41 – Insight (1)

The Star of Annihilation
Chapter 41 – Insight (1)
Written by : Eleven

* * *

2 years later…

Pit- Pit- Pit- Pat-

The sound of raindrops hitting the mud echoed out in the spacious area.

There was a clearing surrounded by luscious green plants where two individuals were moving without rest.


“Keep it going!”

Nate panted for breath as Dante shouted at him to continue moving.

Nate was moving the spear without rest for the 5th day in a row as he sparred with Dante.

The water droplets hit the shaft of the spear while Nate twisted his wrist and clenched his teeth.


The metal tip of his spear, spliced through the air and let out a firm sound that couldn’t have been heard in Nate’s spearmanship prior to this point.

His muscles were slowly becoming more and more defined, and his hair was turning platinum-colored from his assimilated powers of divinity that were running through his body.

His body moved like a serpent that danced through the forest as he twisted his waist and dodged the incoming blow of Dante’s spear.


Feeling the momentum of Dante’s spear pass by his cheek, Nate took a deep breath and poured out his mana into his spear.

Bzzzzzzt- Crackle!

It started small at first.

The changes Nate had started to undergo while assimilating with Varpulis’ borrowed divinity were miniscule for the first few months they had been training in the Forest of the Elves.

As they were sparring now, the growth that Nate had undergone for the entire past two years while training, was incredible to say the least.

Thunder God’s Spearmanship 9th series : Serpent’s Wrath

Nate had gone through an awakening of sorts when he reached the level of 3-stars as a magic spearman, and had even furthered it recently in a breakthrough to 4-stars.

He started to see different things in his everyday life that Dante had explained to him as ‘flaws’ when he reached 3-stars, however.

These flaws were shortly followed up with an enlightenment he felt with his spear.

Nate picked up the spear during his breakthrough and started to let his subconscious take the wheel as he let the spear guide and direct him.

During this period of enlightenment, Nate had created his own style of spearmanship and completely changed Dante’s plan of actions when Dante had been thinking of teaching him the classic Imperial Style of Spearmanship.

The spearmanship that Nate displayed with his spear during that time, was so profound and powerful, even Dante could not believe his very eyes.

‘It’s as if he was born to wield the spear.’

That was Dante’s thoughts when he had been faced with Nate’s spearmanship through helping him achieve the fullest effects of his enlightenment.

Dante felt a turmoil inside of his head as he thought over the powers of the God that had chosen Nate as his apostle.

Nate borrowed the power of the God, Varpulis, and yet, Dante was not sure if he could really witness that a mortal could create such a beautiful spearmanship.

Varpulis clearly was a Transcendental being that a mere Spearmaster like him could not dare to fathom, yet there was no way that the God of Thunder had created that spearmanship for Nate.

Nate incorporated the powers of Varpulis into the spearmanship to create an entirely new style that he named ‘Thunder God’s Spearmanship’.

It was named as such, yet the fact of the matter was basic.

It was Nate who had attained this spearmanship and merely incorporated the powers of lightning and thunder into its foundations.

The transcendental technique itself was not something Varpulis had created…. But rather Nate.

A silver light covered Nate’s spear as tendrils of electricity wrapped around the metallic speartip.

Through the dark and gloomy atmosphere of the foggy terrain, a silver light erupted from Nate’s body as his mana started to course through his body.

The power of his ability as a newfound 4-star Magic Spearman, was unleashed in a brilliant surge of technique, mana, and holy power.


Incomparable to the naive version of himself 2 years ago, Nate was now a boy that could not be overlooked by any means.

There was no other 4-star magician that had reached his level at the mere age of twelve years-old.

The ground shook in the Forest of the Elves, and the clearing where they were sparring became clouded with an atmosphere of debris from the gravel and mud.

In the midst of a sudden and new crater in the earth, Nate stood with his spear writhing in his hands.

Dante stood directly across from him, his spear completely fine as nothing but his hair was blown back.

A Spearmaster was a Spearmaster for a reason.

No matter how strong Nate had grown, he would never be able to compete with Dante for another few years at the very least; even if he kept up this fast rate of growth.

Dante cracked a grin as he looked at Nate.

But Dante was not grinning for the reason that he had blocked Nate’s strike. That much was a given. He had not come that far in the path of the spear to be pushed back by a 4-star Magic Spearman unless he purposefully restrained his own power.

No, he was grinning because he was looking forward to Lucius’ expression.

Nate was never in a formal disciple and master relationship with Dante, like Lucius and Roy were.

But, Nate had definitely grown to a level that Roy could not possibly have grown to. At least that was what Dante thought as he smirked.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

The sound of applause suddenly broke Nate and Dante out of their crazed sparring mentalities and had them turn towards the source of the applause.

“Eria, good to see ya!”

“Shut it you ugly monkey.”

Eria, the high-elf joked with Dante as she gave him a mischievous smirk.

It was completely a type of personality that was unbefitting of any person with the title of a High Elf.

Though this jaw-dropping beauty was teasing a Spearmaster of the Empire like they were two peas in the pod, Nate knew better than to have such thoughts.

