28 – Dark Currents (2)

Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon
Chapter 28 – Dark Currents (2)
Translated by : moonchildkhz


An eagle flew through the wood-filled forest, making a large turn with its large wings. It circled a few times in the air then zipped towards the middle of the forest as if it had found something. 

It was a boy who accepted the bird. 

Handing over a piece of dried jerky to the now familiar eagle, Woon-seong unwrapped the message tied to its leg. 

Gather around him, the other members of the 1st Latent Demon Squad looked on with excited expressions. They had finished their mission one month ahead of schedule. No matter how they thought about it, it was unlikely that the other groups could finish so quickly. So, the trainees had been awaiting the letter from the Cult. How would they be evaluated, what praises would they hear?

All eyes of the squad were focused on the boy, but he only lightly shook his head and sighed. 


It seemed that the letter was different from what they were expecting.

It was Gwan Tae-ryang who opened his mouth, unable to stand not knowing. He had also noticed Woon-seong’s change in expression. “What does it say?”

Staring at the campfire, Woon-seong responded, “Go to support, send reinforcements.”

The mood instantly plummeted. 

Woon-seong rose from his seat, looking to the sky. There was still some time left before the sun rose. In order to meet the deadline mentioned in the letter, they would have to get up and run without a break. 

He looked around at the others, taking note of the injuries from the fight against the Five Evils. Most were just minor injuries, but one of the trainees had serious trauma. If he was to fight, it would be his inevitable death. Woon-seong wasn’t willing to have such a liability on his hands. 

“You two return to the Cult with the heads of the Evils,” Woon-seong ordered another man to take the injured with him. “Everybody else, get up. It’s time to move now.”

Less than half an hour after the bird arrived, a group of people began to move through the darkness. They were naturally the members of the 1st Latent Demon Squad. 

Just like in the report, Chun A-young’s situation was quite dire.

It had been raining since dawn, so the air was misty and unclear. It would have been a good day to rest. 

Worse still, the 2nd Latent Demon Squad truly had the means to properly solve their mission. They had easily cleared half of their mission, but unexpectedly, had then become enemies with the Blade Ogre of the Green Mountain. She had never imagined that they would meet him here. 

She bit her lips as she ran. 

Missions created by the Cult were designed to be clearable, though not without loss. The Blade Ogre was an unconsidered variable, a terribly concerning one at that. He was comparable to the top of the Cult — at least a Great Demon. Even if Chun A-young revealed her trump card, she would still not be his match. 

As a trainee of the Cave, all she could do was lead her people to escape with all their strength.

Five had died already. Now the number of people remaining in the squad was about sixteen, half of whom were injured. 


Chun A-young approached a member who had fallen with a groan and supported her arm. Dang Bu-ah, supported by A-young, was another one of the few female members of the Cave who had survived. 

“Let’s go a little longer. There must be support coming.” A-young spoke to the entire surviving group, speaking calmly but firmly. They had to run. The Blade Ogre was tracking them and would catch up if they delayed. 

A-young ran ahead. Those who survived chased after her. Their escape didn’t last very long. 

“I was wondering where you were headed…and this is it?” 

The Blade Ogre’s voice rang in the canyon. 

A-young raised her head with a startled face. It was amazing that the Blade Ogre had already caught up to them. Even more surprising, his voice had come from in front of them, not behind them. 

The wind blew and the fog that covered the path ahead slowly lifted. Beyond that, five men emerged. One was old, but the other four were younger. She recognized them immediately and screamed internally: the Blade Ogre and the remaining Nine Vices. 

The members of the 2nd Latent Demon Squad raised their weapons and watched the front. In fact, they knew the situation was already hopeless. They had already fought him once and lost, fully aware of his strength now. In addition, compared to their opponents, their conditions were less than perfect. Not only did they lack people, they had also lost health during their escape. 

“It was worth riding through the shortcuts,” snickered the Blade Ogre.

In the meantime, A-young judged the situation. Would support come, how long would it take? They were probably near, trying to find them. The question was whether the squad could make it until then. 

A-young glanced back. Each trainee held their weapon, but looked exhausted. With them like that, a battle against the Blade Ogre was impossible. Stall for time. She restrained the members of the squad and slowly walked forward. 

