52 – Titanius (4)

The Star of Annihilation
Chapter 52 – Titanius (4)
Written by : Eleven

* * *


As soon as these words were shouted out, all the eyes in the courtyard past the gates to the entrance, turned towards the speaker of the voice and his targets.

Roy, Nate and Elizabeth looked at the boy striding over to them as they got off their carriage.

Elizabeth had winced in slight pain from the overly obnoxious yelling and Nate frowned as he saw this reaction from her.

“Excuse me, who may these ‘imbeciles’ be?”

Roy asked with a stoic expression.

On the outside, he seemed unfazed, and he truly was… to an extent.

Inside, he was used to subtle versions of discrimination frrom his past life. But in those circumstances, the aggressors were usually passive with their remarks.

This boy however, was blatantly provoking them and in a manner that was incredibly unsightly.

This made Roy feel blatantly annoyed, but he refused to show it.

Falling to this boy’s level would only serve as an excuse for others to shun him if his image was already lowered in their eyes.

“Are you kidding me? You worms must be the commoners that were admitted this year that everybody seems to be talking about. No crest, no affiliations, no family to back you except for the First Prince who sponsors you like pro bono orphans.”

“Seems like your knowledge is quite deep if you already know so much about us. What can I help you with?”

Instead of falling for the boy’s childish and lukewarm taunts, Roy simply admitted the truth, not needing to feel shameful in front of the idiotic child in front of him.

Seeing this, the rather pudgy looking and orange-haired boy with freckles, turned red in embarrassment or anger; Roy couldn’t tell which emotion the boy was going through, but it didn’t matter to him.

“You…! Do you dare to insult me and every other noble that comes to this Academy?”

‘At least he’s got the brains to make an argument out of nothing.’

Roy laughed inside as he berated the boy’s antics further. It seems he wasn’t that stupid.

“Insult you? But I don’t see why I would insult such people who protect this Empire and their people?”

“Hm..! If you do not, then we will see. You will be taking the entrance examination, will you not? I hope that you distasteful commoners do not disgrace the Royal Family.”

It was comical to Roy.

Almost like a play unfolding, really.

The boy in front of him was so stubborn and easy to please once Roy placated the nobility in the slightest, almost making the boy forget his entire purpose of starting a ruckus.

“Entrance Examination? We didn’t need something like that since we already were directly admitted by Headmaster Tubel.”

Nate spoke up and all the eyes in the courtyard seemed to show the same set of emotions.

Disbelief, shock, awe, and even some jealousy.

“Lies! How can such measly and dirty commoners attract the attention of the Headmaster and Grand Wizard of the Empire, himself?”

One of the Grand Wizards, there are two in the Empire now. I’m sure you know of my master, Ferneth, Tower Master of the newly established Purple Tower?”

Elizabeth grew furious as her master was indirectly undermined by this pretentious boy.

“What is your name, you meager bitch? You dare lie about having one of the Grand Wizard’s as your direct Master?! Your disgrace knows no bounds.”

“Elizabeth Franz. Give me yours as well.”

Elizabeth was fuming at this point.

Nate was holding her arm back as she was already at the verge of emitting her mana and killing intent towards the pitiful and arrogant boy in front of them.

“My name is Theodore Van Waltz! I hail as the second son to the Van Waltz Earlship!”

The boy named Theodore, pompously stated his name and family as he took the most arrogant and ridiculous-looking posture one could make.

His hands at his sides, his chin lifted obnoxiously high, so high that looking down on them, was in fact looking upwards.

‘What an idiot.’

Roy’s thoughts stopped there as he bowed politely to the boy.

“I see. Well, we don’t want to waste anymore of the precious Earl’s time, so we will take our leave if there is nothing else you wish to hear from us.”

Theodore looked at Roy with contempt, but within his gaze, there held an odd sense of satisfaction. It was as if he was uncomfortable with being around Roy but glad at the same time, that he felt that he had subdued these unsightly commoners.

Roy had no intentions of sticking around for any more idiotic charades as he nodded towards Nate and Elizabeth to bow.

Despite fuming, Elizabeth and Nate both bowed,

Nate however, eyed Theodore the entire time he was bowing, etching the boy’s face into his memory.

Clap! Clap!

The noise of somebody’s hands clapping together rang out, gathering all the children’s attention towards the source of it.

There were around two hundred kids in the courtyard where Roy, Nate and Elizabeth were.

“Hello there, young aspiring swordsmen and magicians! My name is Tom, and I will be the examiner for the Entrance Exam you have all come here to partake in. First things first…..”

