0 – Prologue

The Star of Annihilation
Chapter 0 – Prologue
Written by : eleven

* * *

There were days before the fall, where he thought he could feel humanity slipping through the cracks of despair.


As he constantly trudged along with his magician corps unit, he was nervous even when his leader said they would win the war and that the Empire was in talks of permanent treaties with the 7 Kingdoms and 3 Tribes.


However, he had a right to be nervous. Afraid even.


As he was sitting here, with his 2 legs blown off their kneecaps, bleeding profusely, he wondered if there was a way for them to have lived. No, he wasn’t a martyr.

He was just a 4-Star War Magician that had relatively high mana sensitivity, but lacking mana reserves in comparison. His talent for feeling mana and passion for magic, was something even he could acknowledge to be extraordinary and wouldn’t be lacking to even the greatest Arch-Mages on the continent.

However, reality was cruel at the fact his overall life just didn’t have the luck or environments to go higher. He didn’t have the luck of having amazing teachers, as he was self-taught from the start. He never had the chance to even attend an academy due to his status as a commoner.

He wanted to say that the Empire was a fair place to all. But it wasn’t.

“Huu… Huuuuu…”

His breathing was heavy. It was a miracle he was even alive right now. Though, he knew he didn’t have much left to live.

His red war robes were tainted unnaturally in darker spots than others due to the splatter of blood.

He closed his eyes faintly trying to recall, if there was anything he had regretted.

‘Hah.. Who am I kidding.’

He was human. Of course he had decisions and choices he made that were regretful. Well, he was only twenty-two years old. His life was deemed forfeit due to some bastards up top.

If humanity had unified quicker with the other races, instead of squabbling with their petty pride, they might have had a chance at winning this war.


He opened his eyes to look at the scenery around him once more.

The pounding of meteors striking the ground shook his vision just a bit, but there was nothing much to see anyways.

All there was, were mangled corpses of humans, elves, dwarves, and demi-humans, undead, giants, even demons laid strewn about atop a red sea of blood that was called the ground.

He was lucky enough to have transcended his status as a commoner and reached 4 stars on his own. It was incredible really. But in front of them, he was a bug like the rest of humanity. In front of them it was impossible. Only if all the Archmages, Swordmasters, Great Shamans, and even the Grand Wizard had come together earlier and attacked at the forefront of humanity, would they possibly have stood a chance.

But even those bastards were selfish and only moved for themselves once they had attained power. Though he could understand their reasons for being selfish when one had power, they didn’t even bat an eye when the entire continent was faced with destruction.

Only once they realized that this would be a threat of extinction would they probably move, but.. he knew. He knew it better than anybody.

he could see it in the fluctuations of the mana. They were absolute.

And none of humanity would stand a chance.

“Haaaaa…. Haaaa.”

He started to close his eyes as he reached inside his robe with his remaining strength and grabbed my pendant that his mother gave him before passing away.

It was his habit to rub it for good luck when he was nervous or afraid.

Drip.  Drip.

Tears rolled down his eyes.

“Hic-… hahic-”

He looked at the bright emerald pendant as he heard the cries of his so-called comrades being exploded to bits and pieces helplessly. He felt sad. He didn’t want to die.

Yet, there was no reason to be afraid was there? He would die, hopefully never having to face the same nightmare again.

And if he did, he would definitely change it. So that we- No… he would not die. He wouldn’t bow his head unnecessarily, and nor would he stand for getting anything less if I did.

Humanity didn’t deserve a second chance. He knew that much. But maybe people like him, did. He was sure they were out there. In fact they were talents in the past that had died miserable deaths from schemers in the Empire like the so-called ‘heroes’.

He suddenly looked up as he felt the mana fluctuate violently once more, this time… near him.

In the air a magic circle could be seen in the red and ashy sky. The clouds of ash started to ripple and a huge meteor started to descend towards his location.


He looked at the bright and molten rock descending down from the sky, burning with a blue and white shell of flames.

The fight until now was for naught.

Suddenly, before the meteor was about to land, he saw something shimmering in the corner of his eye.

A bright glow started to emerge from his mother’s pendant and gave an odd sense of solace to him before it all ended.


* * *


He blinked his eyes slowly to a whirring sound enveloping his surroundings.

‘Wait what?’

Was he really blinking his eyes?

His memories started to slowly flood back into him as he laid there in complete silence and darkness.

He had surely died.

Then where was he? What had happened to him?

[…Best of luck my descendant. I do not have much energy left, but I wish you well in your endeavors to change your fate. Live well.]


He tried to open his mouth but he couldn’t feel a thing in his body. No, did he even have a body right now? Surely he did if he could hear that voice, right?

Descendant? Change his fate?

He, Roy Stone, had no idea just how much that day would change his ‘life’.

Chapter 0 – Fin


Published by betterdays

Just a KR to EN translator trying to get these series published/completed. I have a patreon for Possessing Nothing setup right now. Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon and Reincarnation of the Swordmaster will hopefully have a patreon at a later date.

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