Chapter 40 – To the Capital (1)

Reincarnation of the Swordmaster
Chapter 40 – To the Capital (1)
Translated by : awefewrdf
Edited and Proofread by : betterdays

* * *

Quietly seated in the training room, Asher closed his eyes. The muscles of his body seemed like small creatures as they moved throughout his whole body.

Controlling the output of power, adjusting the senses of the entire body. Feeling the strength flow throughout the body.

Asher slowly raised his fist. It was as slow as a slug, but it slowly but surely moved to the ground. Finally, the ground and the fist connected.


The ground shook. Sand spreads and dust rises above the ground—the unknown tremble results in bewilderment among the people in the castle.

“…As expected, this feels awkward.”

Asher opened his eyes.

He gained strength after his reincarnation. He wasn’t sure if it was because he became a swordmaster or because he was reincarnated, but he knew he had to be able to control his newfound power.

Power that exceeded all human capabilities – but it was that much harder to control.

‘It’s already been two years since I lived in this body.’

Nevertheless, he was still unable to fully control his power.

He needed a turning point. As Asher was about to lift his fist, the door opened with a burst.



Asher’s casual response prompted Reika to press her forehead.

”You hit the floor again, didn’t you?”

”You’re quick to notice.”

”It’d be weirder to not notice. Didn’t I tell you to stop that?”

Reika grit her teeth.

”Do you know how surprised I was because of you?”

”It’s been dozens of times already, you should adapt to it soon.”

”Damn you.”

Reika clicked her tongue.

“Stop for today. No one was surprised, but I’m afraid something’s going to break.”

”I’m already taking that into account.”

”Sure you are, you can’t even control your own power.”

Reika grumbled as she held a sword. Rather than swinging it, she calmly stretched out her hands and cleared her breath.

”How are you today?”

”The same as usual.”

Reika frowned as if she wasn’t pleased with something.

“There needs to be a change. I think a spar ought to be what I need…”

Reika glanced at Asher with twinkling eyes. Asher declined.

”Call Charon instead of me.”

“Hmph. It’s already been a year. We ought to spar at least once, shouldn’t we?” 

It had been a year since the goblin attack. Since then there were some skirmishes with monsters, but there never were as many monsters as that time with the goblins, so they could be stopped easily.

Other than that there were no significant changes, although if a change had to be picked, Asher stopped sparring with Reika.

“You and I. We have nothing to learn from each other.”

His reason for stopping sparring with Reika was simple.

”Now I can’t beat you anymore.”

Growth that was hard to believe was achieved in a mere two years. It was now not an exaggeration to say that Charon was being humiliated by Reika. Every time they dueled, Charon’s face became unclear whether it was happy or sad.

However, Reika put on a doubtful face.

”I still don’t think I’ll be able to beat you.”

”The story is different if it’s a real battle.”

He gained power unavailable in his past life. If they risk their lives fighting he would be able to win.

But looking at it from the perspective of swordsmanship, he couldn’t beat Reika anymore.

”You crossed the wall.”

The only part at which Asher could win was lower swordsmanship. And Reika went beyond that.

“Even if I’m asked to fight Charon… It’s difficult to deal with him  because he looks like he has a lot on his plate. He’s even talking with his parents about it. What a shame.”

Reika clicked her tongue.

“Whatever. I’ll keep my senses sharp on my own.”

Reika grabbed her sword and closed her eyes. For the past couple of days she refrained from wielding her sword. She was just quietly adjusting her own condition.

“It’s weird. It seems like something’s working but doesn’t work at the same time. My head hurts…“

“It’s astounding everytime I see it.”

Asher knew what kind of state Reika was in. It was a kind of existential slump.

Some of his close friends went through the same condition. They all spent their troubled nights with alcohol.

‘And the moment they overcame it they became swordmasters.’

It was a speed comparable to other heroes. It was slower than Lepenia, but she herself was an exception. Especially because she became a swordmaster in just a year since she held the sword.  Lepenia was an irregular even among heroes.


The state of the great sword. The limit of the ways of the sword. 

The state that he had barely reached by devoting his whole life, in just a span of two years.

The door opened as Asher was admiring Reika. A maid came in and bowed.

“Excuse me, Ms. Reika, Mr. Asher.”

”What is it?”

“The lord is calling for the young lady.”

“Ah… okay.”

Reika followed the maid.



Reika, who had arrived at her father’s room, exclaimed. With eyes full of astonishment, she asked again.

”Is that really true?”


Revereaux nodded and Reika clenched her fists in joy.

“Thank you! Father!”

”Because times have changed.”

It was currently a time of war. The monsters had returned, and they were not in a time to be picky about women or men for forces available to fight.

“I’ve heard from Charon about it. He said you have an innate talent for swordsmanship. I think it’d be the best to make use of that talent.”

Lord Halvark was not fond of swordsmanship himself, but Charon and Van Ester were both impressed by Reika. As circumstances would have it, he did not intend to waste that talent.

“Don’t worry about the province. Luke came back to his senses, and the soldiers got stronger through numerous fights… even without you, there won’t be a big problem.”

“Thank you!”

“Okay. Be ready. It won’t take that long.”


Reika went outside grinning from ear to ear. There was someone who she wanted to let know of this news first. She ran to the training center and yelled.



Asher replied calmly. She laughed and opened her arms.

”I’m going to the Academy!”


Asher paused. Reika said without hiding her excitement.

“What do you think! It’s the Academy! The place in the capital, the place that produced the great swordsmith, the place at which most of the sword masters graduated from!”

