Chapter 19

Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon
Chapter 19
Translated by : moonchildkhz

* * *

The wind that came from somewhere swept the boy roughly. The sand fluttered through this wind. 


The boy used his qi to shake off the sand, causing the wind to shake gently. He then started moving again. Every time he walked, he could feel the hot energy from beneath his feet. In this heat, Woon-seong lifted his head up and looked at the Heavens. 

The rising sun looked strangely large and bright. 

The endlessly wide Great Desert, as it was called, stretched out before the boy. 

Looking at the desert, the boy brought out the water bottle and lightly drained the water. Not much was needed. As long as a small amount of moisture was sent throughout the body his thirst could be gone with just a sip of water. 

The boy’s thoughts floated to just a month ago.

The Third Trial had been the final test to the Cave of Latent Demons, but not the training of the Cave of Latent Demons. 

In keeping with ‘real world training’, the trainees were released out into the world to perform some missions. This allowed them to gain hands-on experience and at the same time make contributions to the Cult of the Heavenly Demon. The contributions made at this time were also considered as important achievements and would help determine the final ranking and status of the trainees after returning to the Cult half a year later. 

One of the places where Woon-seong was sent was the Great Desert. It would have been nicer if he had been dispatched somewhere else, but unfortunately the only options were the North Sea or the Great Desert. 

Not like he had a choice to begin with.

Along with Woon-seong, about forty other trainees were sent to the Great Desert. About half of the trainees were sent to barracks or command posts with missions on them. The trainees had to resolve the missions listed for them in order and report their achievements at these posts. 

There were two types of missions to be completed. There were individual and group missions, among which the individual missions were given with varying difficulty according to the achievements within the Cave of Latent Demons. 

Of course, Woon-seong’s arms carried a command that he had received before leaving the Cult of the Heavenly Demon.

You were really preparing for war.

Like his own, the missions of many other trainees were also to subjugate nearby factions. This was literally the Cult cleaning up the region. Arranging to settle the elements that threatened the back of the line before charging forward was the basis of great military strategy. Of course, this was not set in stone, but the probability was high.

Woon-seong continued to move and forgot about the idea of war, that was beyond the current him. Instead, he thought about the mission stated in the order. Personal and group missions, he had to first finish his personal one. A full month was given for the trainees to gather and then resolve the group mission, so all individual missions had to be finished within a month. 

My mission is to subjugate the Sandstorm of Death.

Called the Sandstorm of Death, they were a band of thieves that had grown rapidly in power recently. Due to their agile movements through the use of horses, a number of branches of the Cult settled in the Great Desert were having annoying experiences. 

Of course, this was not an easy mission. An average trainee of the Cave of Latent Demons could never do this alone. However, Woon-seong was a Demonic General-class trainee as well as the first rank in the entire Cave. If not him, then who? The higher ups, as well as himself, had determined the he alone was enough.

If you use ‘intimidation qi’, it will not be difficult.

Woon-seong walked through the sand, then put his hand into his sleeve and grabbed a slate. This was a symbol from the Cult of the Heavenly Demon that guaranteed his status as a Demonic General. It had been handed to him as he left the Cave. 

You must first find a branch of the Demonic Cult.

In order to identify the location of the Sandstorm of Death, he first had to find a branch to provide him information.

“If you want to get help from the branch, remember these places now: Urumqi, Turpan, Korla, Lop Nor, Kashgur…” That was what the Senior Instructor had said before the trainees left the Cult. Among these places, Lop Nor was not far away.

Lop Nor it is then.

Lop Nor had one of the largest lakes in the Xinjiang area, which was mostly composed of desert. Because of this, there were big and small cities formed around the lake. Among them, Qi Ke Xuan was the largest city formed. It had all kinds of things, although it may not be comparable to other larger cities. 

Of course, the reason why Woon-seong was going was a place called Han’s Bookstore. This store was a traditional place in Qi Ke Xuan and had run for five generations. At present, a man who had reached his sixties named Han No was operating as the master. After living here for a long time, Han No had become acquainted with the neighbors. Thanks to that, he had easy access to rumors and information nearby. As a result, there were more visitors in this bookstore who asked for directions or for simple information than those who wanted to buy a book. 

