24 – Ifrit (2)

The Star of Annihilation
Chapter 24 – Ifrit (2)
Written by : eleven

* * *

– I see….. Fine. Let’s go to the sealing place.

– I’m not even sure he’ll want to contract with the boy, but we will see.

Zephyr reluctantly in the end, agreed.

She didn’t have much of a choice, but there was also the chance that Ifrit wouldn’t even contract with Roy.

– Come with us, boy.


Who was this Spirit King that he had to be sealed by the others? Roy fell speechless but was dragged along as he was forcefully lifted up into the air with an intangible energy.


Zephyr was the one who lifted him up into the air.

‘Is this seriously the power of the wind, and it’s not even manipulated with mana?’

How was this even possible?

Even summoning the spirits was something that relied on mana, hence why it was called spirit magic. But how did spirits wield their powers?

It was a mystery that was not something Roy could solve in any matter.

Don’t bother, it’s not something you would understand anyways.

Zephyr read his thoughts and spoke in a haughty tone.

Roy couldn’t quite understand why she was acting like this, but it seemed like she was irritated at him.

As the scenery shifted and they moved quickly, Eventually the Spirit Kings arrived with Roy towards a cave deep within the Spirit Realm.

Roy couldn’t move freely as his senses were completely muddled despite being lifted from the power of Zephyr, but he didn’t need to ask for anything before the cave crumbled to the ground with a wave of the hand from Fafnir.


There were several wards of protection with various runic languages that Roy did not understand that protected this place inside the Spirit Realm from possible intruders or other spirits that might get curious as to what was inside.

As the rocks crumbled to the ground, a sight that Roy couldn’t believe, unfolded in front of him.

Chains and shackles.

Those were the first things he saw.

They were chains made of some form of white ethereal material and the being that was chained, was on its knees with its head down.

Ifrit…. Brother…

Zephyr looked at Ifrit, the being that was chained, with sorrowful eyes.

Ifrit had a black color to his ethereal flame body.

His hair flickered in a brilliant red flame and the eye sockets that were empty burned fiercely with the same color of red flames as his hair.

His body was constructed like a demon’s.

Sharp claws for hands, around six feet tall, slender physique with the hair that flowed down to his shoulders made up for an odd look for a Spirit King.


Ifrit looked up at Zephyr with his fierce eyes.

Zephyr unknowingly flinched as her gaze met his.


One word was spoken, yet none of the Spirit Kings said anything besides look down.

Such grand beings were deathly silent at their brethren in which they sealed out of fear.

– Brother Ifrit, I know we cannot apologize.

– Kukuku… Dumb shits. What do you fucking want from me? You only come here when you need something to soothe your needs.


Roy snickered.

Immediately Ifrit’s attention shifted.

– … Hm. You brought a mortal to see me? How lowly I’ve fallen.

Ifrit looked at the ground with regret in his eyes burning with flame.

N-No that’s not the c-case.

Zephyr stuttered in a flustered voice.

Roy found it funny how such transcendental beings acted like such kids. Not only that, but Ifrit’s attitude was incredibly sassy; hilarious even.

What do you want then?

– It’s…. Them. They’ve returned.

– ?!

– The Realm of Mortals. They are now invading them and plundering them. This boy surprisingly is fighting with one of them right now in their world. The only thing is that… he also has traces to ——-.

-…. You’re lying.

– Not this time Brother.

– Shut your fucking mouth Fafnir. I wasn’t talking to you.

Roy could barely keep up with the conversation but Ifrit really did seem like a child throwing a little tantrum.

Boy. If you want to save your family and friends, then show him what you showed us.


Roy sobered up real quick when his family was mentioned.

Closing his eyes, the scenes, past and much more was displayed to Ifrit.

…. You passed up your opportunities to me? What the fuck for?

– You’re the only one who might be able to help this boy pose a threat to ‘him’.

– You know damn well that even I cannot defeat the Lord. Even if we fought in the Realm of Spirits, I would not be able to defeat him.

– But this boy might stand a chance with you.

– It’s been over a millenia since the mortals have even pioneered past 9-stars. Even those who were at the cusp of approaching the mythical 10-stars, were no match in front of him.

– But you don’t think it’s possible if you guide him?

– 10-stars is a myth for a reason.

– ….Yet the Gods believe it’s possible.

– The Mortals will never be able to reach them and the Gods just use them for amusement.

The last statement bothered Roy quite a bit. He did feel like Varpulis was toying with him quite a bit, but he was never sure.

Nonetheless, Roy had never heard that humans had once pioneered the path to 9-stars. It was news in itself and completely shocked him.

– Brother Ifrit. Take a look at him and think about it carefully. He may be the one we have been looking for.

– ……

Roy fell silent. He felt an inexplicable pressure weighing down on his consciousness as he gazed into Ifrit’s eyes.


Ifrit suddenly opened his mouth.

– You don’t know anything about spirits, do you?

“It’s safe to say I know little to nothing…”

Roy answered with complete honesty. He didn’t even know what the details of a contract were like.

