98 – Destiny or Fate (2)

Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon
Chapter 98 – Destiny or Fate (2)
Translated by : moonchildkhz


The next day, Woon-seong woke up and tried to leave the Qilian Mountains as soon as possible. 

He had only been in this town for one night but had already set the Black Law Sect on fire. Staying any longer could mean being caught up in another bothersome incident. 

Woon-seong packed up and hurried down to the first floor. 

“Good sir.”

There was someone who had arrived on the first floor even earlier. 

It was the young boy, Kang So-san. 

The boy’s face was pale and haggard, with deep purple bags under both eyes. 

“It looks like you stayed up all night.”

So-san raised his hand and scratched the back of his neck, slightly embarrassed. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

“For me?” Woon-seong laughed. “I assumed the business between us ended yesterday. Not only did I help you, but I have also exterminated the Black Law Sect from the face of this world. Are you saying you need more than that?”

Woon-seong’s voice bordered on cold. 

Last night, he had shown his skills for basically no reason. If So-san hadn’t reminded Woon-seong of himself, he never would have stepped in. 

Of course, So-san had a reason to wield the knife…

Anyways, Woon-seong was done.

Hearing those words, the young boy looked a bit troubled. It was obvious that he had more to say, but Woon-seong silenced him with another look. 

Woon-seong could already guess what So-san wanted to say. 

“If so, I can’t help but think you’re being greedy.”

Woon-seong tried to leave the inn quickly and quietly. 

He was a busy man. 

Although Sang Gwan-chuk had found a doppelgänger to replace him as Heavenly Demon, Woon-seong needed to finish his travels and return to the Cult as soon as possible.

However, So-san’s voice caused him to stop. 

“Mister!” the boy shouted, throwing himself in front of Woon-seong to forcibly stop his steps. “Please teach me how to fight.”

Woon-seong laughed. “I have already done that yesterday.”

How to break the mindset of a victim and to know when to retaliate. The determination to wield a weapon when necessary, that was the basis of combat. 

But it didn’t seem to be the case for Kang So-san. 

The boy fell to the floor, knocking his head on the ground. 

Since he was so young, he looked quite ridiculous. 

But there was sincerity in his movements. 

The boy’s forehead turned red and bloody, proving that he had smacked his head on the ground quite hard. Perhaps a small scar would form if the wound was left untreated. 

“I have thought about it all night. Is it really over with the Black Law Sect? Will nobody bully us now that they are gone?”

Woon-seong titled his head slowly, unsure of what the boy was trying to say.

“We don’t live with our parents. We weren’t orphans… But they pushed themselves too far to buy this inn. They passed away within a year of buying this inn. And ever since, the two of us started running this place…”

As he spoke, the young boy started to cry. Unlike the poisonous eyes from yesterday, his eyes now only carried grief. 

“But people started targeting our inn just because we’re young! Some try to take down this inn and start a new business, and some try to buy this place for an unreasonably cheap price. Some of them approached my sister like the Black Law Sect did.”


“I’m sure that the Black Law Sect won’t be the last of them. The Black Law Sect will be gone… But some other group will be after us for a different reason. Because we’re young and weak…”

Kang So-san slowly got up from the floor, clenching his fists. He wiped away the tears pouring down his face. 

“So please, teach me how to fight. So I can protect my sister!”

Woon-seong shook his head. “I’m sure you can learn martial arts at dojos.”

“Dojos don’t teach you unless you pay them money. Running an inn like this is nowhere enough for that. I need a fortune to learn martial arts…”

Woon-seong slowly closed his eyes. 

There was a time where he had been like that, too. A long time ago, before he met his master, Nok Yu-on. 

At the time, Woon-seong had been wandering the streets as an orphan. 

Seeing the strong martial artists, he admired them from afar. 

Once, the young Woon-seong visited a dojo to learn martial arts. But he ended up not learning anything there. In exchange for becoming a sandbag for the other children, the dojo promised it would teach Woon-seong some martial arts. He ended up becoming sick after being used as a sandbag for ten days.  

Damn it. Why is this happening?

Why is this boy reminding me of my past so much?

Is this supposed to be some kind of fate? Just like how I had the opportunity to live another life for revenge?

Then why is this damn fate only stimulating these fucking shitty memories?

Woon-seong grit his teeth. 

But I’m not going to simply play along with this. 

If I were to do that, I would’ve intervened even before this boy wielded his knife yesterday. 

