21 – Argenta (3)

The Star of Annihilation
Chapter 21 – Argenta (3)
Written by : eleven
Proofread and Edited by : ch17175

* * *


The Dragon of the Violet Night.

Each Dragon that the Empire was able to record, had a nickname based on their abilities or traits due to their nature of causing natural disasters wherever they went.

Argenta was a weaker Dragon in most aspects, but there were less than a hundred dragons in the earth, so it didn’t mean much to call it weak.

Instead, it had gained infamy for its peculiar powers and color of its scales.


Tubel stood firm, his eyes shaking, not wanting to believe the sight in front of him.

Scaly skin, two large horns atop its head and a pointed snout with large wings and a tail.

“A… Dragon?”

[Do not be fooled by its appearance. That thing is the reason our continent has never seen or heard from any other lands.]

Ferneth spoke, and the other six members of the attack squad shuddered at the implications of his heavy words.


Argenta opened its mouth and scoffed in a domineering tone.

<A undying worm. It seems you know something about us… but we should have exterminated all the humans on those other continents.>

The Imperial Princes, who were listening, including Roy, were shocked at the mention of other continents.

Ferneth was one of the rare few to even travel to one, but even when he did, it was already in ruin.

<However, I do not care for you worthless creatures anymore.>

Argenta dismissed the so-called interesting humans that he had originally come for.

It was faint, but the presence was still here.

Even now, Argenta could feel his heart start to race in fear.

<Where are you little rat?>

Argenta scoured over the group with its yellow eyes that seemed to penetrate everything.

Roy, who was safe from a distance, but still feeling his mana rampaging inside of his core, looked at Argenta with quivering eyes filled with rage and anger.


Argenta found his target.

Originally he would have killed all these foolish humans already, but… the human boy that was hiding in the back, had something dangerous inside of his body.

<What have you humans done?!>

Argenta roared loudly, stomping his claws on the ground, creating larger cracks and shockwaves from the impact.

The attack squad did not even flinch though at this.

Despite seeing a creature that was fearsome, clearly hostile, and seemed to be a slaughtering disaster, they remained cool under the pressure.

They had been through plenty of battles before.

But before they were about to fire off the first spell, Tubel spoke.

“What do you mean by ‘what have we done’?”

<You foolish bastard, get out here now.>

Argenta ignored Tubel’s presence entirely and stared Roy down.


Argenta’s large figure disappeared in a flash.


Tubel shouted immediately as he waved his hands.

“On it.”

Lucius’ figure as well as Dante’s disappeared.


A blue and hazy energy was left in the spot of where Lucius last was and a white one from where Dante was standing.

[Greater Haste]


Tubel immediately cast high-tier enhancement spells on their bodies atop of their already hardened ki barriers.

The 3 Archmages in the back started to murmur collectively and moved their wands in synchronization with each other.


A series of white lines drew through the air and struck the moving black blur.

Dante grit his teeth as he was already strengthened several times past his normal limits thanks to the auxiliary spells.

He faced Argenta head-on and stabbed ferociously at the beast to create openings, since he could not see a single flaw within Argenta’s movements despite the creature being so large.


Argenta sneered at the strikes coming at him and swiped his large claw at them without even using his magic yet.

He had faced Swordmasters and Spearmasters on other continents as well. This was nothing new to him.

He wasn’t able to take on more than 4 at a time, but he figured it would be a good chance to bring these lowly worms’ heads back to the Lord as proof of his dominance and gain recognition.


Dante knew his strikes were going to get brushed away like they were. He already knew since he was only using thrust movements to delay Argenta briefly.


Lucius thanked Dante as he rushed forwards.

Imperial Swordsmanship Third Series : Sword of the Light

Of the Imperial Swordsmanship, there were several different series or branches of swordsmanship that based on a certain way a swordsman developed.

The higher the numbering in series, the more difficult it was to master.

It looked as if blue flower petals were raining through the darkness of the night as Lucius’ sword moved.

The flower petals started to slowly descend and swirl. Speeding up, the petals started to change shape into small needles of blue light that gathered to make one large blade of blue aura.


Argenta’s eyes widened.

Raising his claws up, he was stopped mid flight.

<What? A human?>

He couldn’t believe it, but it was the price of underestimating the Northern Continent’s swordsmanship.

However, he was only stopped in place.

[Bone Dome]

Ferneth’s spell finally finished as several pointy bones started to rise from the ground and wrapped around Argenta’s legs and aimed for his wings.


Argenta pulled his tail back like a whip and smacked the ground to forcibly rebound his body into the air to free itself and snorted at Ferneth’s spell.

Crack! Crick!

The bones shot up into the air though and started to quickly merge together in a messy clump that surrounded Argenta and started to completely cover him inside of a dome of bones.


Elizabeth, Ferneth’s disciple had only seen this spell once, and knew just how brutal of a spell it was.

Suddenly, Ferneth clenched his bony hands together in a fist.


The dome started to creak and sounds of something being shot could be heard from inside.

The bones were shooting themselves to cover the target and stab them to death from the inside. It was a brutal spell that took after the nature of an iron maiden.

But, nobody thought it was over with only this.

The will o’wisps in Ferneth’s eyes flickered.

Magic bullets started to be prepared behind Tubel as Argenta was inside the dome of bones.

The magic bullets started to compress themselves into small orbs as Tubel prepared the 8-star spell for when Argenta would break out.

The bullets that compressed into balls of mana started to swirl and create a circle in front of Tubel in a bright light.


<you little fucking rats!>

Argenta roared loudly, annoyed at how much these pesky little humans kept trying to stop him from reaching the human boy in the corner.

But before Argenta could do anything else, Tubel’s spell finished along with the other 3 Archmages behind him, to create a combined spell.

[Planetary Impact]

The night sky completely turned white at that moment.

Chapter 21 – Fin

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