62 – Intruders (1)

The Star of Annihilation
Chapter 62 – Intruders (1)
Written by : Eleven

* * *


Suddenly, before Nate was about to finally doze off to sleep from the long day of training and classes, a loud noise awoke him to his senses immediately.

Looking out of the window from his dorm room, Nate’s eyes narrowed.


The sound of children screaming and yelling along with several sets of frantic footsteps could be heard from just beyond his door.

‘Something’s wrong…. What’s happening?’

Nate looked in his directory quickly as he had heard that there were different sets of alarms and flares shot out for emergencies and the protocols following.


Nate looked at the back pages of the student directory he had received where the codes for each kind of alarm were indicated.

‘This is bad.’

-Seems like it. I wonder who would possibly be at the center of all this, huhuhuhu!

Varpulis chuckled through his shared consciousness with Nate in a voice filled with sarcasm. Neither of them knew, but both Nate and Roy had very similar contact with these Transcendent beings.

Ifrit’s contract was actually based on the basis of a God choosing their Apostle.

Both souls had to be in synergy with their natures and values.

‘You think Roy is responsible for this?’

Nate questioned Varpulis since Varpulis always seemed to suggest that Roy was at the center of things like this.

As much as he wanted to confirm it with his own two eyes, Varpulis had been right in the past when it came to Roy.

-Do I think? No, I know for a fact since I can feel all sorts of presences lingering about inside of your school. Perhaps I’ll lend a bit of power for you to see it as well.

Varpulis spoke as Nate’s body was suddenly filled with more holy power than normal.

Through this, Nate immediately focused all of his senses with this rush of power Varpulis temporarily granted him.

‘Roy and….!’

There were many presences including ones that were outside the Academy that were approaching like Ferneth, but there were two mysterious beings that emanated the most power that Nate could even fathom.

Nate bit his lip in frustration and immediately tried to narrow his search down to a couple more individuals.

‘Okay, let’s go there first.’

Nate immediately honed his focus on two people. Elias and Elizabeth.

Nate grabbed his spear and lifted himself from the bed as he exited the dorm to go search for his friends first.

As soon as he opened the door from his room, high-pitched screeching sounded out in the hallways as frantic students brushed by him one-by-one as they were urgently running around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut-off.

Most were trying to contact their relatives outside or trying to just get as far away as possible.

Nate made his way through the rough shoulders of the frantic children in the hallway and felt relief when he got outside of the dormitory.

Professors were on the ground levels, directing students in an organized manner.

While the kids inside were still being nothing but children, the adults were indeed properly doing their jobs.

Nate, once finding himself in the grassy area outside the dorm, looked up at the sky out of habit and took a deep breath in.


Nate started to circulate his mana and holy power fervently as he started to release tendrils of white electricity and wind around his body and spear.

Lowering his body, Nate crouched and tightened his leg muscles whilst turning towards the building in which Elias and Elizabeth were in, hanging out and playing cards before the alarms had been going off.


Nate kicked the ground with all his might, not caring that all the professors and students suddenly whipped their heads in the direction of where he took off from.

The professors were able to catch his movements and were shocked to see a first-year able to move like a seasoned warrior that was far beyond the level of a first-year but had no time to admire his strength or question why he went that way.

Their roles were to direct the students to safety and save as many lives before reinforcements came for them.

* * *

<They’re here.>

Shortly after Mazre uttered these words, Hanu loosened his grip on Roy’s neck.


Trent, Lucius and Tubel appeared before the two individuals.

Mazre, quite frankly, did not agree with Hanu’s actions despite being just as angered to see that a human had replicated their Dragon Heart.

Even so, Hanu had brutally tortured Roy for the past twenty minutes.


Roy’s body slumped to the ground as his knees buckled upon impact.

His face was beaten blue and red, his bruises could barely even be seen over the blood that enveloped his whole body.

Lucius in particular, as he took in the sight, felt disgusted and pure anger at the sight of his only disciple only a breath away from death’s door.


Roy croaked as he tried to open his swollen eyes to see that he had finally received help.

The past twenty minutes were nothing short of Roy reliving his pain throughout the war in his previous life.

Only all of the emotional pain and physical pain had been compressed into a mere twenty minutes.

That was how brutal it was for him.

Nonetheless, Roy firmly believed that his master and help would come.

“Step away from the boy before you lose that hand.”