“There is a place I need to be. I don’t have time to teach you martial arts.”

“I’ll follow you.”

Woon-seong smiled. Although Kang So-san had thought about this all night, he was still a child in the end. 

Kang So-san had forgotten about something. 

“Then what about your sister?”

“My sister?”

“That’s right. If you leave here, your sister will be left alone. Didn’t you want to learn martial arts because you wish to protect her?”

When asked this, Kang So-san clenched his fists tightly and gripped the edge of his shirt. He hadn’t thought that far ahead. 

He had only thought that he would follow Woon-seong, learn to be strong and protect his sister. 

He hadn’t thought about the present. 

He seems about fourteen in age, Woon-seong guessed. Considering his small physique, maybe he’s closer to twelve. 


It makes sense that such a young child forgot to consider that aspect. 

Kang So-san did not answer for a long time. 

On his behalf, the answer came from inside the kitchen. 

“Then we’ll both follow you.”

Woon-seong turned to look. 

He had known that the sister was in the kitchen from the beginning. 

Even so, I didn’t expect this reaction. Woon-seong clicked his tongue lightly. He thought that the sister would stop So-san, but instead she wished to follow him too!

The sister left the kitchen and politely settled in front of Woon-seong, right next to her brother. She then bowed. 

“If you allow it, I will also follow you. I know another person means more trouble, but if you teach my brother martial arts, I can do household chores and cook.”


At her words, Kang So-san could not help but call out, and she reached out to grab his hand. 

“Huh…” Woon-seong sighed heavily at her words. 

Alternately looking between the girl and the inn, he asked, “I thought this inn was bought by the hard work of your parents. It is your inheritance. Can you sell it off that easily?”

At his words, the girl walked slowly to one side and swept her hand across the wall. Her eyes danced with memories, but her words were clear and decisive: 

“It is the only thing our parents left behind, but it shouldn’t get in the way of my brother’s future. We don’t know much because we’re still young, but we understand how remarkable what you showed us yesterday was.”


“And if a person like you can become my brother’s master, there is nothing more we can ask for.”

What selfish words. 

She understood that they would be a nuisance to Woon-seong, but was more concerned with her brother’s future and well-being. 

But somehow, Woon-seong could not find it in himself to hate that selfishness. 

All he felt was a sister’s love for her younger brother. 

Would I have been the same if I had a family? 

No, it did not have to be a family. 

Woon-seong had people who loved and cared for him like so. 


Woon-seong closed his eyes. 

Like this boy has his sister, I had my two masters. 

People who taught me everything despite my origins. 

After organizing his thoughts, Woon-seong opened his eyes.

He first looked at Kang So-san before turning his attention to the girl. “What is your name?”

“Ye-ha. It is Kang Ye-ha.”


After remembering her name, he turned back to So-san. “I decided to give you a chance because of your sister’s words.”

At his words, Kang So-sand and Kang Ye-ha beamed.

But what Woon-seong had said was a chance.

“I’ll take you with me if you pass this test.”

Woon-seong waved his hand. There was a sharp gust of wind in the inn and a wooden chair was cut. He made a smooth wooden plaque with a few more swipes. 

He then wrote in the air. 


The aura of the Divine Flame appeared as Woon-seong hovered near the wooden plaque. 

Soon, words were burnt into the wood. 

It was a martial art. 

Of course, it was not an exceptional one. 

Woon-seong had chosen one from the collections of the Spear Master Sect. At best, it was a little bit better than the Three Heart Method. However, it was still a good choice to accumulate qi if used regularly. 

Woon-seong placed the complete plaque in front of the boy. “Do you know how to read?”

“Yes, a little bit.”

Woon-seong nodded and pointed at the plaque. “Starting today, study this.”

“Study this?”

“Yes. And also…”

Woon-seong raised his head slightly. 

A wooden chopstick from the kitchen flew into his hands. 

With a swinging motion, Woon-seong pointed it at a wall. The chopstick smoothly sliced through the wooden wall, leaving a marking. 

This was a mark produced through simple muscle strength with no martial arts involved. 

Although it stretched from the left all the way to the right, it was only about half a finger’s length deep.  

“By the time I come back after I’m done with my business, if you can imitate this sword mark, I’ll take you two with me.”

A relationship that was simply passing by, or one where fate was inevitable. 

The choice would be made by them.

Woon-seong took a step away, heading towards the Spear Master Sect. 

Outside, the sun was just rising. 


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