34 – Great Demon (3)

Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon
Chapter 34 – Great Demon (3)
Translated by : moonchildkhz


“What are you doing?” Dal Mu-ji frowned once he saw Woon-seong putting the iron ring back on. Woon-seong had clearly been chosen because he was the weakest. “Do you think you can beat me with those on?”

You thought I would be tired after a single fight? Woon-seong laughed at those words. “This should be enough.” 

No matter what Dal Mu-ji was thinking, Woon-seong was free to do whatever he wanted. Helping the Cult get rid of someone stupid like Dal Mu-ji… He didn’t even feel bad. 

It’s not like it even mattered if Woon-seong was tired or not — that’s how large the gap between them was. 

In fact, everyone else could also feel the difference between Woon-seong and Dal Mu-ji. 

Only Dal Mu-ji was not aware of it.

“This bastard… You do realize this fight is allowed to conclude with death?”

Woon-seong responded briefly. “Of course.” And then with his spear aimed at his opponent, he added on a few words, “And that’s why this is good enough.”

“Son of a bitch!”

“How long will you bark? Unless you practiced martial arts with your mouth, draw your sword. If not…” 


Woon-seong rushed in front of his opponent. Dal Mu-ji quickled pulled the sword from his waist and blocked the spear. 


The sword soaring from below and the spear crashing from above! In just one collision, the body of Dal Mu-ji was pushed back. 

But the offensive of the boy had only just begun. 

You should’ve known your place. You dare show hostility towards me? Do not cross me!

This was a warning not only to Dal Mu-ji, but to all the Latent Demons who were watching the battle. 

Dal Mu-ji was just an example.


Dal Mu-ji slowly retreated backwards, avoiding the onslaught. Then he lept towards one of the pillars and went in a circle around it, adding rotation to his next move, before swinging towards Woon-seong. 

“Did you think I was just going to sit down and lose?!”


Dal Mu-ji’s sword was coming in a straight stab. At first glance, the movement looked basic: it was a thrust with rotation. However, Woon-seong knew better; the waist was overly twisted. This was a fake move, hiding a cut! It was a peculiar technique rarely used by practitioners in Xinjiang, but it would not work on Woon-seong. [1]


Woon-seong casually avoided the cut, ducking down. He then leaped into the air, shoving his shoulder into Dal Mu-ji’s chest. 

“This is it!”



Woon-seong’s hit had forced Dal Mu-ji’s body to bend at a weird angle, causing pain to lance up his opponent’s spine. Trauma from the blunt force and pain devastated his mental capacities.  Not only was Dal Mu-ji blown backwards, he was basically unconscious! 

Dal Mu-ji crashed through a pillar and was buried into the wall of the palace, cracking it. 


The only good news for Dal Mu-ji was that he was still conscious. 

Not that it would help him much. 

As Woon-seong approached, Dal Mu-ji slowly raised his sword. This was the movement of a man who had four iron bracers on. There was a great battle before, how could he not be tired? Dal Mu-ji could only stare. Unlike when he had been against Ah Neung-so, Woon-seong’s breathing was stable. 

The man standing before me is a monster.

Dal Mu-ji felt tremendous fear, his legs trembling. He had to give up right now, or he would die. He tried to surrender, hiding his trembling voice. 

“Hah, I…”


Woon-seong was faster. 


Suddenly, Woon-seong reached out and grabbed Dal Mu-ji’s neck. Five fingers only touched his neck for a moment! 


Dal Mu-ji’s head was turned around such that the Heavens and the Earth in his eyes were reversed. 


And his body fell forward. 

Until then, Dal Mu-ji wasn’t even aware of his own death. 

“It’s over.” 

Soon, the Heavenly Demon announced the winner and the loser. 

Dal Mu-ji came out of the Cave of Latent Demons believing in his own superiority and died for it. The overwhelming disparity in power caused some members of the Latent Demon Squads, such as those under Woon-seong, to look at the boy in awe. Others showed fear. 

Either way, Woon-seong smiled with satisfaction. That should make everything clear.

The voice of the Heavenly Demon rang again. “The 1st Latent Demon Squad shall be promoted into the Charred Dragon Unit. Also the Squad Master…”

The Heavenly Demon glanced at Woon-seong. 

The boy bowed and stated his name once more, “It is Hyuk Woon-seong, sir.”

“Is there any objection to the promotion of the Squad Master, Hyuk Woon-seong, into the ranks of Great Demon?” The Heavenly Demon’s voice echoed through the interior of the palace.

