimson Leaf Illusion. 

However, this was a technique passed to the Divine Maiden, not a martial art like the Crimson Leaf Illusion. 

Although powerful, it lacked a lot compared to the real Crimson Leaf Illusion. 

But it was enough to deceive the eyes of an opponent. 

It was obvious that those who did not understand would be surprised. 

Chun A-young practiced several techniques, one after another. 

Divinity of the Maiden flowed around her. 

Chun A-young’s movements were smooth, even though she performed both swordsmanship and divine techniques. 

While she was wondering how to be stronger than anyone else, she had recognized the techniques that only she was capable of performing — she had tried to use divine sorcery and martial arts at the same time. Of course, it took a lot of effort to use it naturally like now.

At this level, she could say her efforts were not in vain. 

Number 900, or the Leader, would be surprised. 

Chun A-young wiped her sweat as she stretched her last sword move. 

She suddenly thought of Woon-seong, but shook her head. 

“Phew. Phew. ”

Her breathing also quickly stabilized. 

At this time, a woman approached Chun A-young. 

“Unni, no, milady.”

Chun A-young turned towards the voice and recognized the woman. 

The name was Moon Young, I think.

She had graduated from the Cave of Latent Demons with Chun A-young, working in the White Ape Unit together. When Chun A-young was Captain of the White Apte Unit, this woman had called her ‘unni’. 

That’s why Chun A-young replied in a friendly manner. 

“When it’s just us, you can call me unni.”


“Of course.”

At Chun A-young’s words, Moon Young smiled. 

In fact, she was lonely inside the White Ape Unit after Chun A-young became the new Divine Maiden. 

One of the few female officers she was close to had suddenly disappeared, so it was reasonable. 

Chun A-young was also not acquainted with many other female unit members, but she had a close relationship with Moon Young. 

However, she had become the Divine Maiden and now the general of the Western Army. 

But it made Moon Young happy to hear that she was still allowed to call Chun A-young ‘unni’. 

It was because she realized that she was not alone in thinking they were close.

“Thank you, unni.”

“No need to say thank you between us.”

Chun A-young smiled shyly. She had returned to the White Ape Unit to see Moon Young more often. 

So she thought she should take care of this sister more. 

Moon Young approached and handed over a dry towel. 

Chun A-young wiped off her sweat and asked, “What’s going on?”

No matter how close they were, Moon Young did not visit during her training. 

It was because this would interfere with practice. 

However, since Moon Young was here now, she clearly had something to say. 

Something important must have happened. 

If it was just personal business, no matter how urgent, Moon Young would have endured until after A-young came out.

To her question, Moon Young took out a letter from her pockets. 

“It is a letter from the Cult Leader.”

“A letter from the battlefield.”

Chun A-young took the letter from Moon Young and unfolded it. 

The letter was not very long, but the contents were clear. 

It was a letter saying that it was finally time for Chun A-young to draw her sword and defeat her enemies. 

Chun A-young’s face slowly hardened as she read the letter. 

After finishing, she muttered in a calm and restrained voice. 

“Finally, to Gansu…

After a few more days, the Western Army of the Cult of the Heavenly Demon began to advance beyond the Jade Gate and towards Gansu. 

As if responding, their eastern comrades occupying Qinghai Province also began to march towards Gansu. 

The New Dragon Battalion also began to move towards Gansu. 

It seemed that the fight for Gansu would be extremely intense. 


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