Over the past two years, he had seen first-hand, just what kind of monstrous this duo was.

When Nate was taking a break from his relentless training, he often sought out tips from this High Elf who found him to be an interesting human mage. She taught him certain spell models and even sparred with Dante on occasion.

Though when Dante’s playful antics went too far and Eria got upset, all hell would break loose.

That was to say the least.

Nate recalled the last time such a thing had happened.

Eria had been flirtatiously joking around with Dante, and Dante had accidentally made an indirect comment about Eria’s breasts, calling them ‘flat as a board’, and Nate shuddered as he instinctively covered his nether regions.

Eria had kicked Dante so hard in the area that was considered taboo! Even amongst the boys in Kerto Village, none had been so cruel as to do such a thing to Nate when they bullied him before he met Roy.

“Hahaha! It’s amazing isn’t it?”

Dante looked around as he exclaimed and laughed with vigor.

Eria looked around at the rocky and unheaveled ground with interest as well. Who would have thought that such a powerful little monster would be born within the Empire. Such a talent was unheard of in the past.

“Are you excited to head back?”

“I’m not sure.”

Nate had become more comfortable around Dante due to the time they inevitably spent together sparring, but he still had the monotone voice of his no matter where he went.

Shutting his shoulders, Nate just brushed it off nonchalantly.

“You sure you don’t want to enter the tournament for the Young Lions?”

“I said I don’t know, I didn’t give a definite yes or definitive no. Stop putting words in my mouth.”

Nate replied with an annoyed voice.

His silver hair had grown out to his shoulders and was tied in a ponytail, and it swayed in the air whenever he got annoyed by something.

His shoulders trembled slightly though, betraying his emotions.

In fact, Nate was incredibly excited.

‘How much have you changed? How strong are you now? Where can we go next together?’

These kinds of questions barraged his mind as Nate looked forwards to seeing Roy the most.

He missed Elizabeth too, quite a lot actually. But, she was still the in Capital with her master, Ferneth, studying.

Roy was the only friend that Nate truly felt wonder being around.

Nobody, not even Dante, could replace the mysterious nature of his friend.

Though in the midst of these two years, Nate had a lot to think about.

‘Who is he really?’

Nate was incredibly socially awkward by most standards, but he wasn’t an idiot.

It would only be weird not to question just what Roy’s identity was at this point.

How did he have such weird and intricate knowledge of things in the most dangerous of times? How was he able to stay so cool-headed and calm in most bloody and brutal of battles?

Nate wanted to meet with his friend. 

It was the one who had taught him the basics of magic and taught him how to stand up for himself.

Tying his hair back and adjusting the hair tie he had, Nate looked at the moonlit shadows of the large World Tree that he had grown used to seeing.

“I just need to see him and I’ll know what to do then.”

Eria looked at Nate with a perplexed expression.

She had only heard bits and pieces from the tight-mouthed Nate about his friend, but she also was growing curious as to who this boy was.

Nate said that he wasn’t confident in defeating Roy and had estimated that he probably had about a 40 percent chance at best in defeating Roy in a spar prior to their meeting.

Not only that, but this boy seemingly had entered a contract with a Spirit King that was unknown to even the Tentaheim Council. It didn’t make much sense how such a thing was possible because there was only one person in the entire Forest of the Elves who was within the Tentaheim Council who had formed a contract with such a great being and Eria, herself, knew the identities of the Spirit Kings and their attributes.

Yet the Spirit King that was seemingly in a contract with this boy was a Spirit King that was able to use demonic energy.

Dante knew just what demonic energy was, and he had fought against Demons for the Empire in the past wars. 

The Spirit King that had contracted with the boy named Roy, was a being that had a signature of Demonic Energy and Spirit Energy from the Spirit Realm.

It was the purest and most dangerous feeling Dante had ever gotten from Demonic Energy, and Dante himself had faced off against a Demon King from one of the Seven Great Demon Families in the past and had survived only by being able to fight it with the help of the Third and Fourth Swordmasters of the Empire.

Yet that Demon King did not even compare to the Demonic Energy that the Spirit King, Roy had summoned, was able to emit.

Dante had pondered over the years that he trained after that event in the Forest of the Elves and found it unusual.

There were Gods that were able to choose apostles in this world, yet why were Demons able to actually manifest in the world?

We’re those even real Demons? No matter how great they were, they couldn’t even compare to a God if they were to use their full power somehow and descend into the Realm of Mortals.

Were there Demons that we’re watching this world or somewhere in the universe?

Dante felt confused and even less knowledgeable about the subject every time he thought about it, but in some sense he felt the same as Nate.

“Yeah, I want to meet that kid again too.”

Dante spoke playfully and stared at the stars in the sky with Nate.

 Chapter 41 – Fin

Published by betterdays

Just a KR to EN translator trying to get these series published/completed. I have a patreon for Possessing Nothing setup right now. Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon and Reincarnation of the Swordmaster will hopefully have a patreon at a later date.

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