No one objected. Everyone saw clearly the ability of the boy. Rather, they were thinking how fortunate it was that he had not challenged them.

“There seems to be no objections. If so, from this moment onwards, the 1st Latent Demon Squad shall become the Charred Dragon Unit. The Unit Master Hyuk Woon-seong shall be given the rank of Great Demon.” [2]

“Thank you, sir.”

Woon-seong and the new Charred Dragon Unit bowed and loudly thanked the Heavenly Demon. 

But Chun Hwi was not yet finished. 

“Also the 1st Latent Demon Squad aided the 2nd in their mission. Hyuk Woon-seong, who has defeated the Blade Ogre of the Green Mountain, shall be given the right to enter the Cult’s Demonic Armory. Continue to show your devotion to the Cult in the future!”

At the end of those words, Woon-seong bowed deeply. 

“Yes, my Lord!”

The atmosphere of the 1st Latent Demon Squad, which was now the Charred Dragon Unit, was like that of a festival ground. Most of them had a face full of smiles. In addition, Gwan Tae-ryang, who could have led his own squad, was now the second-in-command of an elite troop and laughing brighter than anyone else. 

On the other hand, the people of the 2nd Squad. who needed to go to the Valley of Thousand Spirits, were crying together. They were upset, but there was nothing they could do. It felt unfair because there had been unforeseen variables, but the fact that they had been unable to complete their mission remained — exceptions would not be made just because they felt life to be unfair. 

Even if they complained, they had no choice — since the Heavenly Demon said to enter the Valley, they would enter the Valley no matter what.

Knowing this, A-young glanced over at Woon-seong. After the Valley of Thousand Spirits, there won’t be such a difference between us.

The Valley of Thousand Spirits was a place where you would go crazy if you couldn’t become strong. Like the Cave of Latent Demons, growth was the only option there. A-young clenched her fist with determination. 

For the 3rd Squad, the atmosphere was the most ambiguous. They were not punished, but neither were they rewarded. In fact, their leader Dal Mu-ji should have qualified as a Great Demon and helped them become promoted like the 1st Squad. However, he challenged the wrong person and was killed by Woon-seong. Thanks to that, the promotion of the 3rd Squad was cancelled. It was a situation in which they could neither cry nor laugh. 

Nevertheless, they could not be angry with the lunatic who knocked down Dal Mu-ji. Woon-seong was, without a doubt, the strongest of those from the Cave of Latent Demons. After seeing his strength, they did not dare protest. 

Woon-seong, who had achieved his wish, was thinking slightly differently from the others. 

The Cult’s Demonic Armory…

That was the only first class armory within the Cult of the Heavenly Demon. The building, composed of five levels, was filled with weapons collected from all around the world. According to some rumors, the Cult’s Demonic Armory contained weapons that could be considered as either demonic weapons or heavenly weapons. 

Woon-seong’s eyes were bright with excitement. I never imagined that I would enter the Cult’s Demonic Armory…

Although a martial artist should not rely heavily on their weapon, it was only natural for them to covet a superior weapon. 

The flame patterned black iron spear was a nice weapon, but it could not be considered as a masterpiece. 

No, a true masterpiece was forged with the soul of a blacksmith from excellent materials. More importantly, it also needed to perfectly match its owner. 

People say that a weapon with a soul will sometimes accept its master’s will.

Unfortunately, Woon-seong had never owned such a weapon before and did not really understand the concept all that well. 

But that wasn’t the only problem. 

He looked over his shoulder at the spear resting against the wall. If he got a new weapon, what should he do with his current spear? It was made from flame patterned black iron, afterall. It would be a shame to waste the precious metal.

Should I melt it and make a new weapon?

Of course, the spear was not made from pure black iron, but it was good enough. Depending on what he wanted, he could make at least two weapons. 

Thinking about it, Woon-seong decided that he wanted something that was good for long range and another for close range. Since a spear was great for mid-range combat, he needed other weapons to complement it.

It would be good to look for a blacksmith within the Cult. 

After I get a new spear from the armory that is.

Woon-seong didn’t know if he would find a good spear, but it felt a little like Fate. If he went there, he would find the one he wanted. This wasn’t based on information nor facts, but a feeling deep within him.

Either way, he would find out tomorrow. 

[1] Dal Mu-ji is from a family of Miao warriors. Most Miao people live in the Southern part of China (in Guizhou), while the Cult is in the North-West (in Xinjiang).

[2] Unit Master and Captain will be interchangeably used.


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