57 – Energy Theory (2)

The Star of Annihilation
Chapter 57 – Energy Theory (2)
Written by : Eleven

* * *

“Mr. Stone?”

Professor Williamsworth looked at Roy with a curious expression.

The sudden action of standing up in the middle of the class, prompted the other kids to laugh and giggle at Roy.

“Ah… sorry, it was nothing.”

Roy bowed and apologized before taking his seat again.

“Now…as I said…”

Professor Wiliiamsworth continued his lecture, but Roy immediately opened his notebook and started to jot things down.

‘Adamantium, Orchicalcum… metals like these are able to conduct all and any kinds of energies. Why? I can’t believe i was so stupid!’

Roy felt like he was on the breakthrough to something huge.

He didn’t know if this could help him to apply it to himself, but understanding why and how was the first step.

‘The reason we chant as mages is to give a stronger visualization and intent with the mana. Metal cannot chant or draw forth intent as it is not sentient.’

So intent was the thing that was blocking humans from being able to accumulate energy? It made some sense, but also was contradictory.

‘Master Lucius and Ifrit both said that Aura is manifested once you have reached the pinnacle of your own swordsmanship technique and have fully brought out the intent you carry with it. Mana is different as intent can change… but what if I kept a single intent every time I chanted a spell?’

When casting different spells like fireball or ice spear, the typical standard was that the intent could change.

The reason Archmages couldn’t use aura was because they had not reached the pinnacle in a single form of intent. That didn’t mean they were weaker as they also went through body metamorphosis when they reached 6-stars; the beginning level to call oneself an Archmage..

It was still a large mystery to Roy.

Nonetheless, Roy had found a direction of growth.

‘If I can figure out how to focus on a single intent through casting spells and also through my swordsmanship…. Will I be able to reach Transcendence faster?’

The hypothesis was nothing more than a hypothesis.

Despite that, it made Roy wonder why Gods were able to grant holy power to their believers and Divinity to their Apostles. In fact… Why were Gods able to grow so strong? They had only one kind of power, at least that was what it seemed like.

But reality was different. Gods were able to do several things with only their divinities and the proof was evident as they could do as many things as Roy could with mana, if not more.

‘I need to see Ferneth.’

If anyone would be able to confirm this theory, Roy felt Ferneth would be his best bet.

Ferneth was often busy with his own studies as a Tower Master, but he also was the most knowledgeable person Roy knew.

In fact, Roy had been meaning to go to the Purple Tower on a visit one of these weekends because he wanted to get something from Ferneth anyways.

‘That’s good. I can knock two birds out with one stone.”

Roy glanced up from his notebook with a smile.

* * *

After Roy had finished his class with Energy Theory, he was met with a surprise for his next class.

Roy had chosen to take swordsmanship classes and had been admitted in the first year class per accommodation.

Nate was in the first-year spearmanship class, so Roy wouldn’t be able to spar with him because they had different class times.

Luckily, nobody had looked down on Roy for taking these classes despite being the only Magic Swordsman in the class.

All the other first-years in his class had seen firsthand just how much of a monster Roy was with the sword.

But the news that Roy had been greeted with, was far more surprising for him than it was for the other students.

Roy had been taking private lessons with his Master, Lucius, every night before bedtime at the Academy, but he had expected to remain in this class with the other first-years.

“Roy Stone, due to the recommendation of the two Headmasters, you have been asked to join the third-years class from now on. It is optional, but both I, the instructor and the other students in this class think you are ready for it.”

Roy was surprised as he got nods of acknowledgement from everybody else in the class.

Elias and even the boy named Theodore, who had originally mocked him on the first day, were amongst the other children who acknowledged him.

“Oh, I also heard that there will also be another first-year who is already in that class. Perhaps the two of you will be able to get along.”

The instructor gave a knowingly odd smile which made Roy curious as to which first-year had already been started in the third-year swordsmanship class.

“Thanks. I guess I owe it to you all.”

Roy bowed to the rest of his class and they smiled warmly back to him.

“Get going quickly, they start in about 5 minutes.”

“Thank you, instructor.”

