25 – The Five Evils (3)

Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon
Chapter 25 – The Five Evils (3)
Translated by : moonchildkhz

* * *

In his body, the inner qi fluttered unexpectedly. Woon-seong felt it and smiled, comfortable. Through his steady practice, the spirit of this ‘intimidation qi’ was much more advanced . In both quantity  and quality, it was incomparable to how it was back in the Cave of Latent Demons. 

However, Woon-seong had discovered a disadvantage of the ‘intimidation qi’ when he fought with the Sword of Men. In addition to the rapid consumption of energy required, the qi did not seem to be as reliable as predicted against Orthodox cultivators. This had to be supplemented as soon as possible. In order to do so, he could  either increase the fearful strength or fix the weaknesses. 

Woon-seong chose to do the latter. 

Although increasing the power of ‘intimidation qi’ could compensate for its shortcomings, the fundamental problem would still remain. In order to cripple opponents with mind-clearing martial arts, he had to find a way so that the qi was universally effective. 

Woon-seong randomly recalled all the Dao and Orthodox methods he knew. Dozens of different verses repeated and then scattered in his mindspace. It had been a few days already that Woon-seong had been trying to find a solution. 

That wasn’t his only problem, of course. He had gone over his battle with the Sword of Men numerous times. Considering that he had not released the iron bracers on his limbs, Woon-seong lagged behind his opponent by about 30 seconds.  He hoped to narrow this number down to around 10 seconds. 

If Woon-seong wanted each to be perfect, it was impossible for his mind to focus on multiple things at once. Then, it would be better to focus on what he had to do right away. 

The thoughts in his head disappeared like mist underneath the morning sun, until only one remained: How could he prepare to fight the Five Evils?

Step by step, slowly. It would be hard to become a true expert if you expected rapid progress or sudden enlightenments. It was important to prepare one by one, as if you were building a solid tower brick by brick. Although it may take time, this tower would be fundamentally strong. A tower that could withstand storm and fire, Woon-seong wanted such a tower. 

I’m not in a hurry. 

Thinking like this, Woon-seong’s consciousness slowly subsided to the inner depths of his mind. Needless to say, his ‘intimidation qi’ fluttered in response.

From some meters away, Gwan Tae-ryang clicked his tongue while watching the rhythm of practice. At first he had believed that Woon-seong was a monster, but now he realized the squad master was a hard-working monster. With his talent and effort, it was only natural to defeat others. Woon-seong had started as Number 900, meaning that he worked that much harder to reach the top. 

Compared to Woon-seong, Gwan Tae-ryang suddenly felt like he had made very little effort. This was the real world, he realized. Unsure of what kind of threats were waiting for him, Gwan Tae-ryang  was not confident enough to go around boldly like Number 1. Increasingly, he realized Woon-seong’s words back then had been correct — he was frog in a well. 

It was known to the people of the Cave that Woon-seong’s boldness originated from the character of his inner qi. The instructors had all been quite surprised by the nature of his qi and many wondered what the hell this boy had gotten from the Divine Vault of Demonic Sea. 

Of course, it was natural that even the instructors were intrigued. Woon-seong’s qi was produced through evolutionary fortifications from the two cultivation methods he merged. Despite living two lifetimes, even Woon-seong was amazed.  

Gwan Tae-ryang knew that soon he would have to fight against the ‘Five Evils’, where he could only rely on his own strength. He gripped the blade in his hands. He’s really an incredible person, I must work harder too. 


A bird’s cry suddenly through the morning calm. 

Gwan Tae-ryang lifted his head and shouted to alert Woon-seong. Eyes flashing open, Woon-seong reached his arm out to the side.  With a flutter, an eagle landed lightly on his arm, presenting the bamboo scroll tied to its leg by a black string. This was one of the Cult’s liaisons, likely carrying information about the Five Evils. 

As the rest of the squad members were quickly notified to gather in a conference room, Woon-seong read the message. 

“Tsk.” There went all his hopes of a best-case-scenario.

“What is it?” 

After finishing the entire letter, Woon-seong handed it over to Gwan Tae-ryang. Speaking to the others, he answered,“There is good news and bad news. I assume you would like to hear the bad news first.”

The others nodded. 

“The bad news is that they have noticed our existence. A surprise ambush is no longer an option.” 

The Five Evils had been alerted that the trainees were tracking them. From the standpoint of the trainees, this was indeed bothersome. 

A member raised their hand and asked, “What happened?” 

How did this occur?