Tom, the examiner, who looked rather impartial as a civil servant, looked over the eyes of the expectant noble and mage family heirs.

Then, his eyes stopped as his gaze landed on Roy and his party.

‘Are you kidding me?’

Roy cursed under his breath, expecting for Tom to clearly do something unnecessary.

“We have three individuals who have already met the requirements of this Academy and are not required to take the exam… Would Roy Stone, Elizabeth Franz and Nate Fielder, please follow me?”


Roy muttured the curse under his breath so that nobody could hear.

Why did things have to be like this? Did Tubel not understand that Roy wanted to lay low?

‘Maybe it’ll be a good thing, but I haven’t discerned that unnecessary attention will do me any good right now.’

Roy wasn’t sure if attention at the Academy would be a good thing for him to use in any way as of late, but he still had the inclination of not wanting to stand out too much until he was able to start training in earnest and learning some of the spells here.

Titanius boasted one of the most diverse spell libraries in spells under 4-stars and was something that Roy never had access to in his previous life.

Not only that, his only other goal was to find Hallen Tiberius, the ‘Indomitable Shield’ and to try and bring him under his wing.

It would be difficult because he never knew of Tiberius as a noble, but his personality was known to be light-hearted and amicable.

If anything, he was known to be a ‘true’ hero in Roy’s past life, so he had to fit with Roy’s ideals to a certain extent.

Roy and company looked at each other before raising their hands and then walking up to the center of the courtyard, where Tom was.

“Ah, there you are! Now, the rest of you can follow me to the examina-”

“Wait one moment please.”

Before Tom could finish speaking, a young boy with blue hair and blue eyes to match, came up and asked him politely to wait.

“You said they already met the requirements for this Academy, but I’m sure like many others here, we don’t believe something unless we see it with our own eyes.”

Tom frowned as he heard this.

In fact, he was already running late and had noticed the commotion that was going on earlier and was rather annoyed as all noble children tended to be like this.

But both Roy and Nate just smiled as Elizabeth’s expression became calm at these words.

“I don’t see a problem with that.”

“Me neither.”


Roy, Nate and Elizabeth responded, as this actually turned out to be in their favor.

No human being, especially a magician or swordsman, liked to be looked down on.

This could be said to be the same logic that the boy with blue hair was trying to bring up, but in fact, many of the young heirs gathered had scorn in their eyes.

The blue-haired boy did not, and Roy could tell that despite asking the question, he was not malicious in his intent.

Nevertheless, this might serve as an opportunity to gather some positive recognition.

Especially for Elizabeth, whose pride had been seriously damaged when she held herself back from defending herself from Theodore’s earlier comments that disparaged her and her master’s recognition.

“Is there a problem with that, sir?”

Roy looked at Tom as he asked if it was alright.

Tom reluctantly shook his head.

“So how do you want to judge with your own two eyes? It’s quite ambiguous what you said, but I don’t mind whatever you have in store for me.”

Roy spoke as if he didn’t care.

It was the truth.

Most of the so-called ‘talented heirs’ gathered here, were 1-star or 2-stars at best in terms of mana cores or their ki cores respectively.

For himself, who could easily not have a difficult time taking on a 5-star Wizard with all of his strength as a 4-star Magic Swordsman who also had a contract with a Spirit King, Roy was confident that anything these children had in mind, would not go their way.


The blue-haired boy, named Elias, hesitated before resolving the look in his eyes.

‘Not bad.’

Roy liked this boy quite a lot already.

He had firm will in his eyes, something rare to see amongst these pampered children around him.

“I would like to have a duel.”


Roy responded immediately, shrugging his shoulders as if he already had expected such a question.

Elias and the other children watching the exchange of words happen with scornful eyes, flinched at Roy’s quick and completely aloof reply.

“Who do you want to duel? In fact, why not bring two others with you? I think my friends here are also itching for a fight.”

Nate and Elizabeth both nodded as they stepped forward.

“I would like to duel you one-on-one.”

“I will test the girl!”

“I’ll also test the other one!”

Two more brave… or rather ignorant, children stepped forwards, each expressing their hostility clearly.

“Alright, who’s going first then?”

“Wait! Not here!”

Tom quickly shouted and shook his hands wildly.

“Let’s go to the examination site. There’s a dueling arena on-site and we can have more eyes from the academy to make sure the duels are conducted fairly.”


Roy nodded as Tom sighed with relief.

“Then… Please follow me.”

In the end, the destination was the examination site, and more would be revealed when they got there.

While they walked, Roy silently circulated his mana to prepare for his duel.

Chapter 52 – Fin

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