– You realize, I will only be able to help you three times in person. We call that summoning. Next is manifestation, which is borrowing my powers temporarily, and is up to you, the caster, on its proficiency.

“Your point?”

– You will only have two times to summon me in person after we form our contract and I crack open that Lizard’s brain that is raiding your village.






All Four of the other Spirit Kings as well as Roy fell into shock at Ifrit’s words. They knew the implications of what this meant.

Roy had a different understanding than them, but it was no less surprising.

But to them it was simple…..

Ifrit, the Fire Demon Spirit, the Fifth and most powerful Spirit King, was going to descend into the Realm of Mortals for the first time ever.

“…What do we do to sign the contract then?”

– don’t worry about that, it’s already happening.

As Ifrit spoke those words, the space started to fluctuate and inside Roy’s head, he started to gain sudden information of a contract.

Your will alone, will be enough to sign it with.


Roy fell silent as he examined the details of the contract inside his head.

The contract was nothing short of incredible.

Ifrit, the Fifth and most secretive and powerful Spirit King, would be his mentor, protector and guardian in a nutshell.

Based on the terms of the contract the end goal was simple.

The contract would end once either of them died, Roy achieved 10-stars, or the Dragon Lord perished.

“Are you…sure?”

Roy was still very unsure of why such a being would want to be with him.

Though if he was being honest, he found Ifrit quite likeable in their similar cynical natures.

– Alright bastards. Release me.

– …..

– ……

– ….

– Alright.

Fafnir replied while the others kept their silence.

Waving his fiery hand, Fafnir removed the incorporeal chains.

The white chains slowly started to fade like light and Ifrit’s flaming body started to enlarge and swell.


Cracking his knuckles, Ifrit tilted his head from one side to the other.

Let’s get going shall we? Oh yeah, when we return you better brace your body. It won’t be pretty.

“What do you-

Before Roy could speak any longer, his vision turned blurry again.

* * *

<….What are y->

Argenta didn’t get to finish the rest of his sentence.


Argenta did not even see it coming.

An explosion rang out as the entire earth was flipped upside down.

None of the beings there were able to see what happened. But all of them knew something had gone terribly wrong.

There was only one person who knew that it actually had not gone terribly wrong.



That person, Roy, burst out in a hideous scream.


His once-green irises were starting to bleed.

Blood rolled down the sides of his cheeks while he felt a burning sensation throughout his entire body.


Mathilde screamed with tears pouring from her eyes as she saw her son fall to his knees in excruciating pain and blood seeping from his body.

Ba-dump. Ba-dump.

Roy’s heart was palpitating violently as his internal circuitry and mana core were overheating.

Strictly speaking, Roy should have ascended straight to a 5-star wizard right now.

But his body’s limits were stuck at 2-stars due to his age and small body.

Hence with the overflow of mana that was suddenly erupting into his body, changes beyond what the eyes could see were underway.

‘This…this must be what he meant.’

Through the hideous pain, Roy’s thoughts were clearly processed.

It had not even been a single second in the Mortal Realm while he had signed the contract and met Ifrit.

Everyone’s eyes were directed towards Roy but had quickly and already shifted right back to where the explosion occurred.


Lucius looked at Dante who suddenly was spouting nonsense, but when Lucius saw what Dante was staring at, he had no choice but to sympathize to a certain extent as well.

Argenta’s body was smashed into the ground and bright red flames that seemed to engulf the entire night sky, lit up the night.

The red and brilliant flames were actually the hair of a single being and both Ferneth and Tubel shuddered when they felt the immense amount of mana and distinct characteristic of the creature that had just arrived.


Tubel muttered as he looked at the back of Ifrit.

Tubel was no fool. He knew exactly what the being was. Yet, it was nothing he had ever seen. How many times would his rationale as a Grand Wizard be thrown out the window today?

Tubel had once witnessed the descent and summoning of Zephyr, the Spirit Queen of the Winds, back when the Elven races and the Empire joined forces to fight against the Demon Race thirty years ago.

This being in front of him, whose black and flaming hands were melting the scales of Argenta’s face.


Argenta may have had near-instant regeneration, but right now…. It served him nothing but as a curse.

The second his skin started to regenerate, his black and violet scales would melt right back off and re-heal in a disconfigured manner.

Roy didn’t know why the Gods and the Spirit Kings called the Dragons, Lizards.

But today, he would find out the reason for why these transcendent species called them such names.

And it was just the start, as Ifrit’s hellfire burned brightly with a frightening glare in the night sky, the human beings present grew more and more frightened of the demonic spirit that was standing in a dominant manner over the being that was powerful enough to wipe out an entire small country on its own.

Chapter 24 – Fin

Published by betterdays

Just a KR to EN translator trying to get these series published/completed. I have a patreon for Possessing Nothing setup right now. Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon and Reincarnation of the Swordmaster will hopefully have a patreon at a later date.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter 😊
    I wonder if it will be similar to pivot of the sky. That’s it impossibile or close to if you reach 9* as a pure magician or swordsman to take the last step to 10* / God hood. But it becomes more realistic if you cultivate both ways, as body and mind are in the right balance only then or something like this 🤔


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