The Blade Ogre and the Nine Vices frowned, not knowing what she was doing. However, her subsequent words made them laugh. 

“Can you hear me? Let’s do this one on one!”

“Puhahaha, this little bitch is looking to die!”

The Blade Ogre was about to move forward, but was stopped by one of the Nine Vices. “Will you allow me to take care of that bitch? She’s part of the Demonic Cult and has slain five of my brothers. I wish to kill her myself.”

The Blade Ogre nodded seeing the hatred within his eyes. Then he looked at A-young’s body, eyes gleaming. “Good. But do not kill her.”

A-young trembled. If she lost in this fight, she wouldn’t die immediately, but would probably wish that she had. 

“I have no intention of killing her immediately. I will show her what pain is, then tear her apart and feed her to the wolves.”

The Blade Ogre smiled and slowly moved back. Needless to say, the other stepped forward. A-young went to the front, sword in hand. 

In the meantime, A-young’s head was spinning with thoughts. She was not confident enough to handle the Blade Ogre, even if she was prepared to bear internal wounds to push her limits. Six out of ten times, she would probably die. Compared to that, fighting one of the Nine Vices was the best option. 

You must stall for time. Endure without falling.

She could do this. 

The Vice rushed forward. “What are you thinking about?”

His sword struck like a thunderbolt. A-young stopped the offensive and drove forward, splitting his attacks and moving without mercy. However, she only hit air. 

Defeating First Death isn’t a problem, but I must not attack first. If I finish him, the Blade Ogre will be next. If that happens, I won’t be able to last a minute, let alone an hour.

A-young avoided the other’s attacks and retreated. Of course, the actions were deliberately directed to make it look like a close encounter. 

“You sly little bitch!” The First Death of the Nine Vices was blinded by hatred and did not notice. 

But it wasn’t possible to fool everyone who was watching. A large blade hit the ground between them, wedged deep. The two fighting separated immediately. 

“Go away. You can’t beat that bitch.”

“What do you mean?!” First Death shouted at the Blade Ogre, his breathing rough.

“You still can’t tell? Fool! That bitch is stalling for time by fighting you!”

At that point, First Death looked alternately at the Blade Ogre and Chun A-young. He noticed then. While his breathing was rough and his shoulders were shaking, she was breathing evenly. He burst with anger and spat, “Damn it!” However, he was also certain that he was not her match and stepped back. 

The Blade Ogre stepped forward. “Oh you little demonic bitch. That’s a real cute idea you have there, hahaha.”

A-young bit her lips. She hadn’t stalled for enough time. It was a mistake that she hadn’t thought the Blade Ogre’s eyes to be that sensitive. Should she tell him her identity? Even he wouldn’t dare touch the daughter of the ‘Moon Cleaving Heavenly Demon’, Leader of the Cult. But she wished to be acknowledged through her own efforts and not her father’s influence. 

“I can hear your brain rushing to think of petty tricks to live!”

A-young wielded her sword to block the blades. But the strength of his blows caused her wrists to shake, pain like her hands were bursting coursed through her arms. She retreated back in succession. 

If only I learned the Middle Connection of the Cult of the Heavenly Demon…

 The Dark Flower Red Heart was the Divine Art of the Cult. Strictly speaking though, it was an introductory martial art. Of course, the latter parts of the martial art was a far cry for the current A-young, who was barely able to even cultivate the first part. In addition, the true Divine Art could only be learned by those who were to be the Leader. 

In the meantime, the blade of the Blade Ogre was pressing her back! She flipped herself in the air, avoiding the offensive. However, strands of her hair were cut off. If she had been less quick, it would have been her neck! A-young’s face darkened. 

Meanwhile, the Blade Ogre stood back. “Hey, this is the end.” He was confident in his victory. 

You have to use Dark Flower Red Heart, A-young told herself.  

Even if she would suffer internal injuries due to her current strength, if she didn’t use it she would definitely die! From the depths of her body, qi soared like lava. 


Yet before A-young could do anything, there was a swooshing sound from above. 

From the top of the gorge, several iron needles thundered down towards the ground, followed by a figure flying over. 

A bird? Falling debris?

“A person?”

A-young looked at the figure and realized it was a person. 

It was a man with a spear in hand, striking towards the Blade Ogre. 

TN: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Superman!


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