59 – Royal Ties (2)

The Star of Annihilation
Chapter 59 – Royal Ties (2)
Written by : Eleven

* * *

Roy looked at the boy named Hazan, who had challenged him to the practice duel.

In the eyes of the other third-years, Roy was as good as dead meat.

“You sure that you want to do this? It’s not too late to turn back and run back to your mothers arms and leave this academy.”

For these nobles, a magic swordsman was viewed as a completely inferior branch of swordsmanship as magic swordsmen were swordsmen that had much lower ceilings than those who wielded ki.

In Roy’s eyes, he thought it was the complete opposite, as the decision to become a magic swordsman was a conscious one that he made when thinking that if he grew strong enough, it would show much more power than an ordinary magician or swordsman on their own.

The nobles gathered, also looked down on Roy far too much. They didn’t want him out of their class and back with the first-years. No, they wanted him completely out of the academy.

The only reason they were not expressing these opinions so openly, was because the Royal Family’s Imperial Princess, Sistine Ismenian, was in their class as well and Roy was under the protection of the Royal Family.

“I didn’t know that duels were fought with words, I thought it was with the sword.”

Roy replied cheekily, purposefully provoking Hazan further.

Sistine, as she looked at this, shook her head in disapproval.

‘That idiot will get himself shredded apart for his arrogance.’

Sistine could somewhat see into Roy’s true level and knew that Hazan was walking into his trap.

“Um… excuse me, do you have a sparring partner yet?”

At that moment, Sistine hadn’t even noticed the owner of the question come up to her.

She was surprised that someone had been that close to her and she didn’t even realize it.

Sistine wordlessly looked at the owner of the voice.

He had wild orange hair that was like a flame and a solid muscular build to match it… but his facial expression was anything but confident.

“No, I don’t.”

“Oh really?! I don’t have one either hahaha… would you like to be my partner for today? My name is Hallen by the way, Hallen Tiberius.”

Sistine was inclined to reject, but when she heard the boy say his name, she felt an unexplainable force attracting her to say yes.

“Sure, let’s move over to the side since I don’t like being around others when I spar.”

The words were coming out of her mouth, and Sistine couldn’t go back now on her words. If anything, she just convinced herself that it would be to test the boy and how he got within her range of senses unnoticed.

* * * 

Inside the lair of the Dragons….

<Hanu, have you brought me them?>

<Yes, Father.>

Hanu bowed to his father, Parish, the Dragon Lord, as he brought three individuals behind him.

<Have you three grown more accustomed to these forms yet?>

<Yes M’Lord.>

<Of course Lord! These ugly human forms may not be the best looking, but they definitely work well.>


The three polymorphed Dragons in front of him, were known as the Great Three.

Latras and Kodac had wild temperaments as they were quite chatty, while the third, Masra, was quiet as always.

<Good. I ordered you three to come here because we have some new things to do coming up soon….>

Parish paused while looking over the three of them quietly.

<Latras, you will need to be able to finish the experiments and ready us an army by the end of three years. Mazre, I need you to go with Hanu to the tournament the humans are holding soon as representatives of that kingdom we are playing with. Hanu will explain the rest to you as you go. And… as for Kodac, you and I will be going to the North for a bit to look for this tribe known as the Giants.>

<The Giants?>

Kodak skipped the honorifics, but Parish did not mind as he explained further.

<Yes, currently they are the biggest deterrent for us to take over this continent, but they also give us the most likely resources we need in order to complete the army with Latras.>

<Are they really that strong?>

<They are quite unique. Even M’Lord recognized their abnormal genetic patterns.>

Latras chimed in as he was the most excited to hear that he would hopefully gain more specimens to experiment with later.

<Th..Thank you M’Lord.>

Latras also realized he should be thankful for his Lord’s actions.

The reason Latras had followed Parish to these universes was because Parish was the only one amongst their kind who did not see Latras as a bug for wanting more knowledge about lower beings.

He also happened to be the only one there with the most reverence and respect for Parish, as the other three individuals, even Parish’s son, Hanu, had strong egos and their own desires.

<Of course. We need to act fast as time is of the essence, let’s get going.>

Parish stood up from his throne and swiped his hand in the air.

Three portals opened up for them, as Hanu and Mazre left first through one of the portals, while Latras left for his laboratory in the other.

<Let’s go Kodac.>

Kodac nodded at Parish’s words, not daring to object as Parish was leagues above him and the other Great Three.


* * *

<…Why did your father want us to go to the Empire?>

As soon as Mazre and Hanu went through the portal, they landed in a barren field of dirt.

It was Kerto Village, where Argenta had been slain.

<We have two objectives before we go back to the kingdom to prepare for the tournament. My father hoped to accomplish this before we start on our main task.>


Mazre, with his pale skin and blue hair, looked at Hanu with skeptical eyes.

<Yes… I assume you already know that Argenta has died. My father tried to hide the news as much as possible from the rest of our race, but it’s inevitable that others will notice eventually.>

<….! So it was true.>

Mazre’s eyes widened slightly in surprise before turning cold.

<Who did it?>

<That’s what we are here for.>

Hanu smirked as he responded, his red eyes staring at the dim moonlight.

<The first task we need to accomplish is the retrieval of Argenta’s corpse. The humans took it with them and we can’t have his body become used as materials for them. You know well what happens if a human is able to consume our blood.>


Mazre knew well as the last human to have consumed a Dragon’s blood, had become an incredibly high-level God in a different universe that originated from this one as that individual had two transcendent bloodlines in his body.

It was the biggest reason they had come to wipe this universe out, as this planet was the home planet of that individual.

<The second task is the death of the individual who killed him. There is a unique star that has appeared recently. I’m sure you’ve noticed its presence by now.>

Mazre nodded coolly as he acknowledged the existence of the new star that had been born in this universe.

<That star is dangerous. It is still weak right now, but growing incredibly fast. It’s not any normal star as you’ve already noticed, and my father confirmed the dangers of it as he talked to the other members of our race… including the Dragon Gods.>

<Even our Gods have become interested?>

This baffled Mazre. Why would the Gods of the Dragon Race, some of the most powerful Gods in existence in the upper realms, show interest in this star? Sure, it was growing at a fast rate and had killed Argenta, but what was the reason?

<Yes… It seems he is the descendant of ‘him’. The one who killed our kind in the past. Not only that, but there is a high probability that the star that has chosen him, is also a ‘aspect’.>


Mazre could not believe it.

The last human who had killed their kind and transcended universes, also had a ‘aspect’ star.

It was the ‘aspect’ star of time.

<What is the aspect? Do the Gods know of it yet?>

<Father said they are not sure…. But, if it is the one we are thinking of, things will go terribly wrong for not only us, but the higher universes as well.>

<It can’t be… is it that aspect?!>

<Yes, it is as you suspect… the star’s aspect is the aspect of Annihilation.>

Chapter 59 – Fin

Published by betterdays

Just a KR to EN translator trying to get these series published/completed. I have a patreon for Possessing Nothing setup right now. Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon and Reincarnation of the Swordmaster will hopefully have a patreon at a later date.

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  1. “Sistine was inclined to reject, but when she heard the boy say his name, she felt an unexplainable force attracting her to say yes.”

    Well that’s a bit… disturbing. Is this possibly a part of why she wasn’t Empress in the original course of events?


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