Lucius growled through his clenched teeth as his hands tightly were wound around the sword’s hilt.

Hanu finally turned his head to meet the newcomers.

Hanu’s cold expression was a mirror image of Lucius’.

Both were feeling severe hatred in their hearts at that moment, albeit for different reasons they were thoroughly enraged.

[Hanu, this is not good. Your father said we needed to prioritize our safety but things are getting out of hand. Escape will be difficult with the human mage now here.]

It would be difficult for them to teleport away as long as Tubel was in front of them.

Hanu frustratingly looked at Mazre, understanding that through Mazre’s telepathy message, he had certainly caused things to go awry due to his emotions being left unchecked.

However, Hanu’s mouth curved upwards as a cruel smile blossomed across his face when he turned to see Lucius.

<It seems you humans have yet to understand who the dominant party is in this situation.>

Hanu spoke as he raised his hand quietly; a red aura enveloping his hand.

His aura took the trait of his father’s.


As Hanu’s eyes blinked slowly as he still felt incredibly superior in the situation after getting his hatred somewhat pleased by torturing Roy.

But that was his mistake.


In an instant, Hanu was forced to retract his hand back as Mazre immediately moved in front of him in position to block the incoming projectile.


“Oh you blocked that? Guess you’re not half-bad it seems.”

Trent smirked as the sword he had thrown at the speed of sound, lifted itself up in the air with the projection of his ki, and returned itself to his hand.

Mazre narrowed his eyes as he looked at his forearm that was cut ever so slightly.

In fact, most Dragons, had they faced that attack head-on, would have their entire forearms gushing with blood with a large gash.

It was only a small scrape because Mazre was the one who had taken the blow.

<I’m afraid that wouldn’t be enough to stop me normally, but we have orders.>

Mazre replied as he waved his hand opening up a portal.

“No you don’t.”

Tubel immediately dispelled the teleportation portal and memorized the coordinates that Mazre had entered. If he was able to succeed here and memorize these coordinates, it was possible they could launch a pre-emptive strike on these monsters.

But as Tubel thought this, Mazre immediately darted towards him, being the weakest in terms of physical combat.


Mazre’s outstretched claw-like hands were stopped as they came into contact with metal.

“Didn’t forget about me already, did you?”

Trent’s image has disappeared and blocked the attack whilst Tubel already had been casting his next spell and unleashed it.


Light erupted from the magic circle underneath Tubel’s feet and countless large birds made of mana flew up and bombarded Mazre as they exploded on impact.

Lucius also charged at Hanu, drawing his aura forth and holding nothing back as he seeked to aim to break the distance between Hanu and his fallen disciple.

Imperial Swordsmanship 2nd Series : Cosmic Shift

Lucius’ speed doubled in that near instant as his image blurred and the sword drew a trajectory towards Hanu’s hand that had been holding Roy.

Hanu wanted to ignore it, but he realized this man was not to be taken lightly and clicked his tongue as he retracted his hand and roused his mana.

<Ravaging Spear>

A red light coalesced around Hanu’s aura-coated hands and a long red spear emanating an eerie light of mana materialized as he stepped back.

Lucius noticed how dangerous this attack was and immediately scooped up Roy and chucked him towards Tubel like a ragdoll.


“Got it!”

Tubel immediately opened a teloportation portal, but Mazre chuckled as he did the exact same thing to Tubel and Tubel had done to him.


The portal immediately closed up as it was dispelled and Roy’s bloodied body flew at Tubel and Tubel caught him with much effort while letting out a grunt.



Mazre didn’t have time to continue chuckling as a blade of white aura was fired at him at the speed of light.


Mazre dodged and parried the white aura blade with his own aura-clad hands with much difficulty.

<I see why the Lord was so wary of you humans.>

Mazre gritted his teeth as he exchanged blows with Trent, who came flying in.

Mazre, frankly, was only using about 30 percent of his total power, but he could tell that Trent was hiding many cards as well.

Although he could likely defeat Trent one-on-one, he would have to worry about losing a limb at the least against the human warrior.

The only problem that Mazre noticed was that time was getting short.

It would only be a matter of time before the other humans gathered and then it would truly become dangerous.

If the other humans that were arriving were able to join forces with the current ones, things would go quite awry and it was uncertain whether he and Hanu would be able to escape.


Mazre’s shout signaled the start of the long night everyone present had ahead of them.

Chapter 62 – Fin

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