Roy bowed once more towards the instructor who urged him to hurry along.

Most of the looks Roy got in his classes were of fear, respect or envy when he was in his classes with other first-years.

He had never interacted directly with the other classes, but he knew it would likely be a challenge similar to the first day.

As Roy left the training hall for the first-years, he rubbed his hands on the hilt of Deletus in excitement before running off to the entrance to the training hall for the third-years.

As Roy approached, he started to hear noises that one would never hear from the first-year’s training grounds.

Clang! Bababoom!

The sound of metal and the ground shaking slightly were only the standard for these swordsmen.

Roy walked through the corridor into the open training ground where he was met with a completely new sight.

The instructor had not yet appeared, but the students, who were all third-years, were already sparring and warming up their muscles.

“What are you here for?”

One of the third-years who was finishing up his stretches, walked over to Roy and asked in a slightly irritated tone of voice.

There was no reason a first-year should be in their training grounds unless it was the one person who had already proved themselves.

Sadly, Roy was not that person, and that individual was someone from the Royal Family of which no noble family heir would dare to be arrogant or foolish arounds.

“I was told that I would be in this class from now on for my swordsmanship.”

“Huh… Are you joking?”

The third-year could not believe Roy’s words.

He thought he was just here on some errand like delivering letters to the instructor.

“No. I was assigned here by the first-year instructor and by the recommendation of both Headmasters.”

Roy firmly rooted himself and did not stand down.

Other third-years were looking their way and plenty of looks containing disapproval turned towards him.

“Wait a second, are you by any chance… that commoner?”

The third-year boy asked Roy as a sneer was suddenly plastered on his face.

“I don’t know what or whom you refer to when you say ‘that commoner’. But yes, I am a commoner.”

Roy looked at the boy without batting an eye.

More third-years stopped what they were doing and started to come closer.

Out of the corner of his eye, Roy spotted a sword that kept moving despite many of them being put down and coming closer to the commotion.

The owner of the sword was moving in a swift and delicate manner with very few flaws.

Roy’s eyebrows perked up a bit before ignoring the girl who was clearly just trying to practice. He had more urgent matters to attend to.

The third-years were not fond of Roy or the other commoners in his grade. Roy had a comfortable life due to the entire class of first-years witnessing his duel on the day of the entrance exam, but many other students in different grades thought it was nothing but a joke or political maneuver done to make sure that the First Prince’s backed children were not looked down on.

Here, however, the common consensus was that the boy claiming to be here for classes with them, was trash.

The only thing that could possibly convince them otherwise, was if a miracle happened.

But even if this boy showed the same skill level as the other first-year that was already in their class, there was no way any of them would acknowledge him.


The ground shook as a single stomp echoed through the training area behind the crowd that was engulfing Roy.

“Oi! What do you idiots think you’re doing before class?! I see only one of you has the brains to actually warm-up before I get here!”

The owner of the voice was a rather fit woman. Her blonde locks of golden wavy hair were tied in a ponytail as her appearance was as domineering as it was physically appealing.

Many of the boys that made up the population of the third-years surrounding Roy, turned around with wary but somewhat lustful eyes.


Roy muttered under his breath as he noticed these boys ogling their instructor like she was some piece of art.

He was conscious that nobody should have been able to hear, but the lady with the blond hair and tight-fitted outfit revealing her voluptuous curves, smiled as if she had somehow heard it.

“It seems we have a newcomer today… Is that your idiots’ excuse for not warming up?”

“N-no Miss Valentina… it’s just….”

“SHUT IT! Everyone except for Sistine, the only student who seems to know what warm-up is, needs to go right now and give me 10 laps around the field!”


The class that was surrounded around Roy quickly dropped their equipment with a collective groan and started to get moving in a collective group jog.

There were three people left in the center of the training area.

It was Roy, the girl known as Sistine, and Lady Valentina, the instructor.

Chapter 57 – Fin

Published by betterdays

Just a KR to EN translator trying to get these series published/completed. I have a patreon for Possessing Nothing setup right now. Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon and Reincarnation of the Swordmaster will hopefully have a patreon at a later date.

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