Woon-seong who had entered Qi Ke Xuan was headed to this place. Of course, he was not going there to obtain information concerning the branch of the Cult in the area. Even if he wanted that information, it would have been impossible. No, he was visiting because the bookstore was the branch of the Demonic Cult itself. 

The location of this branch was simply for gathering information and as a deterrent; it had no real combat effectiveness. It was also for this reason that the Demonic Cult had not properly solved the problem of the Sandstorm of Death, a group of mere bandits. 

Of course, there is a another reason why it hasn’t been done until now.

The Sandstorm of Death wasn’t a size that needed to be paid attention to. It was only in these few years that it had increased in size. In less than five years, the group had grown to a scale large enough to call it a medium-sized organized group and not a horde. If the Cult was preparing for a war, it would make sense for the Sandstorm of Death to be removed, though it was not a great threat. 

Even though…the branch of the Demonic Sect is disguised as a bookstore.

Woon-seong went inside with a light smile on his face as he saw the sign saying ‘Han’s Bookstore’. The smell peculiar to old books was strong and there were a few other guests. 

Things are visible. All of them have not learned martial arts and are ordinary guests who have nothing to do with the Demonic Cult.

Beyond that, the Cult of the Heavenly Demon was seen in the presence of the manager, who did not even reach the Demonic Captain level. However, it was better to be safe, so Han No was sent to be the branch manager of this place.

Woon-seong passed by the long shelves of books and approached the manager. 

“I’m here to get the book I ordered?”

At the words of the boy, the man, whose eyes did not see well, looked him up and down. 

“Do you know the title of the book?”

“’The Dirty and Treacherous Stories’.”

On the surface, this was a book of ghost stories. The eyes of the man trembled at the title though.

“Interesting. I don’t think that’s something that came in recently. Can you tell me when you ordered it?”

Woon-seong tapped his chin lightly at the question, his actions telling the man what he needed to know. If they did not speak or act properly, it was impossible for him to get inside the branch and receive information. 

Haha, it’s a good thing I listened well to the Senior Instructor. 

“I cannot remember exactly when I ordered it, but it seems to be about a year ago.”

“One year. Then the book will be in the back warehouse…” The man glanced back. The warehouse could be seen through a half-open door, it was filled with books. “Will you come in with me and look for it?”

The boy nodded his head and the manager rose from his seat and entered the warehouse. Woon-seong followed him in.

“May I see your slate?” 

Once he entered the warehouse and closed the door, Han No’s behavior changed. He was a branch manager of the Demonic Cult, but he did not have that high of a status. He could not treat a man on a mission outside like a mere guest, death would come if he made a mistake. 


Woon-seong showed his slate and as soon as Han No confirmed his identity at the Demonic General level, he shuddered. 

“I have confirmed it.” Immediately afterwards, Han No became even more polite. “What information would you like?”

“The Sandstorm of Death.”

“You’re talking about those devils.” He took out a small booklet from the corner and handed it over. “Here it is.”

“Song Mong Zone?” Woon-seong accepted the book and checked the cover. The information did not seem to be about the Sandstorm of Death. “The story is an ordinary Murim hero’s journey. Can you not write down confidential information…?” 

Woon-seong nodded to himself before the other could answer, realizing the answer to his question was obvious; it made sense to hide it. 

“Then, how can I check the contents?”

“You can get the information you want if you take out the last chapter and burn it.”

Woon-seong soon left the bookstore and went to the outskirts of the town, then burned a bunch of leaves and firewood together. The shadow of the fire was reflected in his eyes. The flames swayed back and forth and the sparks sprang up towards the sky. He was reminded of complex thoughts. 

If I leave Xinjiang and go to Zhongyuan, I can meet them.

He could see the face of the enemy. Since his body had changed, his enemies would not recognize him and he could deal with them.

Aren’t I wasting time here?

Wasn’t it better to go right now and aim his spear at the necks of his enemies? Woon-seong sure felt that way. But he shook his head.

No, I am not wasting my time here.

Chapter 19 – Fin


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