Reika muttered with a hazy face.

”I’m going to go to such a place.”

”I’m not sure about that.”

The Academy was definitely a good place. It was a place to meet various people, compete with them, and grow.

But Asher had a mixed reaction.

“What’s with your reaction?”

”Would you be able to learn something?”

”Of course I would!”

Reika grabbed her sword with an excited face.

“It’s a place where all of the talented swordsmen gather, so obviously there must be someone stronger than me there!”

”Someone stronger than you?”

Asher laughed.

”I doubt that.”

“What are you talking about? It’s only been two years since I practiced swordsmanship. Isn’t it obvious that there will be a lot of people stronger than me?” 

Reika had never stepped foot out of the tiny province. The only swordsmen she had encountered were the swordmasters Van Ester and Asher, and the first-rate swordsman Charon.

Asher replied halfheartedly.

”If you say so.”


The atmosphere of the province was not bad. Luke also visited and congratulated, and the people were happy. They all had an intuition that Reika wasn’t a talent to rot in a place like this.

”When’s the schedule.”

”About…three days later?”

”That’s pretty fast. Are you sixteen now?”


Asher was nineteen. The Academy had an attending average at sixteen years of age.

”You’ll be treated like an elder.”

”Who cares. It’d be fine if I could just learn. Ah! Right.”

Reika clapped her hands as if it were a good idea.

”Asher. How about you go to the Academy too?”

”The Academy?”

“Why not. It’s not bad. There’s nothing much to do anyways.”

Asher snickered. The Academy.

He had already graduated from the academy that Reika went to in his previous life. It wasn’t a very pleasant memory.

”It’s true that I will be following you there.”

”What? Then…”

”But I’m not going to the Academy.”

He would only accompany her. He and Reika’s goals were different.

“I already received permission from the lord. I will leave the province on this road.”

He had his own goal. The Gates of the Sword. It was a year earlier than the plan, but there were no major issues.


Reika stuttered with a shocked face as if Asher’s words were unexpected.

”…You’re leaving?”

“That’s correct. Did you expect me to stay here for the rest of my life?”

”Not that. Um…”

Reika stuttered. She shook her head as if she had regained her senses.

“Okay. You should leave too. It’s unfortunate.”

“The road is the same so I’m going with you.”

“Then you and Charon. Is that it?”

”What about your servants?”

“No need. Charon is enough as a bodyguard, and since I’m going out of the territory I should start getting adapted to tending to myself.”

”Rest for now.”

Asher left Reika and left the training center.

Asher chose a secluded alleyway to enter.

“Come out.”

“You sure are calling me out early.”

Kiers, a man with a gloomy face walked toward him. He ground his teeth as he saw Asher.

“Damn you.”

“You were the one who said you’d do it. You’re putting me in a tight spot if you blame me for it.”

“Damn it. Why did I say that back then?”

Kiers regretted what he said a year ago. He squeezed around his eyes. 

“This is crazy. Damn heroes.”

“If a year had passed you would’ve at least gotten something. Tell me.”

He was leaving the province soon. Before that, he had to find out at least some information.


Kiers scratched his head with a troubled face.

“Sorry, but I don’t have any information.”


“Really. Not even one. It’s to the point where I’m getting sick of it.”

Kiers shook his hands.

“I’m not sure if you know, but it’s not normal to not have any.”

“I know.”

If information was searched for an entire year, no matter the quality of the information organization, at least some information pertaining to the request was bound to be found. After all, the subject in question is a living organism, and organisms leave traces. 

But if nothing was obtained, that itself was information in and of itself.

“We tried our best too. Still, this is the first request from the employer so it shouldn’t be in vain. So I started looking for those nearby. The owner of the bottom, Swordmaster Van Ester, And the Dragon Slayer.”

But, no information came in. Kiers frowned.

“You already know because Van Ester visited this province. He left the empire again. We don’t know anything else besides that. And the owner of the bottom.”

“The owner of the bottom wouldn’t originally come out.”

“True, but before there was at least minimal exchange. But now there’s not even that. He’s stuck inside without a trace. Most of all, this Dragon Slayer is the most problematic.”

The Great Dragon Slayer. He killed a Dragon and took the position of a Count and became a Lord of a territory within the Empire.

“The Dragon Slayer has a province within the Empire. Therefore obviously more information should be coming in than any other, but that’s it. It’s impossible to access the estate.”

In the end, that meant he knew nothing. Asher patted his wrist. Kiers grumbled as if he was protesting.

“They’re all heroes. They’re the guys that will leave a record around them just by breathing.”

“But there’s nothing.”

Asher closed his eyes. He thought for a moment then opened his mouth.

“Good. That’s enough.”

If not the others, he would surely meet the owner of the bottom. More exactly, he had to meet him. The capital was the home of the owner of the bottom.

If so, the problem could be solved by meeting in person. Kiers groaned.

“For some reason I feel useless. You said you’re going to the capital, right?”


“If need be, burn this.”

Kiers threw a roll of paper. On a more thorough inspection it turned out to be a piece of paper soaked in oil. 

“The smell from burning that can only be smelled by me. I’ll run to you in a span of two days when that happens.”

“…the paper?”

Asher smiled lightly.

“You were an investigative reporter for the newspaper, correct?”


Asher’s murmur prompted Kiers to be dumbfounded.

“How did you…?”

“Because I know.”

“No, I mean how did you know.”

“Good job. Bye.”


Asher escaped out of the alleyway as he ignored the shouting.

Chapter 40 – Fin

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