The one who’d asked was  Baek Woon-ji, a female member of the 1st Latent Demon Squad that was talented in covert operations. She wore a black cotton bandana to enhance the effect of stealth, covering her pretty face. Beyond the covering, her skin was beautiful like white snow. [1]

Woon-seong glanced at her, but the one to answer was Gwan Tae-ryang.  

“One of the intel agents who was after them got caught. The autopsy reports signs of torture.”

After reading the message, Gwan Tae-ryang’s face had hardened. Signs of torture on the spy meant that not only were the Five Evils aware they were going to be attacked, they had likely also found some other information about those who were after them. It was safe to assume that the agent had spilled valuable information .

“By the way, Squad Master, where’s the good news in this letter? The only other thing mentioned is that the Evils are openly exposing themselves at some inn in Sici.”

Gwan Tae-ryang didn’t think that this could be considered good news, as Sici was a village about three days away from Kashgur. This was an act of clear provocation — the Five Evils were practically begging the 1st Latent Demon Squad to go there and attack. Openly waiting for the Cult to appear was a show of self-confidence. 

“That is the good news,” Woon-seong smiled and said. “Waiting they’ve underestimated us. Hearing about the havoc they wrecked in the Cult’s territory, I thought they were some confident martial artists. But this only proves that they are just some reckless idiots.”

Vigilance in Murim meant life, carelessness equalled death. In addition, it was stupid for the Five Evils to evaluate themselvess so highly that they proudly loitered in the Demonic’s domain . If the Cult so wished, a single high-ranked Demonic cultivator could handle the Five Evils in a clean sweep.

Woon-seong concluded with a snort, “Surely the training of the Cave should be enough to deal with such morons.”

Even in the future, the training of the Cave of Latent Demons would probably remain as some of the hardest days in their lives. Those were days where they made friends with Death. Day after day, a struggle against death. 

Death was part of daily life, but they’d still come out alive. 

A sharp energy rose from the squad, carrying the aura of a knife. Just remembering the Cave of Latent Demons had caused hostility and fighting spirit to pour out. 

Woon-seong confirmed the change in atmosphere and laughed, rising from his seat. “We will return the Cult with the five heads of the Evils!” 

The others also jumped up from their seats, following him out. “Yes, sir!”

“Hmm, the dogs of the Cult might show up today. What do you think, Venerable of Great Virtue?” Blue Evil asked to Black Evil, who was eating  the leg of a beast leg. 

Mouth still full of meat, Black Evil responded, “Well. It’s all about the Will of Buddha. They will come when the time is right.” 

The Five Evils giggled and burst into laughter.

The youngest, Yellow Evil, tapped the table with the cup in his palm. “Haha. There should be women even amongst the dogs of the Cult, right? I wish to build virtue through interaction with the fairer sex.” 

It was White Evil who answered his words. “Of course. The intentions of the Venerable of Virtuous Acts are praiseworthy. I’m sure the Buddha will answer your wishes.”

As these men called each themselves the ‘Venerables’ of this or that and praised their supposedly virtuous acts, it was clear they were unrepentant. It was quite ironic, as they were roguishly talking about sexual interactions with women, drinking alcohol, and eating meat, yet dared to call each other as followers of Buddha.

Yellow Evil laughed violently, nodding at the words of White Evil. “I hope so. Is there more alcohol?” 

Next to him, there were five already empty jars of liquor, but he was not drunk. This showed how strong his evil, impure qi was. 

The other guests in the vicinity had scampered off, as none of them were brave enough to stand up to these five. Only the owner of the inn was left.

“Here you go, sir.” 

This was the fifth day they had been waiting, Yellow Evil’s mind and body were in need of some excitement. “Is this the only drink?”

“Yes, all of the drinks we had were already consumed…”

“The Buddha shows such praiseworthy intentions, and yet this is the only virtue you can practice. You must be a pawn of the devil.”

Yellow Evil clapped his hands together, his next words terrifying the owner. 

“I must ignore the rules against killing to send you, devil’s pawn, to meet the benevolent Buddha.”

Yet, Black Evil restrained such behavior. “That’s enough from the virtuous. We have some guests.”

As he said this, Blue Evil waved his sleeve. A powerful force sprouted from his hand, forcing the door of the courtyard open. Beyond the dust, the men could see the figures of twenty-two people surrounding the area. At the forefront stood a young man with a spear.

“The dogs of the Cult have arrived.”

The young man at the front replied as he stepped out from the dust.

“No. We’re here to send you bastards to meet the great and benevolent Buddha.”

The members of the 1st Latent Demon group poured into the area. 


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